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    Meissen Italiameson Italy And Laurent Ferrier Form A Strategic Partnership In The Field Of Fine Watchmaking

    Meissen Italia, a subsidiary of the famous Mason porcelain factory with a tradition of 300 years, and the famous Swiss watch brand Laurent Ferrier have announced that they will work together in the field of fine watches in the future.
    At the upcoming BaselWorld Watch & Jewellery Expo in late April, two internationally renowned companies will jointly exhibit the first common product. As a prelude to the cooperation, two unique Galet Secret series men’s watches equipped with the famous double hairspring tourbillon will be introduced. The watch’s dial is ultra-thin Meissen porcelain and is carefully crafted by hand. Customers from all over the world can also choose their personalized dials in the future. Two well-known companies announced that they will launch the first co-produced watch series in 2014, witnessing the long-term cooperation in the future.

    Laurent Ferrier’s new Meissen porcelain dial Galet Secret

    Christian Kurtzke, CEO of Meissen Group, emphasizes the importance of the strategic aspect of the partnership: ‘By working with Laurent Ferrier, we ensure the competence of our top international watchmakers-a capability that is not tied to large luxury This is an important strategic choice for our Italian subsidiary in the future to expand and diversify Mason jewelry. ‘In addition, Dr. Kurtzke spoke to Laurent Ferrier, who has nearly 40 years of watchmaking experience, and himself He showed great interest in innovation ability, as he explained: ‘Both partners respect each other’s traditions and marvel at each other’s innovation.’
    ‘Working with a well-known brand company that has been known for 300 years has a different feeling for us.’ Laurent Ferrier CEO Olivier Müller explained, ‘We now not only excel in craftsmanship but also The dials of many enamel products are outstanding, so as to provide customers with real fine arts in the field of métiers d’art. Whoever has experienced it first, how demanding and precise the Meissen product is, these hand-drawn dials How much endless love has been poured into each detail, he will understand how well our two companies fit together and how harmonious we are. ‘

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    300 Meters Of Omega Seahorse, A Watch Suitable For Chinese People

    Since the launch of Omega’s new hippocampus 300 meters, I have worked on three versions, namely steel shell tape, steel shell steel chain, and gold tape. Of the entire series, only the titanium tantalum version has not been experienced. After playing with these new seahorses 300 meters, I deeply feel that the seahorse 300 meters is a very suitable watch for Chinese people.

    Omega new seahorse 300m diving watch
     Over the years, players have witnessed that Omega’s strength has been greatly improved, and I have a new impression of Omega (compared to the early 2500 era). Now, whenever a friend asks what watch to buy, I generally recommend Omega first. The reason is that, from the perspective of mass consumers, Omega is a watch that fits the needs of the domestic market. The 300 meters of the new Omega hippocampus is one of them. Omega’s new 300-meter hippocampus has the following advantages.

    Omega’s new 300mm steel shell blue plate (top) and golden model (bottom).
    1.High brand awareness
     Omega is definitely one of the most well-known watches in China. Because Omega entered the country very early, many older people know Omega. Today, we can say that everyone is young and old. Although there are many famous watches entering the country, many of them are consumed and distributed among players. Even the mainstream brand watch in the market, for the average consumer, many are unfamiliar. Omega has a huge influence both in the world and in the domestic market.

    Omega’s new 300mm steel shell steel chain version of the hippocampus.
    2.High face value
     As the main model of Omega, the Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch has a high value. The size of the new hippocampus is 300mm and 42mm. Because the lugs of the new hippocampus are relatively slender and use a round bezel, although the 42mm mark, the hand size is actually moderate. What makes me feel very interesting is that the small gold shield of Tudor is marked with a size of 41 millimeters, but in fact, it feels larger than the new Omega Seahorse 42 millimeters with a diameter of 42 millimeters. It can be seen that the design of the case and lugs has a great impact on the hands-on effect Big. Omega’s new 300-meter hippocampus currently includes black, white, blue, and gray dials with a variety of surface bezel colors, and there are many choices.

    Omega’s new 300-meter hippocampus uses a ceramic bezel and a ceramic dial.
     From the player’s perspective, the Omega Seahorse 300m is a series launched in 1993. After continuous updating, it has developed to this day. The new 300-meter hippocampus has a continuum of historical continuity and development, and there is no break in the middle. It is a continuous and stable classic design. From the perspective of mass consumers, the appearance of the new 300-meter hippocampus is in line with public aesthetics.

    The Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch has been in existence since 1993.
    3.Excellent technical configuration
     Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter diving watch has the most outstanding technical configuration of watches of the same level and price, which is the biggest highlight of this watch. Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter diving watch uses a ceramic bezel and a ceramic dial. The ceramic bezel has digital scales filled with enamel, and the ceramic dial has a wavy laser-engraved pattern. In addition to scratch resistance and fading, the ceramic bezel and enamel scales are as good as new year. Another great advantage of the ceramic ring ceramic plate is that it is very bright. The large area of ​​polished ceramic material enhances the texture of the watch. As a professional diving watch, the new hippocampus is 300 meters water resistant and 300 meters with a helium exhaust valve.

    Omega new seahorse 300m diving watch
     The new 300-meter hippocampus uses the main Omega 8800 movement. The 8800 movement is the latest generation of the Omega Observatory movement. It uses a coaxial escapement, 55 hours of power, a calendar quick adjustment, 15000 Gauss antimagnetic capability, an error of 0 to +5 seconds per day, and a certain decorative polishing (Arabic Geneva stripe decoration). All the 8800/8900 OMEGA movements I have bought are very accurate and leave me very satisfied.

    Omega’s new seahorse 300 meters uses Omega’s main force 8800 Zhizhen Observatory movement.
     Omega’s new 300-meter hippocampus has two types of tape and steel chain. The tape is a pin buckle and the steel chain is an adjustable folding buckle. The difference between the tape model and the steel chain model is 900 yuan. After wearing both straps, I recommend steel chains.

    Omega’s new hippocampus 300-meter steel chain uses folding buckles to adjust the length.
    4. Reasonable price
     Omega’s new hippocampus is 300 meters, the steel shell tape is priced at 35,600, and the steel shell steel chain is priced at 36,500.
     30,000 yuan is the entry-level price of many famous watches, such as IWC, Panerai, Cartier, Zenith, etc. are starting prices of more than 30,000. In this price range, brands generally offer watches with relatively low configuration. Some are general-purpose movements, some are manual watches, and some are relatively simple formal watches. Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter configuration from the inside to the outside is very high, but still maintains a public price of more than 30,000, it can be said that the public price of the 30,000 range, one of the highest configuration watches. This price is very conscience in the industry (discounts, exchange rates, secondary markets, etc., depending on personal circumstances).

    Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter gray tray model, the gray tray is also very beautiful.
    5.Easy to buy and after sale
     We know that many famous watch brands only open specialty stores in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. For consumers in some provinces and cities, many famous watches are not easy to buy. The more convenient point of Omega is that there are a lot of specialty stores and counters opened in China (direct stores or dealers). Among the mainstream watch brands, it is one of the most convenient brands to buy. According to Omega’s official website, Omega flagship stores (direct stores) or special counters are available in most provinces, municipalities, capital cities and major cities in China.

    Omega’s new seahorse 300m white plate model.
     At the same time, many watches only have official after-sales services in Beijing and Shanghai. Watches can only be taken to Beijing or Shanghai for official warranty and repair. Omega’s official after-sales service is very widely distributed in the country. Omega’s flagship stores have after-sales maintenance services, which is very convenient. In addition, all Omega watches now have an official warranty of 5 years.

    Omega’s new hippocampus 300m titanium tantalum limited edition.
     Now it’s very convenient to buy goods and travel abroad. It’s not difficult to buy some niche watches, but for the mass consumers, I do n’t recommend buying the niche watches in China because it’s very inconvenient to have official after-sales maintenance , Especially in Beijing and Shanghai. The mainstream watch brands in the domestic market are the best choice for the mass consumers (please choose for old players and senior players).
    PS. Last is the full set.

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    Cultivating The Azure And Harvesting The Future Blancpain Supports Marine Public Welfare

    The ocean is the source of hope that nurtures life, and the place to inspire courage. Defending the ocean is not only a sign of awe in life, but also a measure to safeguard human well-being. As the oldest Swiss watch brand and the founder of modern diving watches, Blancpain’s name is closely linked to the ocean. When the first Fifty Fathoms watch was born in 1952, it established seven industry standards for the diving watch industry. After more than sixty years, Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms series has flourished and has always led the mechanical diving watch industry At the same time, Blancpain Blancpain has always had a blue heart, and strongly supports marine exploration and scientific research, and promotes the sustainable development of the marine industry. Strong abilities often give rise to a sense of responsibility. Blancpain believes that the vast and mysterious underwater universe is worthy of human exploration, because only by knowing more about nature can we respect and protect this part of human culture. Grasp your own destiny.

    Sponsor scientific research projects
    National Geographic ‘Original Ocean Expedition Plan’
     In recent years Blancpain has joined National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Expeditions. This plan combines surveying, research, and protection, and aims to explore, research, and help protect the last few remaining unspoiled seas. By carefully studying the mode of operation of marine ecosystems that are not disturbed by humans, humans can understand how to assist in the reproduction of unpolluted coral reefs, how to restore endangered coral reefs to their original appearance, and how to effectively protect two-thirds of the earth Vast ocean.
     Under a three-year framework agreement, Blancpain supports the original marine exploration activities in three sea areas. Up to now, the scientific research missions that have been successfully completed are: Pitcairn Islands Expedition and Saray Gomez Island Expedition.

    Blancpain supports National Geographic’s original marine expedition

    Coelacanth Expedition Research Project
     In 2013, the world-renowned French diver and marine biologist Laurent Ballesta wore the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watch and led the team to South Africa’s coastal waters for a 40-day period. Deep sea diving expedition. The purpose of this trip is to examine the legendary marine benthic creature-Coelacanth.
     Coelacanth, known locally as Gombessa, is a giant marine creature of peaceful temperament. It has been thought that this prehistoric fish had become extinct as early as 65 million years ago. Based on this ancient organism, one can outline the evolution of fish to the first terrestrial limb vertebrates, which is the best evidence that aquatic animals came out of the water for the first time 370 million years ago. This expedition brought together an international scientific research team composed of geneticists, paleontologists and biologists. They took this opportunity to conduct the first investigation and research on coelacanth fish in the natural environment.

    Blancpain supports Lauren Ballesta and coelacanth expedition research project

     To approach this legendary living specimen, Lauren Ballesta and her diving team must insist on daily deep dives to the Jesser Canyon cave, which is 120 meters below the surface. There, every minute of tremendous pressure takes hours to decompress. The timepiece worn by Lauren Ballesta, the Blancpain Blancpain X 噚 watch, is the pinnacle of the Fifty Fathoms series, and has become a witness to the success of this mission.

    Recognize industry pioneers
     Professor Hans Hass, a pioneer of Austrian marine exploration, has long been committed to the exploration of the underwater world and is known worldwide for his outstanding achievements in science and art. To commemorate the Hans Hass Award, named after the oceanographer by his name, has now passed ten years, and his pioneering contributions have been used as the criterion for selecting winners. Previous winners include the American Deep Sea Explorer, well-known film director James Cameron (2004), five Emmy winners, American marine photographer Stanton Waterman (2006), marine scientist, US National Ocean and Atmosphere Authority Chief Scientist Sylvia Earle (2010) and others.

    Blancpain awarded French marine biologist Lauren Ballesta the 2013 ‘Blancpain Blancpain Hans Haas 50th Prize’

     Continuing the brand’s long-standing heritage of supporting marine protection, in 2013, on the 60th anniversary of Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms series, the brand brought the glory of this deep sea king series into this international award, and the British Historical Diving Association The Hans Has Awards jury co-produced the Blancpain Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award, recognizing pioneers in the industry, launching a call to the world to jointly explore and defend the ocean.

    Winner of the Blancpain 2013 Fifty Fifth Grand Prize-Laurent Ballesta
     On the 94th anniversary of Professor Haas’s birthday in 2013, Blancpain and the prize jury jointly presented the prize to French marine biologist Lauren Ballesta. As a pioneer in deep-sea diving, Mr. Ballesta surpassed the limit in the Coelacanth Expedition Research Project sponsored by Blancpain, and explored an underwater world beyond the reach of ordinary people, and inspected it for a long time. As a biologist, he hopes to make close contact with the greatest creatures of the twentieth century, such as coelacanth, in order to solve the mystery; and as a deep-sea photographer, he also longs for Share your discoveries with everyone and show the world this seemingly dark but magnificent deep sea kingdom. The perfect combination of strong physique, artistic perception and scientific true knowledge has produced amazing results. In January 2014, Blancpain held a unique exhibition in the Cité du Temps in Geneva, during which viewers can enjoy stunning video clips, beautiful photographic works and unique Diving equipment, as if diving into the deep sea, to complete a sting with coelacanth.

    Blancpain held the exhibition of ‘Salmonfish’ in 2014, presenting the results of the project

    2014 Winner of Blancpain Blancpain Hans Haas Fifty Fathoms – Manning Dragon
     In order to promote the development of China’s deep-sea carrier technology, provide important high-tech equipment for China’s oceanic international seabed resources investigation and scientific research, and develop common technologies for China’s deep-sea exploration and subsea operations, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China listed the development of deep-sea manned submersible vehicles as A major project of the National High-Tech Research and Development Plan (863 Plan), initiated the self-design, independent integrated research and development of the ‘Jiaolong’ manned submersible.
     In 2014, under the leadership of the State Oceanic Administration of China, the proud achievements of the ‘Longlong’ manned submersible made the whole world amazed. This is not only an important contribution to the undersea scientific research of all human beings, but also a demonstration of the Chinese dream Bright song of the sea. The ‘Jiaolong’ manned submersible not only has the maximum diving depth of the same type of submersibles in the world (7062 meters), but also is safe and reliable at its maximum design depth, and has the actual operational capabilities required for its application. In acoustic communication, It has obvious leading advantages in performance such as automatic control and high-depth operation. The successful development and sea trial of the ‘Jiaolong’ manned submersible vehicle indicates that China has systematically mastered the design, construction, and test technology of large-depth manned submersible vehicles, and has achieved a transition from tracking and imitation to autonomous integration and independent innovation, and has entered the The world’s manned deep dive ranks among the advanced countries.
     Therefore, the 2014 Blancpain Blancpain Fifty Fathom Award, an important international award, was awarded to the ‘Liaolong’ manned submersible in the name of its pioneer in deep-sea scientific research. At the awarding ceremony, Blancpain’s legendary Fifty Fathoms “Deep Submersible” Bathyscaphe diving watch and wall clock were donated by the brand to submarines and “Longlong” to become professional standard equipment. Since then, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms will provide accurate timing for each deep sea exploration of the ‘Dragon Dragon’.

    Blancpain awarded the ‘Blancpain’ to the 2014 ‘Blancpain Blancpain Hans Haas 50th Prize’

    Driving global dialogue
     The ocean is essential to life: it provides oxygen for every second of our breath, and two-thirds of the natural resource services on this planet come from the ocean. It regulates our climate, provides food to billions of people, and supports many industries such as fishing and aquaculture, shipping, oil and gas extraction, and marine and coastal tourism. Unsustainable practices have made the ocean one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet. In 2012 and 2014, Blancpain spared no effort to support the ‘World Ocean Summit’ sponsored by The Economist, aiming to increase people’s attention and attention to ocean exploration, and promote international cooperation In order to deepen the understanding of the natural resources of the oceans and coastal areas, and apply this knowledge to improve management, sustainable development, marine environmental protection and decision-making processes.

    At the World Ocean Summit 2014, Prince Albert II of Monaco (left), Alain Delamuraz, Global Vice President and Marketing Director of Blancpain (right)

    Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s Global Vice President and Marketing Director at the World Ocean Summit 2014

     At the 2014 summit, Blancain Blancpain’s global vice president and marketing director Alain Delamuraz shared the pioneering status and long history of Blancpain in the field of modern professional diving watch manufacturing. Alain Delamuraz said in a speech: For a long time, Blancpain has been cooperating with the National Geographic Society, marine science experts, and underwater photographers. Worried, but we also want to congratulate all of you for your tireless efforts and great achievements in improving the marine environment, ‘he said,’ optimism makes us passionate! ‘
     Adhering to the brand spirit of continuous improvement and courage to make breakthroughs, Blancpain’s marine dream is still full. Starting from 2014, Blancpain will also take diving as the base point, and in the future will cooperate sincerely with domestic authoritative organizations such as the National Diving Association to spread marine consciousness and marine culture in the mainland of China. Strive hard.
     For more than sixty years of ocean love, Blancpain has left an immortal legend in the deep sea kingdom. In this piece of blue, the endless hope is born, and the original love and courage of human beings are buried. ‘The founder of classic timepieces’ does not stop at the creation of classic timepieces, and always cherish the pursuit of excellence beyond watchmaking, and sincerely and deeply defend this vast blue world. Today’s hard work and harvest tomorrow’s bright future, Blancpain Blancpain will keep the original blue heart, and work tirelessly for the bright future of mankind.

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    Prince Tudor Is The Best Choice For Your Next Watch

    As we all know, the Tudor Prince watch series and princess series are evergreens in the Tudor family. Even in the 1960s and 1970s, the quality of the Tudor Prince watch series can be as high as that of the top brands. These two series of watches insist on the use of mechanical automatic movements, and have deliberately maintained the popular and beautiful shapes and styles, giving a long-lasting feeling. Tudor Prince watches are very impressed by their pliable chain straps, surface design and bold application of color. Tudor Prince Watch-Ocean Prince II20360n-95700 Automatic Men’s Watch
         The Tudor Ocean Prince series perfectly combines two elegant design styles with exquisite elegance and stylish dynamics. Beautiful curves, eye-catching shapes, a symbol of vitality and fashion; carefully crafted for you, fully showing the unique personality, bold and confident and striking power. Tudor Prince Watch-Ocean Prince II 25000-93790n Automatic Men’s Watch
         While elegant taste and precision machinery cooperate with fashion design to show the light, Tudor Ocean Prince series (Hydronaut) perfectly combines the spiritual experience deep inside the outstanding person with the external design, from the details to the overall expression of the marine spirit. It is the ocean complex that strongly calls and touches the successful people, and touches the extraordinary and brave hearts.

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    Luxury Gold Three Hong Kong Watches By Bucherer

    Bucherer is an independent Swiss watch brand located in Lucerne. It combines exquisite watchmaking technology and high-end jewelry setting technology. Through traditional and innovative power, the watch is more beautiful and the technology is increasingly perfect. Constantly launching watches that are both elegant and practical, with additional features, are eye-opening. Today, Watch House brings you the Hong Kong market of three Bucherer watches made of rose gold. Hope you like it.

    Bucherer AUTODATE TWOTONE Watch Series 00.10621.07.77.21

    In-store public price: HKD62000 (collection time February 2015)
    Can try on: try on in store
    Watch Series: Plavi
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18K rose gold-stainless steel
    Strap Material: 18K Rose Gold-Stainless Steel
    Case diameter: 27 mm
    Watch details: 1963 self-winding movement with a movement diameter of 20 mm and a movement thickness of 4.8 mm. Full winding can provide 38 hours of power reserve.

    Bucherer MONOGRAPH watch series 00.10904.03.16.01

    In-store public price: HKD288000 (collection time February 2015)
    Can try on: try on in store
    Watch series: Maliron series
    Movement type: manual machinery
    Case material: 18K rose gold
    Strap material: Lizard leather
    Case diameter: 35 mm
    Details of the watch: 1962 manual-winding movement with a diameter of 24.6 mm and a thickness of only 4.2 mm. The full movement of the movement can provide 42 hours of power reserve.

    Bucherer Plavi AutoDate TwoTone 00.10617.07.23.31

    In-store public price: HKD114500 (collection time February 2015)
    Can try on: try on in store
    Watch Series: Plavi
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel-18K rose gold with diamonds
    Strap Material: Stainless Steel-18K Rose Gold
    Case diameter: 38 mm
    Watch details: TwoTone automatic watch, the most poetic way to interpret the most perfect love. Taking elegance and calmness as inspiration sources, and the aspiration of the good-wife Tiancheng as a sublimation, witnessing the passing of time and engraving the good relationship of Jinyu. The two-tone three-dimensional case is made of stainless steel and rose gold. With a simple and elegant design, it highlights reliable and excellent mechanical functions. The two-color combination design extends the infinite possibilities of different precious metals. The stainless steel with 18k rose gold bracelet and the case style are integrated in one hand, witnessing every emotional moment.

    Please consult your dealer for more details:

    Availability: Yes
    Vendor Name: Prince Jewellery Watches
    Address of Resellers: OT281 and OT283, 2 / F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
    Dealer Phone: + 852-2311 4432
    Report that you are a user from the ‘Watch House Website’ and will get better service

    [Note]: All the models mentioned in the article are currently in stock. Friends in need can contact us in advance by phone.

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    Serious And Pragmatic Earth Sign Constellation Watch And Constellation Matching Two

    Nowadays, with the development of commerce, businesses from all walks of life have sprung up, and more and more similar products have appeared. The uniform design makes people visually exhausted, so modern people often pursue personality. , Pursue tailor-made, pursuit of limited style, so as to highlight its distinctive style. Watches are actually the same, but seemingly the same appearance is actually not the case. Each watch has its own number, has a unique design style, and the twelve constellations also have their own personalized watches. I believe that exquisite watches will make you dizzy.

      Next, I will take you into the kingdom of the earth sign and explore a series of personalized constellation watches. The earth sign is composed of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. The earth sign is a symbol of autumn, representing pragmatism and stability. The people of the earth sign understand the world through the senses, and judge by the experience of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. . For them, tangible entities are more meaningful than dreams or fantasies, and most of them are dictators, and they have a working belief such as ‘the real results are what they see’.
     Stubborn Taurus

      Taurus was born from April 21 to May 20 every year. It is a constellation that appears on the west side of the Milky Way on summer nights. Venus is the guardian of Taurus, so Taurus is a conservative constellation. Taurus people will not be impatient, they will only endure, and they will endure hardships and hardships. Fang Weiren is their portrayal. They like to walk according to their own philosophy of life, and do not easily change their habits. Stubbornness is a prominent feature of your personality, and it is also your main weakness. Normally gentle, once you get angry, you will become daunting. Taurus has a strong family concept, loves children more than anything else, and regards the family world as a reliable temple for their happiness and living in peace. Favorite colors: gold, blue, green.

    Watch review: A steady Taurus is usually thick and stable and looks old-fashioned. It’s not publicity. In fact, Taurus also has a good appreciation for aesthetics. Low-key and tasteful are the characteristics of Taurus. Cartier’s blue balloon series watches are very suitable for low-key but beautiful Taurus. The silver-plated pearl guilloché dial with classic Roman scales and Cartier’s logo at 12 o’clock, this watch looks solid and restrained. The precious metal arc protects the winding crown inlaid with convex sapphire, and the Roman numerals are off-track under the guidance of the crown. Stainless steel clasp with hint clasp, the length can be adjusted by itself, easy to wear and comfortable.

    Basic Information
    No. W6920046
    Brand: Cartier
    Series: Blue Balloon
    Style: Automatic, 36.6 mm, men
    Material: stainless steel
    RMB: ¥ 46,100
    For more watch details, please click: style = ‘color: # 333333; line -height: 24px; # * # family: 宋体; ‘> Watch review: Van Cleef & Arpels LadyArpelsZodiac earth Taurus watch once again interprets the elegant tradition, mixed with a variety of technologies to create a surprise for people. This watch is equipped with a white gold dial, white diamonds, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, and transparent enamel. The exquisite engraving process makes the cattle on the dial come alive and vivid, adding a three-dimensional impression to the pattern. The crown is set with round diamonds, and the carefully polished diamonds shine with a charming luster, making this watch even more noble and elegant. With a dark green crocodile leather strap, green represents vitality and vitality, full of fashion trends, giving the seemingly old-fashioned Taurus a touch of youth and passion. The buckle of the watch is a pin buckle set with round diamonds, limited to 22 pieces.

    Basic Information
    Brand: Van Cleef & Arpels
    Series: Constellation
    Style: K gold, set with diamonds
    Limited: 22 pieces
    RMB: No
    For more watch details, please click: Pursue Virgo

      Virgo is born from August 23 to September 22, and Mercury guards Gemini and Virgo. Virgos value the tidbits and often overlook the big picture for the sake of perfection in small places. Virgos must plan everything carefully and arrange it carefully. They like the ins and outs of things at a glance. They take notes after the fact for future reference, and each expense is recorded in the account. They naturally love cleanliness and believe in precision, and as the name of this constellation implies, pure sexual joy, sometimes even as a result of cleanliness, cause trouble for themselves and others, and easily cause interpersonal relationships. Too much thinking and reason will limit your vision and increase your control over your life. Fear that the emergence of new things will disrupt all the original order and isolate yourself. Favorite color: gray.

    Watch review: Virgo is a stubborn perfectionist, meticulous and thoughtful to a little nervous. Virgo’s watch always has a reserved and elegant royal temperament, telling secrets that ordinary people cannot know. There is more than ordinary people’s attachment to details, just like the tourbillon’s almost crazy precision pursuit of time. Belonging to Virgo must be perfectionism in ultra-complicated technology-the tourbillon watch, the three golden bridges were invented by the watchmaker ConstantGirard-Perregaux in the mid-19th century: a movement equipped with a tourbillon, equipped with three parallel The splint bridge, the barrel, the minute hand and the tourbillon under the splint bridge are aligned in a straight line. Achieve a high degree of unity in functionality and aesthetics. Today, Sanjinqiao is still regarded as a classic in Girard-Perregaux watches. This Girard-Perregaux men’s watch has a carved tourbillon, which surely makes many Virgo people worship and worship.

    Basic Information
    Number: 99535-52-111-BK6A
    Brand: Girard Perregaux
    Series: Men’s Watch
    Style: Automatic, 40 mm, men
    Material: 18k rose gold
    RMB: ¥ 1,250,000
    Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 1,340,000
    For more watch details, please click: style = ‘color: # 333333; line -height: 24px; # * # family: 宋体; ‘> Watch review: The Longines master series is a perfect combination of long experience and ingenious craftsmanship. The beauty of pure white design is sure to satisfy the Virgo’s’ clean fetish plot ‘. The silver-white round dial with bar scale design, the Logo mark at 12 o’clock, and the calendar display window at 6 o’clock, showing the meticulousness and depth of thought. A shiny bracelet with a folding clasp reveals an elegant and luxurious luster between the hands and wrists. The use of Swiss high-quality automatic movement, will play to the extreme. Through the sapphire crystal transparent case back, you can feel the swing of the automatic hammer and the vibration inside the movement.

    Basic Information
    Number: L2.628.4.78.6
    Brand: Longines
    Series: Famous Craftsman
    Style: Automatic, 38.5 mm, men
    Material: Stainless steel
    RMB: ¥ 15,400
     Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 16,100
    For more watch details, please click: Capricorn Perseverance

      Capricorn was born from December 22 to January 19 every year. Like other earth signs, Capricorn is more introverted, slightly melancholic, lonely, conservative, and lacks humor. Internally vulnerable. Capricorns are career-oriented and often set aside their personal lives. Everything starts from the most realistic point of view, starting from the ground down and pursuing tangible results. You long for success, perhaps to compensate for a certain need in your heart or a deep sense of loneliness, but you never confuse feelings with your career. You don’t like being idle and doing nothing. Your sense of reality prompts you to continuously improve your work quality and living environment. Favorite color: black or sea blue.

    Watch review: Capricorn’s low-key and calm personality is not suitable for the style of luxury and nobility. But simplicity does not mean simplicity. On the contrary, it is the quality that can only be pursued by having excellent quality. The case of this Audemars Piguet top sports watch is made of 18K rose gold, and the smooth lines exude a soft red metallic luster. The color of the dial is black, surrounded by and illuminated by the rose gold case, not only does it not make people have a sudden sense of deep black, the design of the design wins with simple lines, overflowing with a sense of extraordinary elegance. The elegant and elegant dial makes the exquisite rose gold hour-markers, rose gold hour and minute hands and date display window exceptional. Audemars Piguet’s classics precisely explain Capricorn, a simple but not simple personality, which makes people feel a gentle gentleman.

    Basic Information
    Number: 15170OR.OO.A002CR.01
    Brand: Audemars Piguet
    Series: Top Sports
    Style: Automatic, 39 mm, men
    Material: 18k rose gold,
    RMB: ¥ 150,000
    Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 159,000
    For more watch details, please click: style = ‘color: # 333333; line -height: 24px; # * # family: 宋体; ‘> Watch review: Capricorns are very dedicated, often busy with work, and rarely have free time. Every detail of this Tissot watch reflects business and fashion style, which is one of the best choices for this constellation watch. This Tissot watch has a three-eye timer on the white dial, 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours, and a calendar display window at three o’clock to provide the wearer with the most comprehensive time display. Locked crown with imprint and crown guard. In addition, Tissot’s brand design philosophy advocates naturalness and nature, and its simplicity, exquisiteness, and individual style return to its original form. The idea it inherits can be said to coincide with Capricorn’s pursuit.

    Basic Information
    Number: T068.427.16.011.00
    Brand: Tissot
    Series: T-Classic
    Style: Automatic, 43 mm, men
    Material: stainless steel
    RMB: ¥ 5,850
    For more watch details, please click: tissot / 7399 /

    Summary: The members of this constellation are elegant, restrained and stable, and do not like heavy makeup and bright makeup. They are calm and resolute, usually with resolute eyes. The earth sign constellation has stronger willpower and desire than the general in the subconscious. When encountering setbacks or challenges, the more courageous and courageous people will appreciate. Just like the watch above, the hard case protects the normal operation of the internal machinery, and the movement keeps moving forward. The watch itself is full of masculine and domineering style. Are you poisoned by the earth sign? (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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    Support Only Watch 2019 Tudor Launches Qicheng Biwan Ceramic One Watch

    On November 9th, this year’s OnlyWatch charity auction will be held in Geneva, and related brands have successively announced the watches participating in the auction. Some time ago, Tudor released the Qicheng Biwan Ceramics No. 1 watch specially created for OnlyWatch2019.

       The black ceramic case has a diameter of 41 mm, combined with brushed and sandblasted finishes. The steel crown and case back are matt black PVD, and the bezel is PVD-coated titanium with matte black ceramic inserts. Most of the appearance of this watch is the same as the standard Qicheng Biwan steel watch, but the whole body is completely black and highly recognizable.

       Generally speaking, watches with monochrome, especially all-black designs, have low contrast and are not pleasing; however, Qicheng Biwan Ceramic One watch combines different material types and retouching processes, which looks like an all-black appearance. In fact, it is full of dynamic changes, showing the unique Kai Cheng Biwan aesthetic concept. In addition, this watch has an excellent fluorescent effect in the dark.

       This watch was valued at 4,500-5,500 Swiss francs before the auction, but it is entirely possible to raise more money for medical research by the Monaco Muscular Atrophy Association. After all, the Qicheng Biwan No. 1 watch created by Tudor for OnlyWatch in 2015 had been valued at over a hundred times and was sold at 375,000 Swiss francs (3,500-4,500 pre-sale estimates).

    Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Ceramic One
    Model: M7921 / 001CN

    Diameter: 41 mm
    Thickness: 14.8 mm
    Case material: ceramic, titanium, steel
    Dial Color: Matt Black
    Time scale: matte black
    Fluorescence: black material, green fluorescence
    Water resistance: 200 meters
    Chain strap: black alligator leather and rubber strap with brushed PVD folding clasp

    Movement: MT5602
    Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
    Diameter: 31.8 mm
    Power reserve: 70 hours
    Winding method: automatic
    Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
    Number of gems: 25
    Oscillating weight: matte black PVD treatment
    Certified by COSC Precision Timepiece

    Estimate: CHF 4,500-5,500
    Channel: Participate in the OnlyWatch2019 auction held in Geneva on November 9, 2019
    Limited edition: unique, orphan watch

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    Piaget White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited 20

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited to 20

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited to 20
    Look at the exquisite jewellery inlay on the watch frame: 60 pieces of rectangular cut diamonds are connected-each one indicates every minute-with the delicate layout and workmanship of the jewellery inlaying artist, giving the watch a life and color. The creation of the dial is also a pioneering work, with no less than 263 diamonds, 12-hour time stamps and 5 sub-dials in the square inch space.

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited to 20
    Piaget’s 1 millionth watch can be completed in more than 60 hours with the jewelry setting process alone.However, Piaget pushed the aesthetics of the art to the limit and set 25 diamonds on the automatic dial of the movement. The watch is endowed with luxurious touch like jewellery inside and out, and can be clearly appreciated by the transparent back cover of the case back.

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited to 20
    This limited-edition watch combines the extreme finesse of two worlds-fine watchmaking and top jewelry-the 1 millionth watch produced by Earl Lai Qingzhi, showing the development trajectory of the brand and making A white gold cushion-shaped perpetual calendar watch is doomed to its ‘top’ fate. Not only will it be produced in extreme quantities, but the watch factory will also deliver it every year.

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited Edition 20

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    Can Traffic Really Carry Goods? Zhu Yilong Told You Really Can

    Can the traffic really carry the goods? The answer is certainly beyond doubt. We are in the era of traffic, and traffic can bring heat, attention, and tangible benefits. In the era of popular search and popular media, traffic stars have become hot targets of major brands. No, at the just-presented Basel International Watch Exhibition, Zhu Yilong’s appearance once again confirmed for us that traffic can really bring goods, not only can bring goods, but also enhance the commercial value of the stars themselves.

    Zhu Yilong at Chopard

     Maybe some people still don’t know who Zhu Yilong is. Indeed, his speed is fast and the popularity is really unimaginable.

    Zhu Yilong Weibo content

     Before setting off for Basel, Zhu Yilong said on his Weibo that he “wake up and let him wake up naturally”, the repost volume of this Weibo reached 1 million +. At the event site of Chopard, Zhu Yilong’s live topic appeared on Weibo. This can be said that the promotion effect for the brand has exceeded expectations.

    Live broadcast
     The reason is that the younger generation has become the main force of the star chasing family. Not only that, with the improvement of living standards, the younger groups have gradually been able to consume for the sake of star chasing. But I have to say that now the idol star ‘as much as a cow hair’ is sprouting like a bamboo shoot. It is precisely because of market demand.

    Zhu Yilong wears Chopard L.UC XPS Twist QF watch

     Zhu Yilong can be regarded as one of these traffic stars. First, the ‘Soul of the Soul’ ignited a fire, but because the ‘Soul of the Soul’ is just a web drama, speaking it is not considered a heavy work. But also after ‘Zhenhun’, Zhu Yilong was recognized by more people and had more performance opportunities. Acting in the noon sunshine production, Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying co-starred ‘Let’s know if it should be green fat red and thin’, which made him known to the wider group because of the role of ‘Little Father’. After that, we also saw him this spring evening.

    Zhu Yilong fans buy Chopard watches

     And he has become a pioneer in the flow of momentum, Weibo star power rankings, super hot words … As long as there is Zhu Yilong, it will definitely bring heat and topicality. As long as it can bring heat and topicality, it is good for brands. So originally there was no title of Zhu Yilong in Chopard. After attending the Basel event, the brand was announced as the brand ambassador of Chopard.

    Wang Yuan wears Chopard L.U.C series watch

     Chopard will seize the hot spots in the Chinese market and understand Chinese consumer psychology. In addition to Zhu Yilong, there is also a controversial ambassador Wang Yuan. Although Wang Yuan’s temperament is consistent with the Chopard brand itself, from the perspective of age and works, we speak of facts and reason. His current identity is only a student. Take Rolex and Richard Mille’s brand ambassadors, close friends, and endorsers, for example, they generally choose stars who already have a voice in the industry and can at least ‘conquer the public.’

     Looking back at Chopard itself, the brand originated in the 19th century and the history of watchmaking can be said to be very long. And in the early days, the brand was once one of the official watch suppliers of Swiss Railways. Chopard, such a brand that has history and history and craftsmanship, why is it finally convinced by Chinese traffic stars?

    After World War II in the last century, the watch industry was severely hit

     After World War II, the wind of change swept through family businesses. In 1937, the then brand manager Paul Louis made a very visionary decision to move Chopard to Geneva, Switzerland. This is the internationally renowned horology capital, bringing together almost all horological manufacturers. Moving there will, to a certain extent, bring the brand closer to its international customer base.
    This year’s star business value index Zhu Yilong has always been in the top position
     Inviting a celebrity with a topical topic, with his own traffic and popularity, people can’t help but pay attention to his every move. For brands, spending a dollar to get the most publicity and even bring the goods is the best. But failures happen from time to time, such as Wu Xiubo, Zhai Tianlin … Just like the quality of a watch, only those that can stand the test of time and scrutiny can last forever.

     Zhu Yilong at Chopard

     For celebrities, endorsements and becoming brand ambassadors can certainly bring benefits. Title blessing and further increase influence is also a good way. But in addition to considering commercial value, in the end people discussed that this person still fell on the work. The key is whether we can continue to launch quality works worthy of deliberation.

     However, I personally think that the traffic era will not pass too quickly, and whether a traffic star can fade traffic can still retain his value as a whole. Chopin’s choice of Zhu Yilong must have valued the enthusiasm he brought, no doubt. In addition, is it possible for Zhu Yilong to have the ability or works that can stand the test? The answer is up to us.

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    Raymond Weil Became The Official Watch Of The British Music Awards Again

    Swiss luxury watch maker Raymond Weil announced that he has become the official watch of the BRIT Awards, realizing the brand’s commitment to the music world.

       Many celebrities and artists attended the celebration, including Minogue, James Corden and Mathew Horne. They were awarded a super luxurious don giovanni cosi grande watch, which was specially designed by Raymond Weil for the BRIT Awards 2009 British Music Awards.
       This ingenious watch is limited to ten pieces produced in the world, with a pink gold case set with 138 brilliant diamonds. Various ideas are cleverly blended together and realized through advanced technology. This elegant watch shows the complex beauty of the mechanical structure, which is the unique style of Geneva watchmaker Raymond Weil.