Longines Timepieces Shine In Winter And Bright Vitality

In the warm and colorful Christmas, Longines condensed ingenuity, and selected four fine watches from the Jialan series and Comcast sports timepieces. The watch is traditionally transformed into a splendid and elegant style on the wrist, with extraordinary performance to accompany you to record the joyous moments of Christmas, and convey sincere wishes.

 Longines Jialan series: bright diamonds light up the dreamy winter scene

 The crisp and sweet bells break the silence of winter night, and a chic Christmas carnival is about to begin. Starry diamond embellishments make all this more dazzling. Adhering to the essence of elegant and traditional design, the Longines Jialan series is specially created for those who have an extraordinary temperament and a taste for diamonds. One of the outstanding examples is the Jialan series of hundred diamond women’s watches. Slim, smooth, ultra-thin streamlined design, with 100 Top Wesselton VVS diamonds, exudes a fascinating crystal clear luster. The silk-like blue dial is inlaid with 12 diamond scales, which is like the scattered snowflakes in the vast night sky, which makes the wearer show his fresh and elegant elegance.

 If it is an elegant gentleman who advocates the beauty of simplicity, the Longines Jialan series men’s watch is really the best choice. Made of stainless steel, this low-profile timepiece complements the Christmas atmosphere wrapped in silver. Twelve diamond small scales leap above the black dial, complement each other, and outline the endless charm of mature men through the years.

 Longines Concas sports timepiece: colorful and gorgeous interpretation of Christmas chic beauty

 Have you ever missed the excitement of a childhood group sitting under the Christmas tree expecting gifts, or waking up from your sweet sleep and looking around for the surprise of Santa Claus coming? Longines specially selects two colorful Comcast sports timepieces-the Comcast diving steel stainless steel chronograph men’s watch and the Comcast stainless steel ceramic diamond women’s watch, with the classic red and white colors of Christmas. It becomes more and more gorgeous under the innovative interpretation of Longines. At the moment when the gift is opened, the warm and beautiful time of the festival is eternally fixed.

 Concas dive watches are a perfect combination of elegance and performance. This timepiece is equipped with Longines’ exclusive automatic column wheel mechanical movement L688, which has a water resistance of 300 meters. The striking red unidirectional spiral bezel not only provides the wearer with a reliable safety guarantee when exploring the underwater world With its eye-catching design and white dial, it is reminiscent of Santa’s classic costume, and it feels like a warm sun in winter, telling a warm feeling.

 Another Conkas series stainless steel ceramic diamond female watch is like a fairy and holy. The combination of dazzling diamonds and vibrant ceramics makes this timepiece stand out from its elegant appearance, but also has outstanding practical functions. The white mother-of-pearl dial, adorned with 11 top-quality diamonds, playfully echoes the white ceramic bezel on the periphery, moving the rhythm of life in winter. The pure white ceramic inlaid stainless steel bracelet seems to inadvertently step into the fantasy wonderland of snow and ice, and the carriage full of hope and wishes gallops in the snow, adding a childlike vigor to this white Christmas.