Rado New Basel Watch Beautiful Persistence

Pioneer in technology materials

 The annual event of the watch industry-the Basel watch exhibition closed in early May, and the brand-new models exhibited by various brands in the new exhibition hall officially announced the start of the new year of the global watch market! A radar watch (RADO) that belongs to the SWATCH Group and has always been a leader in high-tech ceramic materials technology. This year, it has shown extraordinary results in functional research and development and appearance design. Watches, Esenza Ceramic Touch will rewrite the design thinking of women’s watches; (2) a new material Si3N4 TiN high-tech ceramic composite, easily show an extremely light feeling; (3) in response to the needs of the sports market, launched a new tennis series watches, diversified design Demonstrate the excitement on the sports field. Radar watch has been leading the watch industry in the research and development of high-tech ceramic materials. Under the brand spirit of seeking newness, change, leading the future and pursuing endless breakthroughs, Radar watch was launched at this year’s Basel watch exhibition The models are amazing! From internal function to appearance again.

Big and Simple-Esenza Ceramic Touch

 The Esenza Ceramic Touch series launched this time is the world’s first all-ceramic touch-sensitive watch. It is a new creation of watchmaking technology and materials. With ceramic’s inherent insulation properties, the electrodes can “sense” the fingertip movement of the case through the ceramic worn on the wrist as a medium, thereby adjusting the frequency of the oscillating circuit. Esenza Ceramic Touch is not only an all-ceramic touch watch full of technology and fun, but also an intimate and perfect timepiece for women. Just tap and swipe the edge of the case with your finger to set the time. There is no crown design, you can adjust the time just by touching the edge, and women do not need to worry about the damage of nails.

 The Esenza Ceramic Touch is equipped with a quartz movement and is equipped with two chips. It contains software to control the watch and has a battery with a life of up to 4 years, which is longer than a standard quartz watch. The dial is displayed in a simple style in all black and pure white, with 4 beautiful diamond hour markers delicately embellished. There are 6 new watches-3 black and 3 white. The black and white two colors introduced at the show are for this series of watches. In the first round of works, if you want to elegantly adjust the time of the watch to speed forward or backward, Esenza Ceramic Touch is the fashionable first choice for both elegant aesthetics and thoughtfulness.

 Radar eSenza Ceramic Touch (White), priced at NT $ 100,000.

Breaking the norm to achieve outstanding design-DiaMaster RHW1 limited watch

 Radar has made a breakthrough in the use of materials this time, bringing new surprises with new-shaped materials, continuous innovation and breakthrough of limits. Brand new material——Si3N4 TiN is a high-tech ceramic compound recently researched and developed by radar. Its weight is 1/2 of that of standard ceramics, and 1/7 times of stainless steel. It is lighter and comfortable. Texture. This material is made by heating the mixed powder in an overpressure nitrogen environment at a high temperature of 1,800 degrees Celsius, and is known for its excellent abrasion resistance. This time, Si3N4 TiN is applied to the DiaMaster RHW1 limited timepiece, creating a wrist watch that is ‘hard like steel and light as feather’. With a bold and experienced bronze appearance, it seems to tell the past through the passage of time, and the use of a leather strap adds a mysterious charm to the watch. The DiaMaster RHW1 is equipped with a radar-only manual winding movement, with a limit of 2,000 worldwide.

 In addition to the DiaMaster limited edition watch, this year’s radar watch showcases the high-tech ceramic watch of the DiaMaster series for the first time. It is newly launched with a reinvention concept. The unique large dial design is not only easy to read, but also can show stylish personality. There are 8 fine quartz watches for women, no matter which style of women you can find your favorite style from this series. For women who love pure white, a white ceramic case with a white satin strap is suitable for elegant elegance. Another shiny black ceramic watch with metallic luster is created by the radar’s exclusive plasma processing technology. The dial is decorated with 93 top Wesselton diamonds, which shines extremely well. For men, there are quartz and automatic mechanical models, both with simple lines and large dials, plasma high-tech ceramic case, and leather straps, showing a bold fusion of modern fashion and college style. There are also 5 oversized chronograph models full of masculinity, which use black polished ceramics to express elegance and fashion in deep black.

      Radar DiaMaster RHW1 manual winding watch (limited edition), priced at NT $ 160,500.

Radar’s other ace-HyperChrome

 In recent years, the radar watch has continued to cultivate in the sports market. Andy Murray, the world’s second-ranked tennis star, has been invited as the brand spokesperson. This time HyperChrome series launched a total of 3 new watches, the first Glam Slam watch, in the name of the tennis ‘grand slam’, to create a perfect combination of diamonds and gold dreamy combination. Men’s watches are interpreted with flashing black high-tech ceramics and pure 18K yellow gold. The two materials are perfectly combined to create an unquestionable distinguished style. This model is individually numbered and is limited to the production of 333 gold and 333 rose gold versions. For a radar watch, women are just as important as men. This series is also tailor-made for women with white diamonds. The 181 diamonds surround the bezel and the side of the watch. The watch, the bright and moving brilliance between the raised hands.

 Rado Chronograph HyperChrome Glam Slam Automatic Chronograph, priced at NT $ 392,700.

 The last one is the UTC watch with the perfect arc of the Haoxing series. It takes the time zone function of two places to take the radar watch technology forward. UTC stands for ‘Universal Coordinated Time.’ The timing method used is more accurate than traditional GMT, allowing business or travellers to more accurately grasp the time and the important moments. Of the four new watches introduced, three use a plasma high-tech ceramic case, which has no metal but has a metal-like gloss texture. The ceramic’s comfortable touch and light scratch resistance bring a pleasant journey. Experience. The dial scale and hands are finished with a super-LumiNova®, which makes it easy to read the time after night, as in the daytime. The second time zone is equipped with a striking red or blue tip to ensure that even a quick glance The dial can also easily read the time, making you as relaxed as you are at home.

 Radar Haosing HyperChrome UTC watch, priced at NT $ 119,800.