Parmigiani, Transforma Series

Parmigiani, a cutting-edge fashion watch brand
    The world famous Swiss haute horlogerie brand Parmigiani was born in the heart of Waldtravel in 1996. With the strong support of the Sandoz Family Foundation and its commitment to protecting high-quality Swiss craftsmanship, Parmigiani has grown into one of the few networks with its own production facilities in The brand that manufactures and refinishes watches; every watch it produces is a classic. In 1976, when Michel Parmigiani, the founder of the brand, was a manual watch repairman, thanks to his extraordinary understanding of those miracles in the history of machinery, his sudden inspiration flashed out and conceived Today’s brand philosophy.
    Parmigiani conquered many major industry challenges. It has established an overall network of craftsmanship and industry experts that incorporates the world’s highest and most critical technologies to carefully polish the movement of each watch and to refine the appearance of the watch. Whether it is a hairspring, a drive train, or a watch case or dial, every part of the entire production chain is transparent, ensuring the highest quality of the watch. Parmigiani’s fully automated production chain means that it can independently produce the industry’s premier watches in the production hall.
    The maverick personality has created Parma Gianni’s unparalleled unique style. The brand’s unique theme style makes it easy to recognize whether it is a simple style or an exquisite style. Parmigiani has more than 20 women’s and men’s watches equipped with 15 independently developed and produced movements, thus laying the foundation for the brand’s great success. Kalpa watches are a symbol of Parmigiani’s success. Its four exquisitely shaped lugs make its pebbly lines more rounded, and it is integrated into the watch bracelet without leaving any traces. Whether circular or barrel models, their silhouettes underline the characteristics of the Parmigiani brand.
    At present, the Parmigiani brand has spread to more than 70 countries on five continents; the company is still looking for new expansion opportunities for the brand.
Parmigiani and Watchmaking Centre
    Parmigiani has inherited the fine traditions of Swiss horology, and now transcends tradition, successfully injecting new vitality into the ancient watchmaking process, becoming the economic and industrial center of the Val-de-Travers model.
Here are some data descriptions:
1976: Michel Parmigiani chooses the Trava Valley region (first Couvet, then Fleurier) as the location of its first manufacturing plant.
1996: The Sandoz Family Foundation decides to help Michel Parmigiani create the Parmigiani brand.
350: Number of jobs created in Fleurier since 1996.
500: Number of employees recruited by the brand and its associated industrial center (MHF: Manufacturers Horlogères de la Fondation, Foundation’s watchmaking group).
50: The number of laws that Parmigiani and MHF manufactures maintain the level of craftsmanship in horology.
5,000: Parmigiani’s annual watch production.
250: The number of brand stores.
70: The number of Parmigiani companies worldwide.
40,000: Land area (square meters) acquired by Sandoz Family Foundation in Fleurier to expand production sites.
6,700 The floor space (in square meters) of the newly established Fleurier Manufacturing Plant (VMF) on September 4, 2009.
1,600: The new Elwin production plant covers an area (square meters). It is the first industrial plant registered in Bern-Jura under MINERGIE (Swiss Mini Energy Standard) and is designed to accommodate fifty lathes.
1,300: new factory area (square meters) acquired in La Chaux-de-Fon to build Les Artisans Boîtiers.
20: The current number of men’s and women’s watches, which is the key to the success of the brand.
15: The total number of movements independently developed and manufactured. These movements are assembled on the current models of Parmigiani.
8: The number of new stores opened by Ateliers Parmigiani worldwide between 2010 and 2011. One in Dubai, one in Istanbul, one in Moscow, two in Singapore, two in Beijing, and one in Shanghai.
Transforma series
Change with your heart
    Parmigiani’s new Transforma series is suitable for daily life and is suitable for daily wear. Whether it is a watch or pocket watch, whether it is sports or elegant, the Transforma series can be changed at will to meet any need. In the evening it turns into a table clock to accompany you to sleep, counting the passage of night.
    The new PF 334 automatic chronograph movement, like a chameleon, has a powerful transformation function, which can be freely changed according to the occasion, time and mind. The Transforma series was originally a wristwatch, but it could also be used as a pocket watch or table clock. No matter the day or night, the owner and his watch are inseparable.
    The stainless steel shell of the Transforma series is beautiful and pure, perfectly presenting multiple functions, suitable for various character transformations. The sterling silver dial features the Côtes de Genève, which is independently produced by the manufacturer’s own studio. The chronograph function is visible through the raised graphite-colored hour and minute counters. At 6 o’clock there is a large date display window. The last one is the speedometer dial, all of which constitute all the display functions of the Transforma series.
Modular function-three step transformation
    With its classic circular ergonomic appearance and characteristic curved lugs, the Transforma series can be described as the ever-changing spirit. With a single touch of the button next to the two lugs at the bottom, the stainless steel ‘cover’ is unfolded to hold the watch body and swallow it.
   Once the button is released, the main body of the watch-the middle part of the case-naturally buckles into the smooth round stainless steel pocket watch seat. The right side of the table seat is asymmetric, so that even if the bezel is lowered, it will not prevent the use of the timing button ‘button’ and ‘crown’ to wind or set the time. Coupled with a stainless steel bracelet, Transforma transformed into one of the classic styles in the watchmaking industry.
    The third transformation of the new Transforma series: table clock, made of Makassar; Makassar is an extremely precious ebony, wrapped outside the watch. Like a rotating display case, the winding device automatically operates once the timepiece is placed on it. The rotation does not stop until the Transforma watch is in the vertical position for easy reading of time. There are three small spaces on the edge of the table clock for pocket watches and their bracelets, warranty cards, or other Transforma parts.
Watches made entirely by the manufacturer’s own studio
    The watch’s dial, movement, and two stainless steel cases, from mechanical manufacturing to hand finishing, all adhere to strict standards, and are all made by Parma Gianni Studios (Watchmaker’s Foundation). The stainless steel Transforma is equipped with a Hermes crocodile leather strap with a foldable buckle.
Tonda Transforma chronograph
Tonda Transforma chronograph.
Movement PF334
Function Hour indication.
      Minute indication.
      Small seconds at 3 o’clock.
      Date window.
      1 / 4-second chronograph (large size second hand, 30-minute chronograph, 12-hour chronograph).
Appearance Round case: 43 mm. Thickness: 12.80 mm.
Material: Stainless steel case and support, polished. Anti-glare sapphire crystal.
       The watch can be used as a self-winding table clock or pocket watch.
Water resistance: 30 meters.
Crown: 7 mm in diameter.
    The individual number is engraved on the case back.
Dial: The silver dial has a creamy white bezel with a “Geneva ripple” decoration in the center, and a sky blue modified graphite chronograph dial with a thin diamond polished rhodium-plated flange. Rhodium-plated appliqued hour-markers, delta-shaped luminous coated hands.
Strap: Black alligator leather strap, stainless steel safety folding clasp, polished finish.