Le Mans: Dempsey Team Sponsored By Tag Heuer Wins

Passionate 24-hour endurance race. The mysterious race of the legendary team. Patrick Dempsey’s first championship.

 From the beginning of the race, three teams sponsored by TAGHeuer are passionate about speed and performance: Aston Martin, Gulf and Dempsey-Proton.

 24 hours endurance race, fearless challenge, achieve self. The prestigious 24-hour endurance race takes place on the world’s most famous track: Le Mans.

 TAGHeuer’s brand ambassador, Patrick Demsey’s team, won LMGTEAm after 335 laps. This achievement is attributed to the strong perseverance and dedication of the three drivers: Christian Ried, Julien Ingrassia (18) and Matt Campbell. Dempsey-Proton’s 911RSR won the first championship in Le Mans.

 Regardless of whether it is physical or psychological, the race requires the driver’s full attention at every turning point and every moment. The pressure on the two legendary teams, GulfRacing and Aston Martin, can be imagined.

 Through this game, the future of the new AstonMartinVantageAMR, which debuted for the first time, will be bright. Aston Martin won eighth place in the LMGTEPro category and proved its strength in the 339 lap race.