The Most Dazzling Luxury Collection Jewelry Watch (3)

The most dazzling luxury mankind has always wanted to pursue eternity, and also strives to constantly break the rules and surpass its predecessors. ‘Innovation’ is the most precious DNA. Women’s watches give Swiss watchmakers an opportunity to let their imagination trust. When they sublime watchmaking to the perfect combination of perfect performance and perfect looking, at first glance, you can hardly realize that this is a watch, yes, they are simply top-level “jewels” that swim in time .
1. Collection of Boucheron MEC Feather sapphire mechanical watch from Poetry Collection. The MEC Feather sapphire mechanical watch perfectly combines your multiple needs, giving the watch a sparkling design appearance and artistic atmosphere, creating a female wrist style. It’s as beautiful as a dream. Precious sapphires decorate the luxuriously shaped wings, and 117 precious gems make two wings as masterpieces as art. With it, presumably you don’t even have to worry about what ring to wear on the party. A gentle turn of your hands has earned the envy of the world.

2. Time Fun Cartier d’ Art Santos 100 LM fish-shaped decorative enamel watch The beloved Cartier d’ Art series enamel watch has finally launched an amazing new product. Limited edition of 40 pieces of fish-shaped enamel watch with 18K yellow gold pavé diamonds, enamel dial and blue-violet alligator strap, enjoy Cartier 049 automatic mechanical movement. . Fantastic colors and ingenious depictions make Cartier’s new enamel watch an unparalleled art treasure.

3. Style garden Van Cleef amp; Arpels Jardin romantique Anglais British romantic style watch A gorgeous ‘Looking for Love and Dream’ brings us a wonderful garden. Van Cleef amp; Arpels not only created gorgeous fine jewelry inspired by this dream, but also inspired by the garden to design four beautiful dials. Among them, the bright English enamel and the mother-of-pearl are used to build a beautiful English garden. The Poetic complication 365-day turntable mechanical craft inlaid watch movement and white crocodile belt all show the owner’s elegant taste and English rigor in details. Limited edition of 100 pieces.