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    Piaget White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited 20

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited to 20

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited to 20
    Look at the exquisite jewellery inlay on the watch frame: 60 pieces of rectangular cut diamonds are connected-each one indicates every minute-with the delicate layout and workmanship of the jewellery inlaying artist, giving the watch a life and color. The creation of the dial is also a pioneering work, with no less than 263 diamonds, 12-hour time stamps and 5 sub-dials in the square inch space.

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited to 20
    Piaget’s 1 millionth watch can be completed in more than 60 hours with the jewelry setting process alone.However, Piaget pushed the aesthetics of the art to the limit and set 25 diamonds on the automatic dial of the movement. The watch is endowed with luxurious touch like jewellery inside and out, and can be clearly appreciated by the transparent back cover of the case back.

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited to 20
    This limited-edition watch combines the extreme finesse of two worlds-fine watchmaking and top jewelry-the 1 millionth watch produced by Earl Lai Qingzhi, showing the development trajectory of the brand and making A white gold cushion-shaped perpetual calendar watch is doomed to its ‘top’ fate. Not only will it be produced in extreme quantities, but the watch factory will also deliver it every year.

    Piaget Classic White Gold Diamond Cushion Watch Limited Edition 20

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    Can Traffic Really Carry Goods? Zhu Yilong Told You Really Can

    Can the traffic really carry the goods? The answer is certainly beyond doubt. We are in the era of traffic, and traffic can bring heat, attention, and tangible benefits. In the era of popular search and popular media, traffic stars have become hot targets of major brands. No, at the just-presented Basel International Watch Exhibition, Zhu Yilong’s appearance once again confirmed for us that traffic can really bring goods, not only can bring goods, but also enhance the commercial value of the stars themselves.

    Zhu Yilong at Chopard

     Maybe some people still don’t know who Zhu Yilong is. Indeed, his speed is fast and the popularity is really unimaginable.

    Zhu Yilong Weibo content

     Before setting off for Basel, Zhu Yilong said on his Weibo that he “wake up and let him wake up naturally”, the repost volume of this Weibo reached 1 million +. At the event site of Chopard, Zhu Yilong’s live topic appeared on Weibo. This can be said that the promotion effect for the brand has exceeded expectations.

    Live broadcast
     The reason is that the younger generation has become the main force of the star chasing family. Not only that, with the improvement of living standards, the younger groups have gradually been able to consume for the sake of star chasing. But I have to say that now the idol star ‘as much as a cow hair’ is sprouting like a bamboo shoot. It is precisely because of market demand.

    Zhu Yilong wears Chopard L.UC XPS Twist QF watch

     Zhu Yilong can be regarded as one of these traffic stars. First, the ‘Soul of the Soul’ ignited a fire, but because the ‘Soul of the Soul’ is just a web drama, speaking it is not considered a heavy work. But also after ‘Zhenhun’, Zhu Yilong was recognized by more people and had more performance opportunities. Acting in the noon sunshine production, Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying co-starred ‘Let’s know if it should be green fat red and thin’, which made him known to the wider group because of the role of ‘Little Father’. After that, we also saw him this spring evening.

    Zhu Yilong fans buy Chopard watches

     And he has become a pioneer in the flow of momentum, Weibo star power rankings, super hot words … As long as there is Zhu Yilong, it will definitely bring heat and topicality. As long as it can bring heat and topicality, it is good for brands. So originally there was no title of Zhu Yilong in Chopard. After attending the Basel event, the brand was announced as the brand ambassador of Chopard.

    Wang Yuan wears Chopard L.U.C series watch

     Chopard will seize the hot spots in the Chinese market and understand Chinese consumer psychology. In addition to Zhu Yilong, there is also a controversial ambassador Wang Yuan. Although Wang Yuan’s temperament is consistent with the Chopard brand itself, from the perspective of age and works, we speak of facts and reason. His current identity is only a student. Take Rolex and Richard Mille’s brand ambassadors, close friends, and endorsers, for example, they generally choose stars who already have a voice in the industry and can at least ‘conquer the public.’

     Looking back at Chopard itself, the brand originated in the 19th century and the history of watchmaking can be said to be very long. And in the early days, the brand was once one of the official watch suppliers of Swiss Railways. Chopard, such a brand that has history and history and craftsmanship, why is it finally convinced by Chinese traffic stars?

    After World War II in the last century, the watch industry was severely hit

     After World War II, the wind of change swept through family businesses. In 1937, the then brand manager Paul Louis made a very visionary decision to move Chopard to Geneva, Switzerland. This is the internationally renowned horology capital, bringing together almost all horological manufacturers. Moving there will, to a certain extent, bring the brand closer to its international customer base.
    This year’s star business value index Zhu Yilong has always been in the top position
     Inviting a celebrity with a topical topic, with his own traffic and popularity, people can’t help but pay attention to his every move. For brands, spending a dollar to get the most publicity and even bring the goods is the best. But failures happen from time to time, such as Wu Xiubo, Zhai Tianlin … Just like the quality of a watch, only those that can stand the test of time and scrutiny can last forever.

     Zhu Yilong at Chopard

     For celebrities, endorsements and becoming brand ambassadors can certainly bring benefits. Title blessing and further increase influence is also a good way. But in addition to considering commercial value, in the end people discussed that this person still fell on the work. The key is whether we can continue to launch quality works worthy of deliberation.

     However, I personally think that the traffic era will not pass too quickly, and whether a traffic star can fade traffic can still retain his value as a whole. Chopin’s choice of Zhu Yilong must have valued the enthusiasm he brought, no doubt. In addition, is it possible for Zhu Yilong to have the ability or works that can stand the test? The answer is up to us.

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    Raymond Weil Became The Official Watch Of The British Music Awards Again

    Swiss luxury watch maker Raymond Weil announced that he has become the official watch of the BRIT Awards, realizing the brand’s commitment to the music world.

       Many celebrities and artists attended the celebration, including Minogue, James Corden and Mathew Horne. They were awarded a super luxurious don giovanni cosi grande watch, which was specially designed by Raymond Weil for the BRIT Awards 2009 British Music Awards.
       This ingenious watch is limited to ten pieces produced in the world, with a pink gold case set with 138 brilliant diamonds. Various ideas are cleverly blended together and realized through advanced technology. This elegant watch shows the complex beauty of the mechanical structure, which is the unique style of Geneva watchmaker Raymond Weil.

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    Spider’s Connotation Beauty Declassified Richard Mille’s New Tourbillon Watch

    Natalie Portman, an American actress and Oscar film actress, has become a brand endorsement star since 2011. She will launch the first watch in collaboration with Richard Mille-RM19-01 Natalie Portman Tourbillon. Natalie Portman’s outstanding success in her career and life is obvious to all. She graduated from the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, has amazing acting talent, and has achieved great success in the theater and film industry. She is actively involved in philanthropy among her busy schedules and supports various charitable associations, including the International Social Fund (FINCA), a non-profit organization that raises small loans for developing countries, and the Save the Children Association ‘(FreetheChildren)-a charity that protects the rights of children worldwide.

      In the first collaboration with the brand, Natalie Portman took inspiration from the spider’s pattern and showed the profound meaning and infinite imagination of this watch through diamond inlay and pattern inlay. The fascination of spiders as a predator is reflected in its strong symbolic meaning in the history of civilization and in many myths and stories in all countries of the world. Spiders are often inseparable from female energy and creativity. The spider is considered the goddess of destiny. It weaves a web of reality and is a symbol of soul and freedom. For the Altai people in Central Asia and Siberia, spiders symbolize the soul liberated from the flesh, and from a mysterious point of view, spider silk is the support of spiritual development. The West Africans called the spider Anasi, the ancestor of mankind and the creator of the sun, moon, and stars.

      The RM19-01 manual-winding tourbillon movement with black rhodium-plated, 18K white gold and black sapphire base plate is the first of its kind by Richard Mille. The spider in the movement is made of 18K white gold and is inlaid with diamonds. The spider’s abdomen sets up a tourbillon bridge. Its tentacles support two winding barrels, which blend seamlessly with the movement.
      The visual beauty comes from the difficult and long manufacturing process: hand polishing around the clock, exquisite finishing, the exquisite craftsmanship of the discerning watchmaker, the extraordinary skills of the jeweler who inherited the ancient craft of generations, and Natalie herself The painstaking effort dedicated to this one-of-a-kind watch has contributed to the outstanding quality of this watch.

      A total of 20 women’s watches were issued worldwide. Natalie Portman will wear this watch to attend major events around the world, once again witnessing Richard Mille’s favor and care for women around the world.

      During the SIHH period, netizens can learn all the relevant information of Richard Mille through this link. The watch home will present a rolling update mode supplemented by pictures as the main text. Please pay attention to it. (Picture, text / watch home Li Shuai)
    Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014: