Hamilton Double-sided Innovation Watch Real Shot

As the best partner of Hollywood films, Hamilton (Hamilton), has repeatedly provided the best plot creative models for topic movies. Opening the history of the watch factory, Hamilton and Hollywood films have collaborated for more than 400 films, showing the valuable creative design of Swiss watch brands. In order to connect consumers with beautiful memories of classic plots, in 2013, Hamilton extracted the superhero double-sided character from the films ‘Genius Ripley’, ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Superman Resurrection’ as design inspiration. On the eve of the Seoul Watch Exhibition, the brand first announced the world, the brand opened a new era of watchmaking technology, boldly broke through the development limit of double-sided watches, and launched Hamilton’s new and evolving jazz master series new work ‘Face2face’! Just a media conference The photo shoot has already made the participants feel the charm of the amazing new work.

 The Face2face watch, with its classic elegance and impulsive avant-garde character, has built a technological breakthrough in the juxtaposition of dual movements, showing the double-sided charming character of the movie hero. Hamilton broke the myth of the fusion of watch design styles, allowing two very different design elements to coexist, and instantly turning the two-sided movement into a moment by flipping the play. Face2face on one side shows a calm and restrained wearing vision with a simple and simple three-pin sun-patterned faceplate; on the other side, it is paired with a smoky blue crystal faceplate chronograph, which highlights the full-feeling sexy charm of speed.
 The two-sided movement in the oval case and Hamilton exclusively developed the ‘dual movement bridge’ and ‘flip device’, allowing the wearer to freely control the dual time zone display and activate the chronograph function. The limited number of 888 Face2faces in the world is also extremely detailed in the details of the strap and buckle. The strap is made of high-grade custom leather and special blue lacquer, and is processed on both sides to match the design concept of the two-sided feeling of Face2face. The newly-designed folding clasp allows Face2face to present the brand’s vision of the full performance of the king of movie watches, Hamilton.
 Hamilton was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA in 1892. The brand is based on the interpretation of the spirit of American innovation and Swiss precision craftsmanship. Hamilton, known for its innovative ideas, has alliances with more than 400 blockbusters in Hollywood. He served as a watch manufacturer for the US military in the First and Second World Wars. He is a model of high-quality national brands loved by the United States. Hamilton Watch is a member of the Swatch Group. Swatch Group has 160 manufacturing bases in Switzerland, making it the largest in the world. Watch manufacturers and distributors.
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