Platinum ‘sesame’ Lange Watch 380,000 Euros Enjoy

Shortly after the brand ZTE, under the leadership of Günter Blümlein, co-founder of Lange Uhren GmbH, Lange designed and launched an 1815 Tourbillon Pour le Mérite tourbillon watch in 1994, which is not only global The first wristwatch with a fusée-and-chain system combined two stunts that improved the accuracy of the watch over a long period of time, namely the tourbillon and the sesame seed. Watchmaking craftsmanship surprised four, quickly becoming collectors scramble to buy rare watches. The unique tourbillon inside the Lange watch factory is called Saxon Tourbillon, which shows that the watch factory is proud of this groundbreaking work. Lange Tourbograph Pour le Mérite
Lange was founded in 1882 in Glashütte, and its sesame refining observatory pocket watches are amazing. Today, these rare antiques have become collectors’ bids in auctions with astronomical figures. This year, Lange announced another more amazing one-minute sesame-finish tourbillon double-tracking chronograph stopwatch Tourbograph Pour le Mérite on the eve of Ferdinand Adolph Lange’s 160th anniversary in Glashütte. This is the world’s first watch with the performance of a one-minute tourbillon, a sesame-finish transmission and a ratapante stopwatch. It both pays tribute to Günter Blümlein, who died in 2001, and showcases Lange Unparalleled technical achievements.
Lange Tourbograph Pour le Mérite
The mainspring of the mechanical watch will produce different degrees of torque under the two different conditions of complete refining or power exhaustion. When the mainspring is in the final stage of refining, the power will be weakened, resulting in errors in the ratio. The sesame smelting transmission system connects the main barrel and its pagoda wheel with a slender smelt called sesame smelt like a bicycle chain. When the user rotates the crown to make the watch, the sesame seeds on the pointed pagoda wheel will be rolled up, and the mainspring of the barrel will be tightened. Then, the power of the mainspring is transmitted to the movement through the pagoda wheel to bring a constant torque, which also improves the accuracy of the watch’s entire power reserve ratio. To put it simply, the principle of sesame refining is to use the principle of lever fulcrum found by Archimedes: when the mainspring has been fully reworked and fully operated, the sesame refining will be pulled on a smaller circle, which is the lever of the pagoda wheel ; When the mainspring power is weakened, sesame seeds will be pulled on the larger circumference of the pagoda wheel.
Lange Tourbograph Pour le Mérite
This subtle device improves the accuracy of the watch’s power reserve ratio, but when the mainspring needs to be reworked, the movement will also stop. To this end, Lange’s pagoda wheel is also equipped with a planetary gear train, which allows the movement of the mainspring of the movement to continue to run. This gear train alone requires 38 parts, and the entire Tourbograph Pour le Mérite’s sesame mill system has more than 600 parts. To make such a complex sesame mill and install it in a small watch, only Lange today has such excellent craftsmanship.
Lange Tourbograph Pour le Mérite
Tourbograph Pour le Mérite will only produce 101 pieces, including 51 pieces of platinum 51 and 50 pieces of gold. Given the complexity and difficulty of its production, it is expected that Lange will only be able to supply 12 pieces per year. As for the recommended selling price, don’t be too surprised. The platinum version is rumored to be 380,000 Euros.