Raymond Weiss Quartz Chronograph Stopwatch Set Date And Time

How to set the date and time of Raymond Weil quartz chronograph
1 normal position (home position)
2 quickly adjust the date
2 Set time

Some models of raymondweil have a screw-down crown. Before setting the time or adjusting the date, first tighten the crown, pull it out and turn the crown counterclockwise. The crown will now be released by a spring. After all settings and adjustments are completed, gently press the crown while turning it clockwise, and then tighten it gently to ensure the watch’s water resistance.
日期 Calibration date
To adjust the date quickly, pull the crown out to position 2. Then, depending on the model, turn the crown forward or backward until the date appears in the display window. Whenever the hour hand passes 12 midnight, the date will change. When you adjust the date, your watch will continue to run and you do not need to reset the time.
之后 After the adjustment is completed, the crown must be pushed back to position 1 to ensure the waterproof performance of the watch.
set time
To adjust the time, pull the crown out to position 3 and turn it forward or backward until the hands correctly point to the time to be set.
After setting, you must push the crown back to position 1 so that the hands can resume operation and ensure the water resistance of the watch.