Wrist Prints, We Are As Sweet As Qixi Every Day

Is the spouse enjoying the beautiful scenery of Tanabata?
If the answer is yes, congratulations!
If the answer is No …

It’s ok!
Blancpain can help you solve this problem!
Qixi this year, happiness is not thousands of miles away,
Let the couple of Blancpain print on the wrist,
The moments, minutes and seconds that make it right and tune in, flow out every moment of romance.
Fall in love with the right person, every day is Valentine’s Day.
Choosing the right watch for TA, we are as sweet as Qixi Festival every moment!
No matter where I fly, I can return to you in an instant

Blancpain Ladies Large Calendar Window Chronograph 3626

 Blancpain elegantly interprets the complex functions of the flyback chronograph of multiple sub-dials, creating a harmonious and beautiful appearance, and the big date display is perfectly integrated. The red gold case with diamond-set bezel and mother-of-pearl dial retains business The style also shows femininity.

 Blancpain Air Force Commander Chronograph Limited 500 AC01

 The Blancpain Air Force Commander Chronograph once carried a military mission and is a well-deserved legendary watch. Today’s limited-edition replica watches have powerful functionality and legibility. The propeller-shaped red gold rotor has the unique personality, and the exposed-line calfskin strap is even more retro.

My heart is big, with blue sky and blue sea, I am small, only you

Blancpain Full Calendar Moon Phase Watch 3663
Balance and harmony, elegance and indifference, are Blancpain’s most prominent aesthetic styles. The Blancpain full-calendar moon phase watch, the embossed Roman hour markers and the broken diamonds complement each other, dazzling. The blue mother-of-pearl dial is visually gentle and soft, with a balanced and beautiful layout. The month and the week window are centered and symmetrical, echoing the six-point smart and slightly mysterious moon face, which is unforgettable.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Ceramic Red Gold Watch 5015

The luxurious satin-finished red gold case, for the first time, is strongly combined with the hot blue pottery dial, which is full of nobleness, embodies top technology, and gives it a unique trendy temperament. The watch is equipped with a 1315 movement and a 45 mm diameter case, which is water-resistant to 300 meters. The blue calfskin strap shows the intimate relationship between Blancpain and the magnificent ocean, bringing you closer to the ocean.

Put on this fifty-something and dive into the sea together to be the coolest couple!

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Barakuda watch limited to 500 pieces 5008

 The black dial is decorated with Super-LumiNova’s retro-style red and white large hour markers, which restores and further interprets the aesthetic characteristics of the prototype watch. The 40 mm diameter is unisex’s unisex size, suitable for both sexes, making coolness transcend gender!

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Frogman limited to 300 pieces 5015E
 An anchor that guides the sailor is printed on the screw-in case back, which is located in the center of the badge. There is a winged seahorse on each side of the anchor, which represents the sea and the paratrooper. The depth of 7 meters is an important symbol of military diving operations.

The elegance and ultra-slim simplicity of the goose egg window: we, made in heaven

Blancpain Date Display 6127

 In the new women’s dial, the independent “goose egg window” at the three o’clock position of the scale ring is a newly introduced element, which perfectly shows the neatness and elegance of the dial’s appearance. Font; the design of the large dial also enhances the legibility of the watch, outstanding style, is the best choice for outstanding women.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Slim Watch 6605

The luxury of Blancpain is sensual and never exaggerated. The Villeret classic series has always been committed to creating exquisite timepieces that combine subtle craftsmanship and aesthetic interest. Elegance and rigor have become the iconic features of the series. Ultra-thin watches are even slimmer than existing models. The low-key and exquisite new timepiece makes the time element once again the absolute protagonist on the dial, marking the return of Blancpain to the origin of timing.

Moon Beauty, smiling as a flower

Blancpain Moon Beauty Date Moon Phase Watch 6126

 This precious and romantic watch is not only set with brilliant stones on the dial, but also set with 48 brilliant diamonds on the bezel. The moon phase display is located at six o’clock on the dial, and the date is indicated around the dial by hands with red crescent-pointed hands. The dial’s soothing moon face smiled and a playful mole was emblazoned on the corners of its mouth.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Two-Date Display 6662

 The two-time date display watch has excellent legibility. The waisted Roman numerals, willow-shaped hollow hands and double-layered bezel are all aesthetic marks of Villeret classic series. By adjusting the crown, the wearer can easily perform quick calibration, date adjustment and time setting in two places.