Extreme! To Light! Swatch Fun Material Fusion To Create Ultra-light Stylish Metal Fan! 2015 Swatch Metal X Light Series Makes Its Debut

When it comes to how to play with creativity on your wrist, to create dynamic and vitality, SWATCH is absolutely not to let it go! This time, with a keen sense of the future fashion trend, we have applied our creativity to the material fusion of the watch to create a metal charm full of super light fun and fashionable sports style …
2015 Swatch Metal X Light Series New Product Launch Venue Appearance

   Beijing’s shock hit in April, a mysterious big man appeared in the 751D • PARK (Beijing Fashion Design Plaza), the world’s most famous fashion watch brand SWATCH Swatch metal series latest and lightest watch-Metal X Light Series The press conference helped the platform. The scene of the event is mysterious, and the charm of science fiction is permeated. The metal X everywhere can make people wonder. Who is he?
Mr. X Qing, the first spokesperson of Swatch brand

   Swatch introduces X Light, which is fashionable and dynamic. It is the first spokesperson of the SWATCH brand, and it also represents SWATCH’s heavy strike but it is the lightest metal series: Metal X Light Series! —— In the host’s passionate opening, the mysterious spokesperson made his grand debut, with flexible, light-sliding dance moves and smooth body lines. His glamorous red carpet appearance instantly attracted countless flashes, and the guests shouted at the scene. What’s amazing is that he turned out to be a robot or a fashionable sportsman! In the enthusiasm and curiosity of the audience, Susan Chen, President of the Swatch Group China, Ms. Chen Suzhen and X Qing started a fun conversation and introduced the dynamic mechanical man and Swatch. Cooperative spark between Metal X Light Series.
Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, and Mr. X Qing jointly press the X shape on the big screen

Cool materials, fashionable integration, the future trend is all the rage
   The name of the spokesperson ‘X Light’ is inspired by SWATCH’s latest product: the metal X Light series. X light, called XLITE in English, means ultra-light, which also describes the characteristics of SWATCH’s latest metal series watches, light! This is a design that SWATCH is at the forefront of technological fashion. Through bold material mix and match, metallic luster and vibrant colors alternately interpret the dynamics and fashion of metal watches. However, the amazing lightness of the watch itself makes you In all occasions, it can be as light as X, with a distinctive style, but without losing its lightness and vitality!
Human screen interactive performance with sci-fi charm

   X not only represents super light, but also represents the trend of the future-cool materials and fashion integration! The bold fusion of metallic lustrous aluminum and brightly colored plastic finally created twelve Swatch Metal X Light Series watches with ultra-light futurism. This ultra-light and interesting fusion style is believed to be popular in the future. It has reshaped the dynamic charm of metal watches in an unprecedented way, blended in modern and fashionable sports style, and created a wrist for people with a personality like X light. Weapon, easily meet all kinds of adventures and challenges in life!
Creative watch display area

Atmospheric style, super light and fun, fashionable metal fan
   While the guests were gazing at this futuristic bi-material watch, the campaign also showed the advertising campaign and behind-the-scenes productions of this mechanical man for the Swatch Metal X Light Series. Only then realized that the layout of the conference venue was actually a shooting scene that restored the real advertising blockbuster. When referring to this exciting advertising idea and the use of robots as brand ambassadors, Susan shared, ‘The Metal X Light Series is another new member of the SWATCH metal family. In addition to the material of the watch itself, We have made bold creative ideas. In terms of advertising creativity, we always hope to show our product characteristics and brand image in a more FUN and avant-garde way. In the past, we have seen a lot of men’s charms of international big-name celebrity endorsement traditional watches. And these metal watches have gradually become a symbol of charming mature men. The Swatch Metal X Light Series has the same characteristics as those watches, full of metallic luster and attractiveness, but we have made innovations through materials. Metal wristwatches play a lighter charm and dynamic vitality. In the process of creative thinking, we would like to say, who can be more suitable to interpret this fashionable metal model than a robot that has an atmospheric style but is cool enough? Yes, that’s him! As the spokesperson for the Swatch Metal X Light series, X Light is a flexible robot and also A stylish, sporty sportsman, or a Superstar! Interestingly, in our creative shooting of advertising campaigns, we also asked X to lightly display the classic SHOW pose of a traditional star endorsement watch, and as an interesting Copy and pay tribute! ‘
Twelve Swatch Metal X Light Series watches hanging in the watch display area

   The press conference culminated in interesting interviews, and the more exciting moment was when Susan and X Qing jointly pressed the X shape displayed on the big screen on the stage, twelve vibrant colors and impactful dual materials The watch leaped in front of the eyes, and the hipsters under the stage burst into a wave of excitement! Then, a human-screen interactive performance that blended the sci-fi charm was an extremely impactful Swatch Metal X Light Series watch full of ultra-light characteristics, vibrant colors and distinctive personality. The mechanical dance steps also ignited the passion of the audience!
Live Swatch Metal X Light Series Advertising Campaign and Behind the Scenes

   At the end of the show, many insatiable guests and fans were eager to move to the X-light VIP lounge, which has already turned into a small studio and provided live styling services for fans to experience and mechanical celebrities. X Lights up the feeling of making blockbusters! The watch display area also attracted countless figures with its creative presentation-twelve Swatch Metal X light series watches are hung on the cool metal plate. The pure and simple shape and flawless line design Blending unlimited vitality and brilliance, the super high value is exciting. The same crowded interactive game area uses high-speed photography special effects to capture people’s jumping moments, dynamic and light, 360 ° C full display of your ultralight fun and full of vitality!
The guests and Mr. X Qing took a group photo

   Want atmospheric style without losing motion and vitality? Swatch plays with material fusion to create ultra light and fun stylish metal watches for you! Unprecedented fusion style, infuse unlimited energy into your wrist, let’s dance, run, ride, climb!