Longines Launches New Models To Show Elegant Attitude

‘If you want to show dignity, buy Omega; if you want to feel a little sports, buy Tissot; of course, if you want to change a watch every day, Swatch is cheaper; if you want to be elegant, take a look Longines! ‘Said Mr. Walter von Kanel, Longines Global CEO. With elegance as the main line, this year’s Longines is positioned by him as ‘elegant movement, elegant attitude, elegant design, elegant fashion …’
I never knew Longines was an elegant brand, but also knew its proud sports history. Not long before Basel was launched, Lin Zhiling was just upgraded from a Longines China ambassador to a global spokesperson, which has some potential implications. After Basel, the curtain opened. Sure enough, even though Longines’s new models this year are still mostly sports watches, the elegant temperament that penetrates them still makes it unique in sports watches. With a history of more than 175 years, it is like a ladylike lady, with a steady personality, moving, elegant, and moving on. Longines’ long-standing watchmaking tradition is one of its advantages in this highly competitive industry. Just as athletes’ performance on the playing field does not just focus on the difference of one thousandth of a second or less, the performance of their attitude, spirit and state is equally important. Elegant movements add unique qualities to the sport. Similarly, Longines watchmakers have persevered in this elegant temperament in Longines watches, and performed an admirable performance in a unique way. In the economic environment that is not optimistic this year, Longines still keeps the pace of advance and dedicates surprises, which is admirable. From Art Deco’s decorative arts, to column wheel chronograph movements, to second hand setting technology, Longines can always be excellent for quality, rich and elegant connotation, and is always suitable for those who like to accept new things, have confidence, have Vigorous person. The ‘elegance’ of Longines is not only a declaration, but also an attitude.
Admiral series
Advocating adventurous spirit
Grey ceramic bezel, stainless steel case, dynamic and elegant, built-in automatic movement, black dial under the sapphire crystal, and the distinctive Arabic numeral ’12’ on the dial, which stands out from the Longines sports series Design features. The big red 24-hour hands, in sharp contrast to the dial, quickly attract attention. The black ceramic strips in the middle of the bracelet echo the ceramic bezel. Here, time seems to be transformed into another form of existence, which is evidenced by the two-hour time display.
柱 Column wheel chronograph stopwatch
Tribute to timing tradition
Longines launched the 20H 20-minute chronograph stopwatch as early as 1878. This watch has a built-in column wheel design (covered by a washer) that controls the precision chronograph stopwatch function. Designed and created a new watch-column wheel chronograph stopwatch, to pay tribute to the various chronograph mechanisms that have emerged from the brand’s long and glorious history. The built-in new L688.2 movement is specially developed by ETA for Longines. It uses a column wheel design and drives a mechanical device to measure time. The classic and elegant nostalgic lines make people trace back to its immortal success in the 20th century; the silver surface with gold-plated moments and toffee hands shows the time at a glance. Wims Seconds Setting Watch
Continuation of pioneering navigation
I started very early, and Longines accompanied him during the great adventures of the flying pioneers. Captain Philip van Horn Weems has collaborated with Longines to make the watch synchronize with the wireless telecommunication second hand without adjusting the hands by turning the bezel or the central surface, and the peripheral minute scale. Today, Longines commemorates the past The warriors fighting side by side have launched a new version of this watch in rose gold that works with precision navigation instruments. The masculine shape design, with an energy reserve of 46 hours, combines elegance and functionality. The cover back is engraved with a pattern, and the exquisite and delicate movement is exposed under the protection of a sapphire crystal. The creamy silver central dial synchronizes with the wireless telecommunication second hand. The brown crocodile belt is lined with a ‘Charleston’ buckle and a spare extension strap. Elegant series
Revive elegant charm
20The 1920s and 1930s were the era of the artistic revolution, and also the era of the female revolution. Dare to innovate, relax, and avant-garde style. It is a unique art treasure inherited from the 1930s to the present. This year’s elegant series, Les Elégantes, brings to life the once-forgotten aesthetics of the 1930s, and redesigns the elegant and charming Art Deco creative art with modern elements. In the oval, rectangular and almond 18K white gold case, Under the package, the silver surface is lined with beautiful Roman numerals and blue hands, plus the minute track matching, inadvertently exudes an unforgettable tender charm.
Speed ​​Series
Interpretation of speed
The Extreme Speed ​​GrandeVitesse has always been the flagship model of Longines, not only to commemorate the sports pioneers who have refreshed the speed limit in history, but also to explain the concept of speed in concrete ways to inspire today’s athletes to challenge the speed limit. This year’s GrandeVitesse new product has attracted the attention of those who love speed sports with the function of double speed measurement. The new member added a new style-a 24-hour chronograph stopwatch. The dual speedometer on the bezel marks the kilometer / hour scale, which can measure the speed of about 2 times the speed of sound. The sun texture on the dial and the large ’12’ give this watch a sporty and elegant style.