Four Professional-level Fashion Watches That ‘do No Business’

Big fashion watches aren’t all ‘defective.’ Take a look at this list of watches recommended to you. From design to movement, they are all pretty good. Gucci1921 series watch
If you need a modern watch, this 1921 special edition series designed to commemorate GUCCI’s 90th anniversary will be the best choice. Not to mention the brown diamond-patterned leather strap that is enough to kill the film, just referring to the aesthetic square case of the 1920s is enough to make you instantly return to the modern trend. In terms of hardware, it is equipped with a Dubois-Depraz self-winding movement. At 3 and 9 o’clock, there are circular date chronograph dials and second hand counters. Like all Gucci watches, this series also assembles each component independently.
Dior Chiffre Rouge A03
If you are still concerned about the ‘professionalism’ of fashion brand watches, Dior’s progress has been enough to dispel your concerns. With the cooperation with independent watchmakers, Dior introduced the Dior Mysterious Tourbillon and Crystal Splint Tourbillon, which are technically representative of professional watch components. This Chiffre Rouge A03 has the same design sense as fine watchmaking. It also uses a combination of date display and timing. The red date display and red return-to-zero key continue the characteristics of the ‘red digits’ series, which together with the asymmetric case design express the unique personality of this watch.
Hermes Arceau Pocket Amazone
In addition to the unique expression in color, an enamel watch has almost no artistic expression, especially with the fading of enamel art masters in recent years, enamel watches have become a shining star on the auction floor. Therefore, choosing an enamel watch is not only an expression of taste but also a symbol of wealth. This Arceau Pocket Amazone enamel dial is an early painting by Herri d’ Origny, the artistic director of the Hermès brand, depicting the saddle of two female knights. The dial is made of large transparent fire enamel, and two white horses pace on the ground made of fine golden sand. The composition is simple and beautiful without charm.
Anshan Chanel J12 RMT
Unique vision requires unique design. The biggest highlight of this watch is the first handlebar perpendicular to the dial in history. Don’t worry about the minute hand being blocked. The 6 o’clock digital dial lasts from 11 minutes to 19 minutes, and then the minute hand will reverse to the 20-minute connection. Such a cunning design comes from the master Giulio Papi. With a black matte high-tech ceramic case and 18K gold bezel, this unique watch is enough to reflect your uniqueness. So, would anyone still look at the ‘Channel’ logo carved at 6 o’clock with a critical eye?