Panomatic Luna Watches Are Full Of Mysterious Charm

For people, the moon is always full of charming appeal. The beauty and change of this mysterious celestial body firmly hold our eyes firmly, and intoxicated us with an almost hypnotic power. Some people even say that they can actually feel that the moon has a real impact on themselves. Looking at all cultures and times, there have been myths and legends about the moon and its magic. In the modern world, the moon continues to inspire novelists, artists, philosophers, and filmmakers such as Fritz Lang. The German director Woman in the Moon in 1929 was the first sci-fi movie in history. We can be sure of one thing: the ‘moon’ has always been the wing that carries our fantasy power and soars the horizon.
    Inspired by the moon as a female symbol, Glashütte created the PanoMatic Luna watch, an elegant mother-of-pearl dial exuding an unparalleled sheen. This watch is available in two versions, sparkling white mother-of-pearl or mysterious black eccentric faceplate. Bezel set with 64 clear diamonds, top diamond hour markers. An elegant moon phase display appears among the stars against a silver sky. The large date window and the crown are set with diamonds, making this watch a perfect period.
The mother-of-pearl dial of the PanoMatic Luna watch exudes an unparalleled sheen
   Diameter 39.4 mm, stainless steel, Cal. 90-12 self-winding movement. The sapphire crystal back of PanoMatic Luna showcases the beauty of craftsmanship. Glashütte watch development and hand-crafted double gooseneck fine-tuning device make the movement more accurate.

PanoMatic Luna watch crown set with 3.0 mm diamonds
    Like all the movements of the top German mechanical watch makers, this perfectly crafted movement presents traditional elements of Glashütte watchmaking, such as three-quarter splints, blue screws, and Glashütte signature decorations.
    All PanoMatic Luna models are paired with crocodile leather straps and rubber straps, which are both casual and elegant.