Lange Cabaret Tourbillon Watch

Tourbillon has been a mystery over the years: the accuracy of the tourbillon is so high, why no one has invented a device so that the tourbillon watch can be stopped and restarted accurately in real time. Start, what about the calibration time? This mystery that has not been solved in the tourbillon’s more than 200 years of history was regarded by Lange movement designers as a challenge; finally, there was an answer. Instead of stopping the entire tourbillon from the mechanical inside the movement, the designer has other plans. With this simpler method, the balance wheel will gradually slow down until it finally comes to a complete standstill. If the balance wheel oscillates back and forth, it must be ‘re-driven’. This approach was not as good as it was rejected. The only feasible way to save the potential energy of the balance spring during braking is to stop the balance wheel in the frame directly and in real time. Only this method can ensure that the ‘brake stop’ of the balance wheel can start to swing in real time after it is relaxed.
However, how can I stop the balance wheel swinging in the tourbillon escapement rotation frame, especially the three supports of the frame, one of which is blocked every twenty seconds? Until recent years, the tourbillon escapement experts had this problem Still helpless. In the end, Lange’s movement engineer finally solved this problem more than 200 years after the introduction of the tourbillon. How to solve it? When the crown is pulled out, a complicated connection movement law will be activated, which causes the stop lever with two curved V-shaped spring arms to be pressed against the outer ring of the balance wheel to stop it in real time. However, this design has its shortcomings. If one of the three spring arms of the V-shaped stop lever is caught in one of the three supports, it will cause problems. To this end, the designer mounted a delicate dual-arm wire on the rotation axis of the stop lever. In other words, even if one of the spring arms is stuck on the frame support, the other can still be pressed against the balance wheel to stop it. The asymmetrical arc shape of the spring end is the best decision after repeated testing. The special geometry of the end ensures that the brake spring can achieve the best contact pressure no matter which direction the brake spring is pressed against the balance wheel. In addition, the end of the brake spring is designed to be curved to prevent the spring from being accidentally caught when the balance wheel is stopped and re-swinged. Therefore, this delicate and complex design is not only displayed on the surface of the CABARET tourbillon, but also a practical device in accordance with Lange’s tradition. With this patented invention, we can finally make accurate measurements on tourbillons with greatly improved accuracy.
CABARET tourbillon has other subtleties, not all at a glance. Lange’s newly developed L042.1 movement is equipped with a dual barrel. The winding chain can provide a power reserve of 5 days or 120 hours. The power reserve indicator at 4 o’clock is a reliable indicator to remind watchmakers when to rewind this outstanding watch. Below 12 o’clock there is a world famous Lange big date display, on the dial just to form a harmonious and balanced visual effect with the tourbillon window. The shape of the movement is shaped according to the shape of the case, and the exquisite carving is decorated, which makes the exquisite skills of Lange to the fullest. Uncut German silver 3/4 plywood, engraved beautifully, and embellished with six screwed gold sleeves. In addition, there are three sleeves embedded in the hand-carved wheel, tourbillon plywood and beautifully polished tourbillon bridge surface. The pivot point of the balance shaft is suspended between two diamond end stones. Diamond end stones and 45 artificial rubies are symbols of excellent watchmaking, and are unique features inherited from Lange’s early 1A high-quality pocket watches. The rectangular case, made of platinum or rose gold, measuring 29.5 by 39.2 mm, the first stop-second tourbillon watch, came to life with elegance and nobility.
CABARET Tourbillon Data Sheet
Movement: Lange homemade L042.1 movement, manually wound, manufactured to the highest quality specifications of Lange, most of which are assembled and decorated by hand, adjusted through five directions, 3/4 plywood is made of untreated German silver, Large Lange date display, hand-carved wheel and tourbillon splint
数量 Number of parts: 373, 84 of which are tourbillon parts
Gemstones: 47, two of which are diamond endstones
黄金 Screw fixed gold sleeve: 9
Escapement: lever escapement
Balance balance: shockproof glucydur screw balance, self-made balance spring, 21,600 vibrations per hour, gooseneck fine-tuning system with patented balance swing adjustment device
Power reserve: The upper foot chain can provide 5 days (120 hours) of power reserve
Function: Hour, minute, second display, power reserve indicator, one-minute tourbillon with patented stop-second device
Operating device: winding and manual adjustment crown, date adjustment button at 2 o’clock (embedded)
Case: 29.5 x 39.2 x 10.25 mm, made of platinum or rose gold
Movement: 22.3 x 32.6 x 6.35 mm
Mirror and case back: Sapphire crystal (hardness 9)
Dial: Solid silver, silver grey or silver
Pointer: 18K Gold
Strap: Soft alligator leather strap with Lange solid platinum or rose gold folding buckle