Classic Reproduction Chanel Boy · Friend Tweedy Strap Tweed Watch

[House of Watches 2019 Basel Show Speaking of Chanel, everyone must be able to think of its representative element-soft twill. This fabric was originally from Scotland and was the fabric of men’s clothing at the time. In the 1920s, Ms. Chanel first pioneered the use of tweed fabrics for women’s clothing design, and was then continuously innovated and carried forward in Karl Lagerfeld’s designs. The BOY ∙ FRIEND TWEEDY STRAP watch launched by Chanel this year uses this classic fabric for watch straps, repeating the classic.

   The bezel and case of this BOY · FRIEND TWEEDY STRAP tweed strap watch is made of BEIGE (beige) 18K gold, and the ivory dial is decorated with a guilloché pattern. The simple dial and date dial are fresh and elegant. Generous, very suitable for elegant and mature working women.

   The octagonal dial design is reminiscent of the iconic PREMIÈRE watch, and it also pays tribute to the classic and legendary Chanel N ° 5 perfume and Paris Fontaine Square. The simple and exquisite design, strong lines and iconic outlines of this watch perfectly reflect the iconic design vocabulary of Chanel watchmaking. The design blends modern and classic, with each corner polished or satin-finished.

   The use of BEIGE (beige) 18K gold makes this watch more elegant and legendary. Convex onyx is set on the crown to complement the strap of the watch. The overall tone of this watch is dark, which is very suitable for women to wear when attending formal occasions, reflecting your low-key elegance on your wrist.

  This BOY · FRIEND TWEEDY STRAP tweed strap watch uses a high-precision quartz movement that is water-resistant to 30 meters and meets the daily needs of women. The quartz movement is also worry-free for women who are afraid of trouble. less. The watch not only has a very simple dial, but also has no extra decoration on the case back, showing Chanel’s attitude of going to the minimum.

   The most important thing is that the strap of this watch is made of black and gold tweed and leather piping to ensure wearing comfort and durability. The BEIGE (beige) 18K pin buckle also makes it wearable It’s very convenient. With a tweed strap and Chanel’s ready-to-wear, you are the most beautiful and elegant girl on the street!
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