Meissen Italiameson Italy And Laurent Ferrier Form A Strategic Partnership In The Field Of Fine Watchmaking

Meissen Italia, a subsidiary of the famous Mason porcelain factory with a tradition of 300 years, and the famous Swiss watch brand Laurent Ferrier have announced that they will work together in the field of fine watches in the future.
At the upcoming BaselWorld Watch & Jewellery Expo in late April, two internationally renowned companies will jointly exhibit the first common product. As a prelude to the cooperation, two unique Galet Secret series men’s watches equipped with the famous double hairspring tourbillon will be introduced. The watch’s dial is ultra-thin Meissen porcelain and is carefully crafted by hand. Customers from all over the world can also choose their personalized dials in the future. Two well-known companies announced that they will launch the first co-produced watch series in 2014, witnessing the long-term cooperation in the future.

Laurent Ferrier’s new Meissen porcelain dial Galet Secret

Christian Kurtzke, CEO of Meissen Group, emphasizes the importance of the strategic aspect of the partnership: ‘By working with Laurent Ferrier, we ensure the competence of our top international watchmakers-a capability that is not tied to large luxury This is an important strategic choice for our Italian subsidiary in the future to expand and diversify Mason jewelry. ‘In addition, Dr. Kurtzke spoke to Laurent Ferrier, who has nearly 40 years of watchmaking experience, and himself He showed great interest in innovation ability, as he explained: ‘Both partners respect each other’s traditions and marvel at each other’s innovation.’
‘Working with a well-known brand company that has been known for 300 years has a different feeling for us.’ Laurent Ferrier CEO Olivier Müller explained, ‘We now not only excel in craftsmanship but also The dials of many enamel products are outstanding, so as to provide customers with real fine arts in the field of métiers d’art. Whoever has experienced it first, how demanding and precise the Meissen product is, these hand-drawn dials How much endless love has been poured into each detail, he will understand how well our two companies fit together and how harmonious we are. ‘