Sihh 2014 Geneva Watch & Clock Fair Key New Products Analysis (Part I)

Every year, SIHH launches hundreds of new watches. The biggest feeling this year is to continue to be tall. In addition, I have another doubt. Since last year, the first Asian watch has begun. This session At the exhibition, many new watches are also launched, which means that the brand launches new watches twice a year. Where do so many ideas come from? I thought that this year’s SIHH would be poor, but the reality taught me ruthlessly again, and the amazing works are not wrong. I will tell you one by one.

 Piaget’s biggest highlight this year is still the ultra-thin, and its masterpiece is undoubtedly the Altiplano 38 mm 900P watch. The size of its 145 parts has been reduced to a minimum. The smallest part is only slightly thicker than the diameter of the hair. Some gears are even thinner to only 0.12 mm. The gap between the parts also needs to be carefully calculated. During the design, the positions of the parts are delicately arranged, with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter, and the entire table thickness is only 3.65 millimeters. The reason why it can be so thin is that its surface The bottom case is also the main plywood of the movement. The movement is integrated with the case, and the mechanical parts are directly mounted on the bottom case. In addition, this watch still has a power reserve of 48 hours, which is truly a miracle.

 In addition to the Piaget’s thinness, another highlight is definitely jewelry. The Blooming Rose series has conquered the hearts of many women with perfect designs, which is also known as the best embodiment of watch art. The new members of this rose garden, newly launched this year, once again amaze everyone. The Blooming Rose concept watch adheres to the beautiful shape of this series, and its rose petals are bloomed with the most comfortable visual angle, making the visual fuller.
More about the earl: Lange & Söhne
 To be honest, I do n’t like German watches in my heart. It’s not because the watch is not good, but I mainly think that the case of the German watch is too shy, but this year Lange’s fourteenth called TerraLuna Tianchang power perpetual calendar, although the side of the case is still as usual, but it is a watch you have to make you like.

 This watch breaks the perspective of the starry sky watch from the earth, but instead looks at the northern hemisphere and the moon from the perspective of the North Star, and more than 2,000 small stars are drawn on the small astrolabe, which accurately reflects The moon phase and the corresponding relationship between the moon and the earth also showed Lange’s mind and ambition to break out of the earth and into the universe. However, the most surprising part of this watch is the non-limited production, which is larger than the three-question limited edition of last year The self-sounding watch is more grounded.
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 Although Audemars Piguet’s main model this year is still Royal Oak, this latest ceramic tourbillon concept is still remarkable. The bezel, buttons and crown of this watch, as well as the bridge on the movement. , Are made of white ceramic, the hardness of white ceramic is about nine times higher than that of stainless steel, and the ceramic itself has extremely high wear resistance, so it will take up to 8 hours to make the bezel of this watch alone. And it only takes 45 minutes to make a stainless steel bezel. This watch can always be said to test the superb manual skills of watchmakers and engineers.
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 This year’s Baume & Mercier’s main theme is still Crichton. Among them, this year’s power reserve display and retrograde date watch are quite interesting. It shows the wearer’s beauty of exquisite machinery, elegant style and balance in a unique way. Unique taste. Compared with the previous Clifton, this watch is more bold in design, the calendar, day of the week, can be displayed, are arranged just right, it should be considered the most practical Critton.
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 The most admired at each exhibition should be Cartier. Actually, hundreds of new watches can be launched every year. Because there are too many models, we generally divide Cartier’s new watches into four categories, complex watches, jewelry watches , Artistic creative watches and regular watches, the first three of these four categories are undoubtedly the most eye-catching. I first say this year’s complex watches. Among the many complicated models this year, this celestial movement perpetual calendar watch is undoubtedly It is the main theme of this year. The calendar, month, and week are actually gifted with concentric circles, which perfectly solves the embarrassment of misreading the previous perpetual calendar.

 In terms of jewellery and watches, Cartier launched a more luxurious white balloon. The four-point diamond is no longer a crown, but is purely for decoration. The crown is placed on the back, and the bracelet is more luxurious. The rows of perfectly shaped bubbles are like a diamond ribbon mysterious. Some people say that if the red balloon comes out again, the colors of the French flag will be ready.

 Some people say that Cartier’s point of view has changed from a watch to an animal in the past two years, so this crocodile has become a highlight in this year’s artistic and creative watches. This watch uses an 18K gold case and a crocodile scale Luther enamel dial. In addition to 18K gold brooches, set with bright-cut round diamonds, enamel blades, emerald eyes, this watch is a quartz movement and is limited to 50 pieces.
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 This year, IWC has launched a series of 9 new watches, two of which are quite interesting. The first is the 3795 diving watch. This is the first Bronze watch of IWC and it is waterproof to 300 meters. I think It is estimated that it was influenced by Panerai. I hope that the wearers of IWC will see their own patina in many years, but I have a worry that this watch is said to be copper-aluminum alloy. That’s boring, but in general, this is after all an attempt by IWC in copper, and we still have to support it.

The other is the Ocean Time Deep Sea Divers 3 watch with a titanium case named 3557. It is the third generation diver’s watch launched by IWC and is equipped with a mechanical depth gauge. This watch is the best example of the evolution of watchmaking: more features, more secure applications, and easier operation. This watch is water-resistant to 100 meters, and can provide a complete backup system for dive computers when diving. The mechanical depth gauge marked by the tracking needle can display a maximum depth of 50 meters and a diameter of 46 mm.
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 If a watch is very complicated, but it is very abrupt after wearing it, I think it is very meaningless. Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Super Complicated Series in 2003 and until last year launched a total of 10 watches, but I can responsibly say that the first 9 models are basically watches that can only be placed in the safe, starting from the 10th model , Jaeger-LeCoultre began to value the wearing comfort of ultra-complicated watches, and this year’s 11th, it can be said that once again reached a new height in the wearing of ultra-complex watches, the thickness of the entire watch is only 7.9 mm, in my It should be the thinnest minute repeater tourbillon watch in the world.

Some people may ask, why do n’t you talk about the superb craftsmanship and technology of this watch. The reason is very simple. In my mind, I have always compared Jaeger-LeCoultre to the Doraemon of the watch industry. And technology is easy for Jaeger-LeCoultre. In fact, I am more concerned about the reliability of its ultra-complex functions. To know that it is harder to make a watch work better than to make it good! And precisely at this point, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s performance is quite reliable, and it has always been called a fighter in an ultra-complex watch, so I have reasons to believe that this watch must let you bring the most worry-free three questions. flywheel.

 Another product from Jaeger-LeCoultre comes from this biplane world travel time watch. This watch is the world’s first world time watch that can adjust the second time zone to the minute. The wearer can Any country precisely adjusts the second time zone. This watch adheres to the technical and aesthetic spirit of the Jaeger-LeCoultre wings series, and demonstrates the superb watchmaking technology of the Ruya Grand Workshop in many ways. Especially the realistic earth, people’s eyes are reluctant to leave.
For more details of Jaeger-LeCoultre, please click above: the above is an analysis of the first half of the key new products organized by the editor of the Watch House. Next, we will provide you with the key new products of the lower half of the brand. (Picture, text / watch home Mao Zhuang)