Maurice Lacroix’s New Advertising Campaign: At This Moment, Achieve Eternity

Le Méridien starts a new round of wonderful advertising campaigns, and touches the pulse of fashion life between your fingers. With the theme of ‘Your Time is Now’, this event focuses on those dynamic and pioneering men and women who look forward to investing in luxury goods to prove their personalities and show their increasing exposure. Status and successful life attitude. With the launch of a new advertising campaign, Le Méridien has always maintained its expectations of the brand’s increasing success and confidence in consumers.

   ‘Your Time Is Now’ will carry out activities worldwide, and will formulate specific market brand slogans based on local customer profiles, culture and consumer psychology, emphasizing and expressing the main demands. The event stems from the brand’s insights into consumer self-reward, success recognition, and pride. Le Méridien invites you to feel the opportunity to pamper yourself, to explore unknown areas and to enjoy a luxurious life.

   Marc Gläser, Executive Managing Director of Le Méridien, said: ‘This campaign is impeccable! This is the essence of Le Méridien. The creative ideas are novel, resonating and inspiring, and the message is extremely clear and direct. I believe it will be very Effectively conveying information to our consumers, at the same time, it helps to interpret a brand image that is extremely stylish and enjoys extraordinary joy. ‘

   This advertising campaign consists of three pictures, which promote men’s and women’s watches, respectively, and said that he and her are a wonderful combination. The first picture shows a woman who is as unique as her watch and is preparing for an important date. Her time begins here. The second picture depicts a couple, preparing to board a seaplane. At this moment they are enjoying a time of joy, excitement and intimacy. Their time is thus opened. The third eye-catching picture currently being shot, performed by a male, will be officially released in January.

   Through this advertising campaign, Le Méridien has delivered outstanding craftsmanship, extraordinary creativity and unique self-confidence that unites the brand and product style.