Parmigiani: Bugatti Super Sport Sapphire Watch

This year, Parmigiani’s dazzling Bugatti Super Sport series has added another outstanding member. The Bugatti Super Sport Sapphire watch is a gold movement, which is a sign of Parmigiani’s technical precision; the transparent sapphire glass case shows the watch’s mechanical mechanism for the first time without reservation. In front of the wearer.
Sapphire glass case

    The case of the Bugatti Super Sport Sapphire watch is framed by a hollow gold structure and covered with sapphire glass. This makes the Super Sport series more bulky, but the transparent sapphire glass gives a clear view of the entire movement, fascinating the wearer. The crystal-clear look and extraordinary mechanical charm show the extraordinary skills of beauty and watchmaking in the same field of vision.
    Due to the large number of transparent designs, Parmigiani watchmakers encountered great challenges in assembling the case for the movement. With the magnification of sapphire glass, even the tiniest scratch flaws are clearly visible and even more noticeable. The immaculate pursuit of quality means that traditionally using support points on exposed surfaces has been impractical when traditionally housing a movement. This operation does not allow even a little friction, and the bracket must be carefully inspected before use to ensure that the movement fully exhibits a flawless aesthetic.
Gold movement

    Nineteen movement components, including the bridge and the main splint, are made of red gold, adding luxury to the Bugatti Super Sport Sapphire.
     Making a movement in gold, especially such a complex and precise movement, is itself a technological breakthrough. Gold is a highly flexible and malleable material that adheres to tools and has unpredictable reactions when machined in the intended manner. All operating parameters also need to be re-evaluated. The machine must be recalibrated and the feed rate must be changed and continuously adjusted. This achievement of the gold movement was finally achieved, and its extraordinary quality brought the reputation of the Bugatti Super Sport watch family.
Dial inspiration

   The dial complements the color of the gold movement beneath it. The two levels reflect a sense of continuity and harmony. The decoration also pays attention to the combination of the two, the vertical lines on the main substrate, that is, in harmony with the Geneva ripple on the background of the hour / minute bridge.
    The oval flange of the hour marker is wider at 12 o’clock than at 6 o’clock. Therefore, reading time from different perspectives is no longer a traditional plane, but can reflect the technical and structural beauty. The length of the hands has been adjusted according to the new dial openings, making the timing of the flanges more visible.
The extraordinary technology of the Bugatti Super Sport

   After the advent of the Bugatti Type 370 and its horizontal movement layout caused a sensation, Parmigiani’s Bugatti Super Sport watch debuted in 2010 after six years.
    The Bugatti Super Sport watch is like an engine worn on the wrist and has the same design concept as the first watch in the series. Inspired by the design of Parmigiani’s lugs, the Bugatti Super Sport watch no longer uses a tubular design created by lateral mechanics, but uses an amazing drop shape. Attempting to cover a watch movement that was originally based on a flat surface with an extremely pure, ergonomic curve without any parallel lines is a challenge for the entire watchmaking department of the Parmigiani brand. The movement is designed as a series of highly complex stepped layers placed diagonally in a sapphire glass case. Because the position is tilted, the hour display, which is usually parallel to the movement, must be rotated 90 °, and the double pinion system with bevel gearing just does just that. It is the first case in the world to directly draw inspiration from the automotive field and transform it into a watch mechanism.

    Finally, the crown on the side is a major highlight of this development, because the limitations of the machinery originally required that the crown must protrude from the watch’s profile, destroying the harmonious beauty of the watch. The Les Artisans Boîtiers case factory and the Elwin bar turning factory belong to the Parmigiani watchmaking department, and the two parties have worked together to design the most complex elastic crown to date-it consists of up to 12 parts, which is similar to the watch outline The line fits perfectly without compromising the overall sense of harmony. To wind the movement, press it gently and the crown will pop out of the case. This elastic crown is also the first of its kind in the world.
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