Jacques Lemans Jacques Showcases Its New Milano Collection

In 2012, Austrian watchmaker Jacques Lemans Jacques once again attracted wide attention with its new star collection with strong star appeal-Milano.

Milano is the new star of Jacques Lemans and the collection is being presented in a truly unique way. Eye-catching details, flawless manufacturing processes, high-end materials, dynamic-glamour-luxury, these key factors highlight Jacques Lemans’ latest success.
‘The Milano series is the main model of our Jacques Lemans Jacques sports watch series, a perfect combination of lifestyle and sporty classic elements,’ said Jacques Lemans CEO and owner Alfred Riedl. ‘With the launch of the Milano range, we can offer a wider choice of watches, chronographs, multi-function alarm chronographs or classic three-hand models. Amazing details such as the colored push-buttons and watches The harmonious colors, or elegant, ultra-thin straps, directly turn the watch into a special accessory for ladies and gentlemen. ‘
All models in this series are equipped with a solid stainless steel case, hardened Crystex Crystal, 100% watch water resistance up to 10 ATM, high-grade silicon strap with special UV protection and anti-allergy functions. The leather strap is crafted from Italian fine leather.
The Milano collection also includes glamorous watches for women and Jacques Lemans La Passion.
Original source: Jacques Lemans