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    Spider’s Connotation Beauty Declassified Richard Mille’s New Tourbillon Watch

    Natalie Portman, an American actress and Oscar film actress, has become a brand endorsement star since 2011. She will launch the first watch in collaboration with Richard Mille-RM19-01 Natalie Portman Tourbillon. Natalie Portman’s outstanding success in her career and life is obvious to all. She graduated from the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, has amazing acting talent, and has achieved great success in the theater and film industry. She is actively involved in philanthropy among her busy schedules and supports various charitable associations, including the International Social Fund (FINCA), a non-profit organization that raises small loans for developing countries, and the Save the Children Association ‘(FreetheChildren)-a charity that protects the rights of children worldwide.

      In the first collaboration with the brand, Natalie Portman took inspiration from the spider’s pattern and showed the profound meaning and infinite imagination of this watch through diamond inlay and pattern inlay. The fascination of spiders as a predator is reflected in its strong symbolic meaning in the history of civilization and in many myths and stories in all countries of the world. Spiders are often inseparable from female energy and creativity. The spider is considered the goddess of destiny. It weaves a web of reality and is a symbol of soul and freedom. For the Altai people in Central Asia and Siberia, spiders symbolize the soul liberated from the flesh, and from a mysterious point of view, spider silk is the support of spiritual development. The West Africans called the spider Anasi, the ancestor of mankind and the creator of the sun, moon, and stars.

      The RM19-01 manual-winding tourbillon movement with black rhodium-plated, 18K white gold and black sapphire base plate is the first of its kind by Richard Mille. The spider in the movement is made of 18K white gold and is inlaid with diamonds. The spider’s abdomen sets up a tourbillon bridge. Its tentacles support two winding barrels, which blend seamlessly with the movement.
      The visual beauty comes from the difficult and long manufacturing process: hand polishing around the clock, exquisite finishing, the exquisite craftsmanship of the discerning watchmaker, the extraordinary skills of the jeweler who inherited the ancient craft of generations, and Natalie herself The painstaking effort dedicated to this one-of-a-kind watch has contributed to the outstanding quality of this watch.

      A total of 20 women’s watches were issued worldwide. Natalie Portman will wear this watch to attend major events around the world, once again witnessing Richard Mille’s favor and care for women around the world.

      During the SIHH period, netizens can learn all the relevant information of Richard Mille through this link. The watch home will present a rolling update mode supplemented by pictures as the main text. Please pay attention to it. (Picture, text / watch home Li Shuai)
    Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014:

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    Imperiale Moon Phase Watch Poetic Complexity

    Moon phases have a unique position in women’s hearts. Chopard presents the moon phase function in the flagship Imperiale series. The moon phase cycle and the constellation pattern are like an invitation to a poetic journey, which fascinates people in the soft shadow of white and blue mother-of-pearl and the dazzling fire center of diamonds. This new work is equipped with the Chopard 96.25-C automatic winding movement, which continues the elegant style and is the result of the superb craftsmanship of Chopard.

     The graceful and noble Roman Empire’s legacy is subtly blended with the modern elegance of the brand’s masterpiece Imperiale series. Like its source of inspiration, this collection highlights the strong winds, not only controlling the pure technology, but also mastering the exquisite decoration craftsmanship. For the first time, the Imperiale series is equipped with moon phase complication that combines extraordinary beauty and excellent technical performance. This new watch thus ranks among the fine watchmaking.

    Ingenious watch

     The Imperiale moon phase watch is beautiful both inside and outside, equipped with the Chopard 96.25-C movement, and reminds the world that the clock always loves women. It is worth mentioning that in French, the word clock is a feminine word. Clocks and watches are the daughters of astronomy, turning human observations of the sun / moon into the basis of measuring time rhythms.

     Historically, the style of wearing a watch on the wrist was pioneered by women. Therefore, the Imperiale Moon Phase watch is dedicated to attractive women who not only respect technical performance, but also appreciate design beauty. This new work is equipped with an automatic movement with moon phase function, which can provide 65 hours of power reserve. It is one of 10 movements and 70 derivative movements designed, researched and manufactured entirely inside the watch factory. These movements have been honored with quality certifications, allowing Chopard Manufacture to have established a pivotal and widely recognized position in the fine watch industry in just 20 years.

    Empire Charm

     The series is sensual and sculptural, with many luxurious details, echoing the magnificent empire weather. The dial of this work is embellished with Roman numerals, which is sharp and clear. The shape of the lugs is like a traditional classical cylinder, and its perfectly balanced proportion is extolled to this day. The curve of the pointer resembles the outline of a sharp sword used in emperor fighting. Another ingenious design is the small seconds at 6 o’clock. The intertwined vortex pattern forms the famous Imperiale pattern and is decorated with mother-of-pearl.

    Dream sky

     The graceful dial is like an invitation to a trip to the sky. The silver lines of the constellation pattern are in sharp contrast with the blue mother-of-pearl dial, which can’t help but linger on. At 12 o’clock, the moon phase display plate is covered with white and blue mother-of-pearl, recreating the 29-and-a-half-day moon phase cycle, showing the new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, and second quarter moon in turn. Moon phase can be adjusted via crown. A ring of diamonds surrounds this sky, which holds the fate of meditation. On the white mother-of-pearl chassis, time flows around Roman numerals and diamond-set hour markers.

    Ultimate femininity
     Elegant and chic design, delicate and delicate mother-of-pearl and its iridescent luster, pastel tones extending to the blue crocodile leather strap of lavender, a bezel and earrings set with diamonds, and the right size 36 mm The case makes the Imperiale moon phase watch exude a feminine and feminine style.

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    Parmigiani: Bugatti Super Sport Sapphire Watch

    This year, Parmigiani’s dazzling Bugatti Super Sport series has added another outstanding member. The Bugatti Super Sport Sapphire watch is a gold movement, which is a sign of Parmigiani’s technical precision; the transparent sapphire glass case shows the watch’s mechanical mechanism for the first time without reservation. In front of the wearer.
    Sapphire glass case

        The case of the Bugatti Super Sport Sapphire watch is framed by a hollow gold structure and covered with sapphire glass. This makes the Super Sport series more bulky, but the transparent sapphire glass gives a clear view of the entire movement, fascinating the wearer. The crystal-clear look and extraordinary mechanical charm show the extraordinary skills of beauty and watchmaking in the same field of vision.
        Due to the large number of transparent designs, Parmigiani watchmakers encountered great challenges in assembling the case for the movement. With the magnification of sapphire glass, even the tiniest scratch flaws are clearly visible and even more noticeable. The immaculate pursuit of quality means that traditionally using support points on exposed surfaces has been impractical when traditionally housing a movement. This operation does not allow even a little friction, and the bracket must be carefully inspected before use to ensure that the movement fully exhibits a flawless aesthetic.
    Gold movement

        Nineteen movement components, including the bridge and the main splint, are made of red gold, adding luxury to the Bugatti Super Sport Sapphire.
         Making a movement in gold, especially such a complex and precise movement, is itself a technological breakthrough. Gold is a highly flexible and malleable material that adheres to tools and has unpredictable reactions when machined in the intended manner. All operating parameters also need to be re-evaluated. The machine must be recalibrated and the feed rate must be changed and continuously adjusted. This achievement of the gold movement was finally achieved, and its extraordinary quality brought the reputation of the Bugatti Super Sport watch family.
    Dial inspiration

       The dial complements the color of the gold movement beneath it. The two levels reflect a sense of continuity and harmony. The decoration also pays attention to the combination of the two, the vertical lines on the main substrate, that is, in harmony with the Geneva ripple on the background of the hour / minute bridge.
        The oval flange of the hour marker is wider at 12 o’clock than at 6 o’clock. Therefore, reading time from different perspectives is no longer a traditional plane, but can reflect the technical and structural beauty. The length of the hands has been adjusted according to the new dial openings, making the timing of the flanges more visible.
    The extraordinary technology of the Bugatti Super Sport

       After the advent of the Bugatti Type 370 and its horizontal movement layout caused a sensation, Parmigiani’s Bugatti Super Sport watch debuted in 2010 after six years.
        The Bugatti Super Sport watch is like an engine worn on the wrist and has the same design concept as the first watch in the series. Inspired by the design of Parmigiani’s lugs, the Bugatti Super Sport watch no longer uses a tubular design created by lateral mechanics, but uses an amazing drop shape. Attempting to cover a watch movement that was originally based on a flat surface with an extremely pure, ergonomic curve without any parallel lines is a challenge for the entire watchmaking department of the Parmigiani brand. The movement is designed as a series of highly complex stepped layers placed diagonally in a sapphire glass case. Because the position is tilted, the hour display, which is usually parallel to the movement, must be rotated 90 °, and the double pinion system with bevel gearing just does just that. It is the first case in the world to directly draw inspiration from the automotive field and transform it into a watch mechanism.

        Finally, the crown on the side is a major highlight of this development, because the limitations of the machinery originally required that the crown must protrude from the watch’s profile, destroying the harmonious beauty of the watch. The Les Artisans Boîtiers case factory and the Elwin bar turning factory belong to the Parmigiani watchmaking department, and the two parties have worked together to design the most complex elastic crown to date-it consists of up to 12 parts, which is similar to the watch outline The line fits perfectly without compromising the overall sense of harmony. To wind the movement, press it gently and the crown will pop out of the case. This elastic crown is also the first of its kind in the world.
        For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

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    Contemporary Interpretation Of Glashütte Classic Models

    Glashütte, a German high-end watch maker, continues to pursue the art of design, demonstrating watchmaking through purely contemporary new styles-‘Senator Calendar Series’ and ‘Senator Moon Phase Calendar Series’ The essence.

     Glashütte’s in-house design team has made several modifications to the existing model to achieve a stunning new look that is both classic and modern. The reduced bezel makes room for the lacquered silver grained dial, while the finely textured surface on the dial provides a luxurious background for dark black Roman numerals and the classic black railway inner ring. Glashütte’s breathtaking large calendar window is set against an ivory background against black, which complements the dial’s color, while the new blue-steel ‘pear-shaped’ hands render the elegance of this new design.

     The interior designer of this Saxon watchmaking factory has realized a series of more clever improvements without sacrificing utility with the new dial visual design. The current model uses a button to reset the large calendar date at 8 o’clock; the new model replaces the button with a corrector in the case. This new timepiece’s 40mm case has both polished and brushed surfaces, available in red gold and stainless steel, and is traditionally fitted with a wider Louisiana alligator leather strap. Red gold and steel models complement each other.

     This large moon phase calendar watch shows the gorgeous silver moon and starlight under the dark blue sky. This moon phase edition of the fashion senator big calendar watch showcases the same set of design improvements-including a luxurious lacquered silver grained dial with black Roman numerals, a black rail inner ring and a large ivory-stacked black calendar window, Like its companion model, it is available in red gold and stainless steel with a matte black Louisiana alligator leather strap with red gold or stainless steel folding clasp.

     This senator big calendar watch is driven by the watchmaker’s amazing 100-03 automatic winding movement, while the moon phase senator big calendar watch is driven by a 100-04 automatic winding movement, both Can store 55 hours of kinetic energy. The 100 series movement can be seen at a glance from the generous sapphire crystal inlaid on the back of the case. It uses an 18-gold screw balance, a double barrel, a gooseneck trimmer, a skeletonized automatic rotor with 21 karat precious metals, and Glashütte features an exquisite finish.

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    Panerai Launches Radiomir 1940 48mm Dual Time Zone Tourbillon Red Gold Watch

    The Radiomir 1940 Tourbillon GMT Oro Rosso 48mm dual time zone tourbillon red gold watch is limited to 30 pieces worldwide and is presented to the world’s advanced sports watch enthusiasts.

       The tourbillon speed regulating device, which was born two centuries ago, is one of the most precise and detailed functions in advanced watchmaking technology. The purpose is to reduce the effect of gravity on the speed of pocket watch balance. The escapement of the traditional tourbillon watch continuously rotates around the axis to reduce the swing speed error caused by the gravity. The Panerai P.2005 calibre places the balance wheel and escapement in a tourbillon frame. The frame rotates around the central axis perpendicular to the balance wheel, and does not rotate in the traditional parallel manner. The traditional tourbillon frame takes one minute to make one rotation, and the Panerai P.2005 movement frame takes one full revolution to take only 30 seconds. Although these two changes are simple, revolutionary innovations subvert the watchmaking process, more effectively compensate for the accuracy of the watch, and the watch rotates more evenly. Through the transparent sapphire crystal of the case back, the beauty of the tourbillon is fully visible. The hollow small dial of the dial can also see the tourbillon rotation.

       The P.2005 movement of the new Radiomir 1940 limited edition watch not only uses the tourbillon speed adjustment device, but also has a second time zone and 24-hour function. It uses a specially-designed central hand to display the time in the second time zone. The dial has am, pm (upper and afternoon) displays, and the hour hand can be adjusted by beating every hour. It does not affect the operation of the minute hand and the watch, which facilitates the calibration of international time. There are three barrels on the watch, which are manually wound. The power reserve can be up to 6 days. The power reserve display is located on the back of the case.

       The Radiomir 1940 case is 48 mm in diameter and is made of 5Npt red gold. 5Npt red gold is an alloy containing a high proportion of red copper, showing a mild and elegant red-gold color. A certain proportion of platinum is injected into the alloy to prevent metal oxidation. The lugs and case are cast from the same piece of metal and are integrally formed. The polished wide bezel is paired with a transparent sapphire crystal glass surface, and the brown dial surface is satiné soleil. Numerous functions. The dial adopts a sandwich structure. Super-LumiNova® luminous material is coated between the two overlapping sheets. Its light is transparent from the hollow-out hour markers on the top sheet.

       Radiomir 1940 Tourbillon GMT Oro Rosso 48mm dual time tourbillon red gold watch (PAM00558) is water-resistant to 5 bar (about 50 meters), with a brown alligator leather strap and red gold buckle engraved with the Panerai logo.

    Special Edition 30 pieces
    Movement Panerai P.2005 manual winding mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai, 16¼ francs, 9.1 mm thick, 31 stones, Glucydur® balance wheel, vibrates 28,800 times per hour. KIF Parechoc® anti-shock device. 6-day power reserve, three barrels. 239 parts.
    Functions hour, minute, small seconds, second time zone, 24-hour display, power reserve display on the back, tourbillon.
    Case diameter 48 mm, 18K polished red gold. The screw-down winding crown is engraved with the Panerai logo.
    Bezel 18K polished red gold.
    Case back with clear sapphire crystal.
    Dial brown with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers. 24-hour display at 3 o’clock, small seconds and tourbillon display at 9 o’clock.
    Crystal glass Sapphire crystal glass, made of corundum, 1.5 mm thick. Anti-reflective coating.
    Water-resistant to 5 bar (about 50 meters).
    Alligator leather strap with PANERAI logo engraved on the strap with adjustable 18K polished red gold buckle.

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    Panomatic Luna Watches Are Full Of Mysterious Charm

    For people, the moon is always full of charming appeal. The beauty and change of this mysterious celestial body firmly hold our eyes firmly, and intoxicated us with an almost hypnotic power. Some people even say that they can actually feel that the moon has a real impact on themselves. Looking at all cultures and times, there have been myths and legends about the moon and its magic. In the modern world, the moon continues to inspire novelists, artists, philosophers, and filmmakers such as Fritz Lang. The German director Woman in the Moon in 1929 was the first sci-fi movie in history. We can be sure of one thing: the ‘moon’ has always been the wing that carries our fantasy power and soars the horizon.
        Inspired by the moon as a female symbol, Glashütte created the PanoMatic Luna watch, an elegant mother-of-pearl dial exuding an unparalleled sheen. This watch is available in two versions, sparkling white mother-of-pearl or mysterious black eccentric faceplate. Bezel set with 64 clear diamonds, top diamond hour markers. An elegant moon phase display appears among the stars against a silver sky. The large date window and the crown are set with diamonds, making this watch a perfect period.
    The mother-of-pearl dial of the PanoMatic Luna watch exudes an unparalleled sheen
       Diameter 39.4 mm, stainless steel, Cal. 90-12 self-winding movement. The sapphire crystal back of PanoMatic Luna showcases the beauty of craftsmanship. Glashütte watch development and hand-crafted double gooseneck fine-tuning device make the movement more accurate.

    PanoMatic Luna watch crown set with 3.0 mm diamonds
        Like all the movements of the top German mechanical watch makers, this perfectly crafted movement presents traditional elements of Glashütte watchmaking, such as three-quarter splints, blue screws, and Glashütte signature decorations.
        All PanoMatic Luna models are paired with crocodile leather straps and rubber straps, which are both casual and elegant.

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    Longines Elegant Powers Pure Blood Horse Racing Event

    [October 12, 2014, Pinghu, China] The elegance of autumn is getting stronger, and the horses are galloping, attracting the attention of the 2014 Zhejiang Jiulongshan National Speed ​​Horse Jockey Invitational cum Horse Culture Festival in Zhejiang The Pinghu Jiulongshan Polo Racing Club ended successfully. Four high-level purebred horse speed races were performed passionately on the day of the race on October 12. The famous Swiss watchmaker Longines is the official timekeeper and designated watch of the event, and presents the ‘Longines Championship’. Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, joined hands with Lin Zhiling, the elegant ambassador of Longines, to attend the appointment and presented the ‘Longines Elegant Dress Award’. On this wonderful moment when elegance and sports perfectly match, Longines also grandly presents the ConquestClassic watch specially created for equestrian sports. It pays tribute to the common pursuit of precision, elegance and outstanding performance of Longines and equestrian sports.

      On October 12, the 2014 Zhejiang Jiulongshan National Speed ​​Horse Jockey Invitational cum Horse Culture Festival ended successfully at the Jiulongshan Polo Racing Club in Pinghu, Zhejiang. This event focuses on the Yangtze River Delta region with deep horse racing roots. It is located in the Jiulongshan Polo Horse Racing Club in Pinghu, Zhejiang, which has a strong culture of horse control. It aims to show the classic charm of pure blood horse racing to more horse lovers. Elegant style. Four high-level thoroughbred horse speeds including Sir Irving Glen Sprint Cup (1000m), Longines Championship (1600m), Como CECF Singapore Cup (1800m) and Hurun Report (2400m) The races were staged one after another, with a passionate interpretation of the charm of racing and elegance.

      In the Longines Championship of the day, eight domestic and foreign riders competed fiercely. In the straight sprint near the finish line, the famous domestic rider Shan Hailong rode the great horse ‘Commengy’, surpassed the horse race ‘Offense’ that always kept ahead, and won the championship in one fell swoop, and won 500,000 yuan. The prize money is included in the tournament. Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling and Longines China Marketing Director Mr. Ye Qingfeng presented awards to the champion riders and owners, and each gave them a beautiful Longines timepiece.

      Longines and equestrian sport have a long history spanning more than 100 years. This time, in cooperation with the 2014 Zhejiang Jiulongshan National Speed ​​Horse Jockey Invitational, this time, Longines has always devoted its lasting enthusiasm for flat horse racing. Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, said: ‘Longines is proud to be the official timekeeper and designated watch of the Jiulongshan National Speed ​​Jockey Invitational and Horse Culture Festival in Zhejiang Province, and presents the ‘Longines Watch Championship’. China has a long history and deep cultural roots. In recent years, it has received increasing attention and support. We are full of confidence in the future of this sport in China. ‘

      At the same time as the rider’s passionate competition, a graceful and elegant scene was also staged on the side of the racetrack. The ladies at the scene wore exquisite top hats, dressed in dazzling neon clothes, and fully interpreted the traditional dress code of horse racing. They went to this appointment with great care to perfectly combine sports and elegance. The Longines Elegant Dress Award, launched by Longines, pushes the fashion atmosphere to the top. In the end, the Hong Kong film star Ms. Xiang Hailan who came to watch the game stood out with her elegant and dignified temperament and won this deserved award. Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, and Mr. Lin Zhiling, the elegant ambassador of Longines, presented the prize to Ms. Hailan and awarded her a masterpiece of Longines timepieces.

      The elegant goddess Lin Zhiling, wearing a unique top hat, deliberately chose a Longines Compin series stainless steel rose gold diamond female watch to decorate this special moment, perfectly interpreting the graceful style of elegant ladies. Lin Zhiling said: ‘The Compaq Collection was created by Longines for the equestrian sport, which is an elegant and sporting symbiosis. For me, horse racing is a very special sport. In the process of intense racing, riders and The horse can always stay calm and elegant. This seems to remind me that in the face of the challenges in my life, I should also maintain a positive attitude that is brave, competitive and always elegant. ‘

      The relationship between Longines and equestrian sports can be traced back to 1878. At the time, the brand produced a chronograph stopwatch that was enough to be recorded in history. The back of this stopwatch was engraved with a rider and his mount. In 1926, Longines officially served as the official timekeeper of the Concours Hippique International Officiel held in Geneva, which opened the long-term relationship between Longines and equestrian sports. Today, Longines has become the only watch brand that is also an official partner of both the International Horse Racing Federation and the International Equestrian Federation, and has widely supported equestrian sports such as obstacle course, flat horse racing and endurance racing.

      Longines loves equestrianism because this fascinating sport requires extraordinary abilities such as concentration, precision and experience, and because the sport conveys a noble and unique elegance. These qualities are related to the pure and classic watchmaking traditions and classics of Longines. Elegant attitude coincides. As a partner in many of the world’s most prestigious flat horse races, Longines has dedicated itself to creating exquisite timepieces from the Compaq collection. This series also incorporates modern technology and precise quality, which illustrates Longines’ passion for equestrian sports for nearly a century.

    [Watch description]

    Longines Compat Series Stainless Steel Rose Gold Diamond Women’s Watch Watch Number: L2. Price: RMB44,000
    As a partner of many of the world’s most prestigious flat horse racing, Longines has always been committed to launching a watch that can be worn at the moment of the most exciting horse racing on the racetrack. This women’s watch is 29.5 mm in diameter, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, set with 30 diamonds (0.501 carats) on the outer ring, built-in mechanical movement L595, and the white mother-of-pearl dial is embossed with 12 diamond indexes. Minutes, seconds, date display window at 3 o’clock. Like all models in the Compaq series, this watch is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres and has a spiral back with sapphire crystal.

    Longines Compat Series Stainless Steel Rose Gold Men’s Watch Watch Number: L2.785.5.76.7 Price: RMB29,900
    As a partner of many of the world’s most prestigious flat horse racing, Longines has always been committed to launching a watch that can be worn at the moment of the most exciting horse racing on the racetrack. Steel and rose gold case and bracelet with mechanical movement L619. The silver dial is engraved with 3 Arabic numerals and 9 luminous small scales, displaying hours, minutes and seconds, and the date display window is located at 3 o’clock. Like all models in the Compaq series, this watch is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres and has a spiral back with sapphire crystal.

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    Critical Danger And Achievement Extraordinary

    On April 19, 120 years ago, the Kipton Ohio Express Mail Train Tragedy collided, bringing Lake Shore and Michigan (Lake Shore and Michigan) Southern Railway) formally appointed Mr. Ball to investigate the railway time system. Mr. Ball opened the Ball Time Service Center, employing 1,800 time inspectors, covering more than 75% of the United States railways, and extending to neighboring Canada and Mexico. The main task is to regularly check the timepieces worn by all railway employees to ensure accuracy and reliability, so that railway trains can run absolutely safely. Mr. Ball was officially appointed Chief Rail Inspector of Railways in 1891. He then developed the world-famous ‘Official Railroad Standand’ and tested the timepiece systems of 54 railway companies. Mr. Ball was once recognized as ‘a representative of the time and management of the 125,000-mile railway in the United States.’
       To this day, the word ‘on the ball’ in English is widely used to describe someone who is very punctual and efficient, as if the train would arrive on time according to the accurate time of the Bol system The same station. Whenever accurate time reporting is required, people are willing to use the railway time and Bohr watch as the ‘standard’. In summary, whenever people ask railway employees for time, they are confident that they will get an accurate answer.
    120 years of hard work
       In 1973, when the Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres or COSC officially unified the different standards of Chronometers, they adopted the ‘Official Railway Standard’ Develop the precise structure and precision that modern mechanical timepieces should possess. Mr. Ball is one of the greatest explorers and entrepreneurs in the United States. His precise requirements for timing standards and the new manufacturing technology he invented have revolutionized the global watchmaking process. In Mr. Ball’s life, his greatest achievement was to design a series of Ball watches, which not only meet the basic requirements of accurate travel time, but also can withstand a variety of impacts, dust, etc. in the extremely harsh environment of the railway industry The rigorous test.

       At this important moment, Boll Watch warmly celebrates its 120th anniversary to reflect Mr. Ball’s innovative spirit and 120 years of unremitting fine watchmaking tradition. Ball watches are equipped with 3H self-luminous miniature gas lamps, which can clearly display the time in any harsh or dark environment. In addition, its brightness is 100 times higher than that of ordinary watches using fluorescent paint, and its service life is up to 25 years. Each model of the Bohr watch correctly reflects the wholehearted investment of the Bohr brand. Equipped with high-quality timepieces for explorers, they can accurately read the time in different environments, day and night.

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    Chopard Jewellery Watch With Stars Shining In 2017 Weibo Movie Night

    On the evening of June 18th, the 2017 Weibo Movie Night was held in Shanghai. Liu Tao, Deng Chao, Feng Shaofeng, Luo Jin, and Miao Miao wore Chopard jewelry watches.

    That night, Liu Tao, Chopard’s best friend, made an elegant appearance with a black see-through long skirt. The cleverly stacked Chopard Happy Hearts bracelets and the Happy Hearts ring between his fingers added a touch of calmness to his atmosphere.

    Deng Chao dressed up and won the Weibo movie night ‘King’. Chopard L.U.C XPS 1860 commemorative edition watch reflects Deng Chao’s gentlemanly style, and the simple and elegant Ice Cube series ring adds a manly style.

    Feng Shaofeng made a handsome appearance in a classic suit that night, and the Chopard L.U.C tourbillon watch on his wrist showed extraordinary style.

    Luo Jin wore the Chopard L.U.C 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon watch, and his elegant timepiece witnessed the important moment of his ‘Most Expected Actor’ award.

    At this award ceremony, ‘Fanghua’ won the most anticipated film of the year. The new ‘Feng Girl’-Miao Miao elegantly demonstrated her red carpet debut with the company of Chopard. The dazzling white diamond jewellery paired with a gentle pink dress is feminine without losing the atmosphere.

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    Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet 2014 High Jewellery Watch

    Audemars Piguet AUDEMARS PIGUET presents extraordinary high-end jewellery models again this year, adding dazzling light to the 2014 women’s collection, while showing the watchmaker’s well-recognized skills in this strict top-level watch field .

    AUDEMARS PIGUET 2014 Fine Jewellery Watch

    Audemars Piguet builds a bridge that spans 1883 to the present, endlessly continuing the brand’s fine jewelry making tradition, creating an amazing women’s watch. Just eight years after the company was founded, Audemars and his partner Piguet set out to make women’s watches. The brand is known for producing complex-function men’s movements, but women’s watches demand very different technologies. Limited space for women’s watches makes assembly of the movement a challenge. Once these technical hurdles have been crossed, jewellers, gem setters and engravers can start refining their watches.

    AUDEMARS PIGUET 2014 High Jewellery Watch (Back)

    Essentially, the entire production process hasn’t changed much since the beginning. The creation of fine jewellery watches is still complicated and requires a team of highly skilled designers, gem inlays, engravers and watchmakers to work together. Against the backdrop of the breathtaking scenery of the Jura Valley, nature has become the protagonist of these outstanding works.