From Berlin, See The Stage Of The World Movie Through Glashütte Original

The hour hand turned to 2018. This is the eighth year that Berlin Film Festival and Glashütte Original have gone hand in hand. A dialogue between top watchmaking and film art is about to begin again as promised. As one of the world’s three major international film festivals and a particularly large cultural event in Germany, the Berlin Film Festival’s efforts to support young filmmakers in Germany and even the world are obvious to all. As a German fine watch brand, Glashütte Original has been “original” for 173 years. It has always insisted on betting on deep craftsmanship and originality, only in pursuit of excellence. This coincides with the historical and cultural heritage of the Berlin Film Festival.

   The film condenses every aspect of the city. The Berlin Film Festival is known as the ‘stage of world cinema’, and the best of cities around the world will bloom in this spectacular film event. As an important partner of the Berlin Film Festival, Glashütte Original will bring fans and watch fans to browse four charming cities in this place that gathers the best of the world: New York, London, Dubai, Berlin, through film and brand classics The watch models bring everyone to experience uniqueness, art, and cultural heritage.
Feel the culture and humanity of New York through Glashütte Original
   In this world movie stage, first follow Lasutti’s original vision to New York-this big apple city that fascinates the world. Whether it’s Broadway jazz in the 1920s or the standing statue of Liberty, New York is undoubtedly the dream place of many souls. Its humanity is multicultural; its art can collide with various fields, giving the whole of New York a rich layer of diversity. This fast-paced New York City is particularly clear of its advantages and disadvantages. The film ‘Genius Catcher’ (finalized at the 66th Berlin Film Festival) with New York as its urban background tells Thomas Wolf on the streets of New York and has gradually grown into a great American. Writer’s story. He exhausted his time to carve his works, and did not give up because of the passage of time, and insisted on creating success! Just like Glashütte’s original parliamentary excellent perpetual calendar watch created with perseverance in watchmaking, it is sophisticated but elegant. The perpetual calendar is considered to be one of the most complicated watch functions, and the original Glashütte parliamentary excellent perpetual calendar hides the sophisticated and original Calibre 36 movement under its minimalist surface, not only accurately setting the date, day, month, and moon phases to In 2100, even leap year conversions are counted. Tuning is extremely easy. The implication is that the original Glashütte companion men have witnessed a better self every moment with the persistence of every minute and every second.

   The same ‘Genius Catcher’ reflects the golden age of American culture, centered on New York at that time, and the heroine Irene Bernstein also has a stunt. As a drama costume designer, she is particularly rich in emotions. In the metropolitan New York in the 1920s and 1930s, she felt the change of the times and integrated it into fashion modeling. She was gentle and intellectual but still fashionable. It’s like replicating the Pavonina spirit bird watch designed by women’s watches in the 1920s. The pillow case is elegant and restrained, but the bright red eye-catching strap highlights the wearer’s extraordinary momentum, symbolizing women’s freedom and liberation. The sparkling and small diamonds are set on the special lugs, giving the watch a harmonious and luxurious beauty, which makes the female wearer more modern and shining. The dial’s natural mother-of-pearl shines with a faint colorful light from time to time, and the rich details make the high-performance Pavonina watch become a real jewelry accessory.

Feel the vintage and refinement of London through Glashütte Original
   Feeling the impact of modern culture in New York, my eyes shifted to London, England. Through the original of Glashütte, you can see the footprints of old times from London, full of exquisite classic atmosphere everywhere. The timeline of the 67th British film ‘Cocktail Reception’ shortlisted in the Berlin Film Festival took place in the 1960s. The black-and-white filming method engraved the characters deeply and fascinated … Glasuti’s original 60s calendar watch, Through the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, the classic charm of that era is re-engraved. The curved silver-white dial gives the prominent position to the large calendar display window. The 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock positions use exclusive digital fonts from the 1960s, which intersect with the hours, minutes, and seconds with soft arcs, further emphasizing the simplicity and elegance of the entire design and rich in details. Wearing a large calendar watch in the 1960s, I feel that the classic sense belongs only to that era, and the sense of value is not self-evident.

   At the same time, London is a city with a long history. It is the Roman capital established two thousand years ago. It is also the economic pillar of Europe. It has a strong religious color and an intriguing historical building. It is like an elegant woman with many stories. Wait for us to slowly discover … ’45 Years’ (finalized at the 65th Berlin Film Festival) How an elegant British woman lingers in love. Although time has left vicissitudes on her face, what can’t be hidden is Classic timeless beauty. Glashütte’s original Serenade ladies watch, adding metallic luster to the timeless pure white. Between the delicate white mother-of-pearl dials, a soft-toned rose gold hour marker is mapped; between the warm-toned rose gold bezels, brilliant diamonds are inlaid. The elegant design highlights extraordinary details, just like every elegant lady who has experienced time passes, it is irresistible.

From the Middle East through Glashütte’s originals, you can see the splendor of the persistence.

   Traveled through the Americas and Europe, then focused on the Middle East-a desert kingdom, a new city full of drunken people and a crowd of tourists, this is also the origin of the story of the Iranian film ‘Closing’ (nominated at the 62nd Berlin Film Festival), telling After an unknown writer isolated himself from the world, he finally found himself. The entire movie scene is intriguing. The writer insisted on his own path and then revealed his noble character and noble quality, which made him resolutely break the restraint of himself and stick to it. With the most sophisticated and complicated hand-winding skeleton watch in the original watchmaking process of Glashütte’s original watchmaking craftsmanship, on the engraved hollow-out movement which is exquisitely crafted, it is driven by Glashütte’s original watchmaking factory. 49-18 movement. Glashütte original adheres to and blends superb craftsmanship with unchanging watchmaking, making this fully skeletonized and magnificent hand-winding skeleton watch.
See the world from Berlin through Grati Original

   Eventually bring the vision back to the spotlight of the world’s film-this ancient and beautiful city of Berlin, on February 15-25, on this world-renowned stage, Glashütte Original and Berlin Film Festival will fully show each other A proud craft. Glashütte Original with its craftsmanship and consistent attitude of excellence, has achieved both the internal and external, highly acclaimed calibre 37 chronograph watch. The Glashütte Original also pays tribute to the film art with craftsmanship, and will make the watch factory with superb craftsmanship. The trophy created is dedicated to the winner of the Glashütte Original Documentary Award at the festival.

   Finally, the tour accompanied by Glashütte’s original watches will have another fresh start at the Berlin Film Festival. Glashütte Original will hold a special press conference during the film festival. A new limited edition watch that captures the unparalleled charm of the Berlin metropolis with a stunning urban design style and refined expression will be launched in Berlin. This will undoubtedly become the current Berlin. Another highlight of the film festival, we will wait and see.