Critical Danger And Achievement Extraordinary

On April 19, 120 years ago, the Kipton Ohio Express Mail Train Tragedy collided, bringing Lake Shore and Michigan (Lake Shore and Michigan) Southern Railway) formally appointed Mr. Ball to investigate the railway time system. Mr. Ball opened the Ball Time Service Center, employing 1,800 time inspectors, covering more than 75% of the United States railways, and extending to neighboring Canada and Mexico. The main task is to regularly check the timepieces worn by all railway employees to ensure accuracy and reliability, so that railway trains can run absolutely safely. Mr. Ball was officially appointed Chief Rail Inspector of Railways in 1891. He then developed the world-famous ‘Official Railroad Standand’ and tested the timepiece systems of 54 railway companies. Mr. Ball was once recognized as ‘a representative of the time and management of the 125,000-mile railway in the United States.’
   To this day, the word ‘on the ball’ in English is widely used to describe someone who is very punctual and efficient, as if the train would arrive on time according to the accurate time of the Bol system The same station. Whenever accurate time reporting is required, people are willing to use the railway time and Bohr watch as the ‘standard’. In summary, whenever people ask railway employees for time, they are confident that they will get an accurate answer.
120 years of hard work
   In 1973, when the Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres or COSC officially unified the different standards of Chronometers, they adopted the ‘Official Railway Standard’ Develop the precise structure and precision that modern mechanical timepieces should possess. Mr. Ball is one of the greatest explorers and entrepreneurs in the United States. His precise requirements for timing standards and the new manufacturing technology he invented have revolutionized the global watchmaking process. In Mr. Ball’s life, his greatest achievement was to design a series of Ball watches, which not only meet the basic requirements of accurate travel time, but also can withstand a variety of impacts, dust, etc. in the extremely harsh environment of the railway industry The rigorous test.

   At this important moment, Boll Watch warmly celebrates its 120th anniversary to reflect Mr. Ball’s innovative spirit and 120 years of unremitting fine watchmaking tradition. Ball watches are equipped with 3H self-luminous miniature gas lamps, which can clearly display the time in any harsh or dark environment. In addition, its brightness is 100 times higher than that of ordinary watches using fluorescent paint, and its service life is up to 25 years. Each model of the Bohr watch correctly reflects the wholehearted investment of the Bohr brand. Equipped with high-quality timepieces for explorers, they can accurately read the time in different environments, day and night.