[Pre Basel 2017] Chanel Chanel’s Beautiful Premier Camellia Hollow Table

At the Baselworld 2016, Chanel launched the first Monsieur de Chanel watch for men. The movement in this watch is also the brand’s first self-made movement. Therefore, the launch of the Monsieur de Chanel watch can be said to bring many people a great surprise, of course, the market’s follow-up response is also very good. In 2017, Chanel continued to make efforts to launch a series of new products on the eve of the Basel Watch Fair. Among them, this brand new Première Camellia skeleton watch has won the attention of many people with its beautiful appearance.

Chanel launched a series of new products on the eve of the Basel Watch Show. Among them, these two Première Camellia skeleton watches attracted everyone’s attention with a beautiful skeleton

2017 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Premiere series, so the launch of this new Premiere Camellia skeleton watch is more meaningful, and it is also the first watch in the Premiere series equipped with the brand’s own movement. In fact, Premiere is also the first watch launched by Chanel. Its creation inspiration is from Chanel’s most famous perfume bottle No. 5, which can be said to be full of Chanel’s classic DNA!

Although the black version of the movement does not have diamonds, the three-dimensional bright skeleton movement is still very moving

The new Première Camellia skeleton watch is made of white gold with a 37×28.5mm diameter case, and two versions are available. The black case is set with 104 brilliant-cut diamonds and 4 baguette-cut diamonds. Another white version is set with 42 baguette-cut diamonds and 52 bright-cut diamonds. Both watches are equipped with Calibre 2 bracelet movements, and this is the most wonderful feature of the entire watch. The Calibre 2 calibre with a power reserve of 42 hours has been transformed into a fully skeletonized state. The splint bridge is designed with a superimposed circle center to form a three-dimensional beautiful camellia. The white model is set with diamonds on the bridge of the movement, making the camellia more bright and moving.

The white version is set with diamonds from the inside to the outside.

Camellia is cocoa. Chanel’s favorite flower, so this makes the Premiere series more meaningful. The two hollowed out watches as an extension of the Premiere series also let us see the brand’s intentions. On the other hand, it also proves the superb craftsmanship of Chanel watch . These two hollowed out watches are exquisite and chic, exuding a unique style of extreme charm, which really makes people reluctant to look away from it.