Cultivating The Azure And Harvesting The Future Blancpain Supports Marine Public Welfare

The ocean is the source of hope that nurtures life, and the place to inspire courage. Defending the ocean is not only a sign of awe in life, but also a measure to safeguard human well-being. As the oldest Swiss watch brand and the founder of modern diving watches, Blancpain’s name is closely linked to the ocean. When the first Fifty Fathoms watch was born in 1952, it established seven industry standards for the diving watch industry. After more than sixty years, Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms series has flourished and has always led the mechanical diving watch industry At the same time, Blancpain Blancpain has always had a blue heart, and strongly supports marine exploration and scientific research, and promotes the sustainable development of the marine industry. Strong abilities often give rise to a sense of responsibility. Blancpain believes that the vast and mysterious underwater universe is worthy of human exploration, because only by knowing more about nature can we respect and protect this part of human culture. Grasp your own destiny.

Sponsor scientific research projects
National Geographic ‘Original Ocean Expedition Plan’
 In recent years Blancpain has joined National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Expeditions. This plan combines surveying, research, and protection, and aims to explore, research, and help protect the last few remaining unspoiled seas. By carefully studying the mode of operation of marine ecosystems that are not disturbed by humans, humans can understand how to assist in the reproduction of unpolluted coral reefs, how to restore endangered coral reefs to their original appearance, and how to effectively protect two-thirds of the earth Vast ocean.
 Under a three-year framework agreement, Blancpain supports the original marine exploration activities in three sea areas. Up to now, the scientific research missions that have been successfully completed are: Pitcairn Islands Expedition and Saray Gomez Island Expedition.

Blancpain supports National Geographic’s original marine expedition

Coelacanth Expedition Research Project
 In 2013, the world-renowned French diver and marine biologist Laurent Ballesta wore the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watch and led the team to South Africa’s coastal waters for a 40-day period. Deep sea diving expedition. The purpose of this trip is to examine the legendary marine benthic creature-Coelacanth.
 Coelacanth, known locally as Gombessa, is a giant marine creature of peaceful temperament. It has been thought that this prehistoric fish had become extinct as early as 65 million years ago. Based on this ancient organism, one can outline the evolution of fish to the first terrestrial limb vertebrates, which is the best evidence that aquatic animals came out of the water for the first time 370 million years ago. This expedition brought together an international scientific research team composed of geneticists, paleontologists and biologists. They took this opportunity to conduct the first investigation and research on coelacanth fish in the natural environment.

Blancpain supports Lauren Ballesta and coelacanth expedition research project

 To approach this legendary living specimen, Lauren Ballesta and her diving team must insist on daily deep dives to the Jesser Canyon cave, which is 120 meters below the surface. There, every minute of tremendous pressure takes hours to decompress. The timepiece worn by Lauren Ballesta, the Blancpain Blancpain X 噚 watch, is the pinnacle of the Fifty Fathoms series, and has become a witness to the success of this mission.

Recognize industry pioneers
 Professor Hans Hass, a pioneer of Austrian marine exploration, has long been committed to the exploration of the underwater world and is known worldwide for his outstanding achievements in science and art. To commemorate the Hans Hass Award, named after the oceanographer by his name, has now passed ten years, and his pioneering contributions have been used as the criterion for selecting winners. Previous winners include the American Deep Sea Explorer, well-known film director James Cameron (2004), five Emmy winners, American marine photographer Stanton Waterman (2006), marine scientist, US National Ocean and Atmosphere Authority Chief Scientist Sylvia Earle (2010) and others.

Blancpain awarded French marine biologist Lauren Ballesta the 2013 ‘Blancpain Blancpain Hans Haas 50th Prize’

 Continuing the brand’s long-standing heritage of supporting marine protection, in 2013, on the 60th anniversary of Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms series, the brand brought the glory of this deep sea king series into this international award, and the British Historical Diving Association The Hans Has Awards jury co-produced the Blancpain Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award, recognizing pioneers in the industry, launching a call to the world to jointly explore and defend the ocean.

Winner of the Blancpain 2013 Fifty Fifth Grand Prize-Laurent Ballesta
 On the 94th anniversary of Professor Haas’s birthday in 2013, Blancpain and the prize jury jointly presented the prize to French marine biologist Lauren Ballesta. As a pioneer in deep-sea diving, Mr. Ballesta surpassed the limit in the Coelacanth Expedition Research Project sponsored by Blancpain, and explored an underwater world beyond the reach of ordinary people, and inspected it for a long time. As a biologist, he hopes to make close contact with the greatest creatures of the twentieth century, such as coelacanth, in order to solve the mystery; and as a deep-sea photographer, he also longs for Share your discoveries with everyone and show the world this seemingly dark but magnificent deep sea kingdom. The perfect combination of strong physique, artistic perception and scientific true knowledge has produced amazing results. In January 2014, Blancpain held a unique exhibition in the Cité du Temps in Geneva, during which viewers can enjoy stunning video clips, beautiful photographic works and unique Diving equipment, as if diving into the deep sea, to complete a sting with coelacanth.

Blancpain held the exhibition of ‘Salmonfish’ in 2014, presenting the results of the project

2014 Winner of Blancpain Blancpain Hans Haas Fifty Fathoms – Manning Dragon
 In order to promote the development of China’s deep-sea carrier technology, provide important high-tech equipment for China’s oceanic international seabed resources investigation and scientific research, and develop common technologies for China’s deep-sea exploration and subsea operations, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China listed the development of deep-sea manned submersible vehicles as A major project of the National High-Tech Research and Development Plan (863 Plan), initiated the self-design, independent integrated research and development of the ‘Jiaolong’ manned submersible.
 In 2014, under the leadership of the State Oceanic Administration of China, the proud achievements of the ‘Longlong’ manned submersible made the whole world amazed. This is not only an important contribution to the undersea scientific research of all human beings, but also a demonstration of the Chinese dream Bright song of the sea. The ‘Jiaolong’ manned submersible not only has the maximum diving depth of the same type of submersibles in the world (7062 meters), but also is safe and reliable at its maximum design depth, and has the actual operational capabilities required for its application. In acoustic communication, It has obvious leading advantages in performance such as automatic control and high-depth operation. The successful development and sea trial of the ‘Jiaolong’ manned submersible vehicle indicates that China has systematically mastered the design, construction, and test technology of large-depth manned submersible vehicles, and has achieved a transition from tracking and imitation to autonomous integration and independent innovation, and has entered the The world’s manned deep dive ranks among the advanced countries.
 Therefore, the 2014 Blancpain Blancpain Fifty Fathom Award, an important international award, was awarded to the ‘Liaolong’ manned submersible in the name of its pioneer in deep-sea scientific research. At the awarding ceremony, Blancpain’s legendary Fifty Fathoms “Deep Submersible” Bathyscaphe diving watch and wall clock were donated by the brand to submarines and “Longlong” to become professional standard equipment. Since then, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms will provide accurate timing for each deep sea exploration of the ‘Dragon Dragon’.

Blancpain awarded the ‘Blancpain’ to the 2014 ‘Blancpain Blancpain Hans Haas 50th Prize’

Driving global dialogue
 The ocean is essential to life: it provides oxygen for every second of our breath, and two-thirds of the natural resource services on this planet come from the ocean. It regulates our climate, provides food to billions of people, and supports many industries such as fishing and aquaculture, shipping, oil and gas extraction, and marine and coastal tourism. Unsustainable practices have made the ocean one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet. In 2012 and 2014, Blancpain spared no effort to support the ‘World Ocean Summit’ sponsored by The Economist, aiming to increase people’s attention and attention to ocean exploration, and promote international cooperation In order to deepen the understanding of the natural resources of the oceans and coastal areas, and apply this knowledge to improve management, sustainable development, marine environmental protection and decision-making processes.

At the World Ocean Summit 2014, Prince Albert II of Monaco (left), Alain Delamuraz, Global Vice President and Marketing Director of Blancpain (right)

Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s Global Vice President and Marketing Director at the World Ocean Summit 2014

 At the 2014 summit, Blancain Blancpain’s global vice president and marketing director Alain Delamuraz shared the pioneering status and long history of Blancpain in the field of modern professional diving watch manufacturing. Alain Delamuraz said in a speech: For a long time, Blancpain has been cooperating with the National Geographic Society, marine science experts, and underwater photographers. Worried, but we also want to congratulate all of you for your tireless efforts and great achievements in improving the marine environment, ‘he said,’ optimism makes us passionate! ‘
 Adhering to the brand spirit of continuous improvement and courage to make breakthroughs, Blancpain’s marine dream is still full. Starting from 2014, Blancpain will also take diving as the base point, and in the future will cooperate sincerely with domestic authoritative organizations such as the National Diving Association to spread marine consciousness and marine culture in the mainland of China. Strive hard.
 For more than sixty years of ocean love, Blancpain has left an immortal legend in the deep sea kingdom. In this piece of blue, the endless hope is born, and the original love and courage of human beings are buried. ‘The founder of classic timepieces’ does not stop at the creation of classic timepieces, and always cherish the pursuit of excellence beyond watchmaking, and sincerely and deeply defend this vast blue world. Today’s hard work and harvest tomorrow’s bright future, Blancpain Blancpain will keep the original blue heart, and work tirelessly for the bright future of mankind.