The Temperament Of The Table King Family Patek Philippe 5227g

The source of Patek Philippe’s Calatrava series, Ref. 96, has been available since 1932. After the turn of the century, its subsequent styles have continued to be active in the market. For example, the brand was launched in 2015 with military officers. 5227G, which is another representative of the classic masterpiece PatekPhilippe.

Feature one: Freshness is shown by the details on the face plate
Ref. 5227 actually debuted in 2013. At that time, the brand presented three precious metal styles of white K, yellow K and rose gold at one time, and paired with a milky white lacquered face plate to interpret the elegant and nostalgic temperament; ‘The new Ref. 5227 released in 15 years did not follow the logic to supplement the platinum material, but re-emerged in the platinum style, but this Ref. 5227G also has details that are different from the work of two years ago-the same as the 2015 Patek Philippe new product. The dark side of the disc is used at the same pace, giving a more calm impression.

The black lacquered surface is more special to Patek Philippe, because usually their faceplates do not change much. Except for some enamel painting tables, it is basically white, black and other plain surfaces, but the lacquered material is relatively rare.

Feature two: Say goodbye to the crown shoulders
The shape of the case of Ref. 5227G is not particularly conspicuous at first. It even cancels the common crown and shoulder guards of the Calatrava series, so it looks more simple. However, you can instantly appreciate Patek Philippe’s outstanding production technology by moving it slightly to the side. The concave lines extending from the center of the case to the lugs create a visually dynamic effect, and even the curved surface of the groove is also polished as the case. The brightest highlight of the Ref. 5227G change is the change in the color of the faceplate. The model is the same as the previous design, but it has changed from milky white to high-contrast black. The original silver hands and time scales The black lacquered surface is more clear and easy to read. In addition, the date display dial is also changed to white with black background.

The biggest difference between Ref. 5227G and the 2013 old work lies in the change from milky white paint to black paint, making silver-white time-marks, hands and other visible parts easier to read against the dark background.

Feature 3: Pay attention to the smoothness of the case line
The military-style bottom cover of the case back is another memory point of Ref. 5227G. Due to the lack of crown shoulders, it is impossible to hide the cover hinge like Ref. 5153, but the brand does not want to affect the smoothness of the case shape. Therefore, an improved design with the hinge inwardly positioned at 9 o’clock on the case back was produced. Only when the wearer lifts the officer-style bottom cover will the hinge and fixing screws and other joint parts be exposed. Once the cover is reset, the watch looks like The solid bottom cover is not easy to detect, but there are still holes in it-meaning that the accuracy has passed the standard test of PP imprint -3 to +2 seconds, and the 324 SC movement has a high-level modification process comparable to the imprint of Geneva.

Ref. 5227G, which gives the illusion of a real bottom cover, once the officer-style bottom cover is opened, the answer can be found at 9 o’clock on the back of the case. The original brand narrowed the hinge device to the contour of the case to maintain a smooth line.

Calatrava Ref. 5227G

18K white gold material / 324 SC self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / lacquered dial / sapphire crystal, military-style bottom cover / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 39mm / reference price: 230,200 RMB– –