Tag Heuer Lincoln Series Limited Edition Men’s And Women’s Watch

The moral of Link is to connect, connect emotions, connect you and me. Since its birth in 1987, this series is famous for its avant-garde design and pursuit of comfort. It is a perfect combination of elegance and luxury.

Swiss watchmaker pioneer TAG Heuer launches the Link (Lincoln) series of limited edition men’s and women’s watches this year. The men’s Leonardo DiCaprio limited edition inherits the avant-garde design of the classic Link Lincoln men’s watch series. Atmospheric; female Cameron. The Diaz limited edition set follows the elegant temperament of the Link Lady series, which is unique and charming. On this special day, choose a timepiece full of affection for your favorite partner. While thanking your lover for your continuous efforts and companionship, it means that you will go hand in hand with each other and live through each and every subsequent night.

Link Lady Trilogy Cameron Diaz Limited Edition Set

LadyLink Lady has the true self charm that every elegant woman seeks. Under the bright light, it is more like a jewelry. For the wearer, Link Lady can not only display the time, but also bring joy. It’s the perfect accessory to light up a dark suit, and it’s the perfect gift for your ideal partner.

Link Lady Trilogy Cameron Diaz Limited Edition Set
The Link Lady Trilogy is a limited edition set of watches, including by Cameron. Diaz personally designs the rings and bracelets designed by Cameron. A fully automatic watch by Diaz. The black mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-set bezel blend perfectly, and the watch’s signature S-shaped bracelet highlights the noble temperament of modern women. It is not just a watch, it is also a piece of jewelry. The exquisite design and unparalleled temperament have been vividly demonstrated. In addition to watches, there are more matching options for the same bracelet and ring. When you wear it on your wrist, if the ‘wrist’ is empty, it is feminine and feminine. With the same accessories, it is more dazzling.

LinkCalibre 16 chronograph Leonardo DiCaprio limited edition

Leonardo DiCaprio Limited Edition

On the special occasion of Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day, let a pair of TAG Heuer Link series watches for men and women closely connect with your love of your life and work together in the years to come.

Link (Lincoln) Calibre 16 Chronograph (43mm)-Leonardo DiCaprio Limited Edition
Link (Lincoln) series has been synonymous with elegant gentlemen, since its birth has swept the world for more than two decades. Its unique ergonomic design is not only beautiful, but also elegant and comfortable for the wearer.
Designed by TAG Heuer global brand ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio, this Link Calibre 16 chronograph dial design is inspired by blue earth, with a polished pillow-shaped fixed bezel with The gray-black speedometer scale and curved anti-scratch sapphire crystal table surface are double-sided anti-reflection treatment, which is convenient for reading the time. It is worth mentioning that the smoky sapphire case of this watch is engraved with Leonardo’s autograph and is engraved with the logo of (NRDC) or the International Green Cross. Protection Commission and International Green Cross.