300 Meters Of Omega Seahorse, A Watch Suitable For Chinese People

Since the launch of Omega’s new hippocampus 300 meters, I have worked on three versions, namely steel shell tape, steel shell steel chain, and gold tape. Of the entire series, only the titanium tantalum version has not been experienced. After playing with these new seahorses 300 meters, I deeply feel that the seahorse 300 meters is a very suitable watch for Chinese people.

Omega new seahorse 300m diving watch
 Over the years, players have witnessed that Omega’s strength has been greatly improved, and I have a new impression of Omega (compared to the early 2500 era). Now, whenever a friend asks what watch to buy, I generally recommend Omega first. The reason is that, from the perspective of mass consumers, Omega is a watch that fits the needs of the domestic market. The 300 meters of the new Omega hippocampus is one of them. Omega’s new 300-meter hippocampus has the following advantages.

Omega’s new 300mm steel shell blue plate (top) and golden model (bottom).
1.High brand awareness
 Omega is definitely one of the most well-known watches in China. Because Omega entered the country very early, many older people know Omega. Today, we can say that everyone is young and old. Although there are many famous watches entering the country, many of them are consumed and distributed among players. Even the mainstream brand watch in the market, for the average consumer, many are unfamiliar. Omega has a huge influence both in the world and in the domestic market.

Omega’s new 300mm steel shell steel chain version of the hippocampus.
2.High face value
 As the main model of Omega, the Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch has a high value. The size of the new hippocampus is 300mm and 42mm. Because the lugs of the new hippocampus are relatively slender and use a round bezel, although the 42mm mark, the hand size is actually moderate. What makes me feel very interesting is that the small gold shield of Tudor is marked with a size of 41 millimeters, but in fact, it feels larger than the new Omega Seahorse 42 millimeters with a diameter of 42 millimeters. It can be seen that the design of the case and lugs has a great impact on the hands-on effect Big. Omega’s new 300-meter hippocampus currently includes black, white, blue, and gray dials with a variety of surface bezel colors, and there are many choices.

Omega’s new 300-meter hippocampus uses a ceramic bezel and a ceramic dial.
 From the player’s perspective, the Omega Seahorse 300m is a series launched in 1993. After continuous updating, it has developed to this day. The new 300-meter hippocampus has a continuum of historical continuity and development, and there is no break in the middle. It is a continuous and stable classic design. From the perspective of mass consumers, the appearance of the new 300-meter hippocampus is in line with public aesthetics.

The Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch has been in existence since 1993.
3.Excellent technical configuration
 Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter diving watch has the most outstanding technical configuration of watches of the same level and price, which is the biggest highlight of this watch. Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter diving watch uses a ceramic bezel and a ceramic dial. The ceramic bezel has digital scales filled with enamel, and the ceramic dial has a wavy laser-engraved pattern. In addition to scratch resistance and fading, the ceramic bezel and enamel scales are as good as new year. Another great advantage of the ceramic ring ceramic plate is that it is very bright. The large area of ​​polished ceramic material enhances the texture of the watch. As a professional diving watch, the new hippocampus is 300 meters water resistant and 300 meters with a helium exhaust valve.

Omega new seahorse 300m diving watch
 The new 300-meter hippocampus uses the main Omega 8800 movement. The 8800 movement is the latest generation of the Omega Observatory movement. It uses a coaxial escapement, 55 hours of power, a calendar quick adjustment, 15000 Gauss antimagnetic capability, an error of 0 to +5 seconds per day, and a certain decorative polishing (Arabic Geneva stripe decoration). All the 8800/8900 OMEGA movements I have bought are very accurate and leave me very satisfied.

Omega’s new seahorse 300 meters uses Omega’s main force 8800 Zhizhen Observatory movement.
 Omega’s new 300-meter hippocampus has two types of tape and steel chain. The tape is a pin buckle and the steel chain is an adjustable folding buckle. The difference between the tape model and the steel chain model is 900 yuan. After wearing both straps, I recommend steel chains.

Omega’s new hippocampus 300-meter steel chain uses folding buckles to adjust the length.
4. Reasonable price
 Omega’s new hippocampus is 300 meters, the steel shell tape is priced at 35,600, and the steel shell steel chain is priced at 36,500.
 30,000 yuan is the entry-level price of many famous watches, such as IWC, Panerai, Cartier, Zenith, etc. are starting prices of more than 30,000. In this price range, brands generally offer watches with relatively low configuration. Some are general-purpose movements, some are manual watches, and some are relatively simple formal watches. Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter configuration from the inside to the outside is very high, but still maintains a public price of more than 30,000, it can be said that the public price of the 30,000 range, one of the highest configuration watches. This price is very conscience in the industry (discounts, exchange rates, secondary markets, etc., depending on personal circumstances).

Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter gray tray model, the gray tray is also very beautiful.
5.Easy to buy and after sale
 We know that many famous watch brands only open specialty stores in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. For consumers in some provinces and cities, many famous watches are not easy to buy. The more convenient point of Omega is that there are a lot of specialty stores and counters opened in China (direct stores or dealers). Among the mainstream watch brands, it is one of the most convenient brands to buy. According to Omega’s official website, Omega flagship stores (direct stores) or special counters are available in most provinces, municipalities, capital cities and major cities in China.

Omega’s new seahorse 300m white plate model.
 At the same time, many watches only have official after-sales services in Beijing and Shanghai. Watches can only be taken to Beijing or Shanghai for official warranty and repair. Omega’s official after-sales service is very widely distributed in the country. Omega’s flagship stores have after-sales maintenance services, which is very convenient. In addition, all Omega watches now have an official warranty of 5 years.

Omega’s new hippocampus 300m titanium tantalum limited edition.
 Now it’s very convenient to buy goods and travel abroad. It’s not difficult to buy some niche watches, but for the mass consumers, I do n’t recommend buying the niche watches in China because it’s very inconvenient to have official after-sales maintenance , Especially in Beijing and Shanghai. The mainstream watch brands in the domestic market are the best choice for the mass consumers (please choose for old players and senior players).
PS. Last is the full set.