Blancpain: Innovation Is Tradition’ – Blancpain Exclusive Exhibition In Singapore

At the time of the Chinese New Year, Blancpain organized a special introduction to its brand DNA, ‘Innovation is Tradition’, at MarinaBaySands, one of Singapore’s iconic buildings, and a famous shopping destination. ‘A temporary exhibition with a series of treasures. During the exhibition, the brand brought the public into the fascinating world of Blancpain through display windows and a display at the main bridge at the entrance of the mall lobby.

   The opening ceremony of the exhibition kicked off at a cocktail dinner, and guests also took the opportunity to explore Blancpain’s famous Chinese calendar watch. This classic watch is the crystallization of the brand’s five-year research and development. Its unique feature is the combination of the ancient Chinese lunar calendar based on the moon’s operating cycle and the Gregorian calendar based on the solar operating cycle. Blancpain’s dual-track lunar calendar Combined with the Gregorian calendar of single-track legislation, it has overcome many challenges to the watchmaking technique caused by the irregular yin and yang periods of the Chinese calendar. ), Clearly and accurately presented on the square dial. Once this landmark model came out, it became a watch collection of fans from all over the world. This year Blancpain launches a new limited edition of the Year of the Pig platinum watch with this complication, limited to 36 watches, numbered 1-50, skipped every 4th. This model is also available in red and gold.

   The Blancpain: Innovation is Tradition is open to the public until Sunday, February 17, 2019.