Critical Danger And Achievement Extraordinary

On April 19, 120 years ago, the Kipton Ohio Express Mail Train Tragedy collided, bringing Lake Shore and Michigan (Lake Shore and Michigan) Southern Railway) formally appointed Mr. Ball to investigate the railway time system. Mr. Ball opened the Ball Time Service Center, employing 1,800 time inspectors, covering more than 75% of the United States railways, and extending to neighboring Canada and Mexico. The main task is to regularly check the timepieces worn by all railway employees to ensure accuracy and reliability, so that railway trains can run absolutely safely. Mr. Ball was officially appointed Chief Rail Inspector of Railways in 1891. He then developed the world-famous ‘Official Railroad Standand’ and tested the timepiece systems of 54 railway companies. Mr. Ball was once recognized as ‘a representative of the time and management of the 125,000-mile railway in the United States.’
   To this day, the word ‘on the ball’ in English is widely used to describe someone who is very punctual and efficient, as if the train would arrive on time according to the accurate time of the Bol system The same station. Whenever accurate time reporting is required, people are willing to use the railway time and Bohr watch as the ‘standard’. In summary, whenever people ask railway employees for time, they are confident that they will get an accurate answer.
120 years of hard work
   In 1973, when the Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres or COSC officially unified the different standards of Chronometers, they adopted the ‘Official Railway Standard’ Develop the precise structure and precision that modern mechanical timepieces should possess. Mr. Ball is one of the greatest explorers and entrepreneurs in the United States. His precise requirements for timing standards and the new manufacturing technology he invented have revolutionized the global watchmaking process. In Mr. Ball’s life, his greatest achievement was to design a series of Ball watches, which not only meet the basic requirements of accurate travel time, but also can withstand a variety of impacts, dust, etc. in the extremely harsh environment of the railway industry The rigorous test.

   At this important moment, Boll Watch warmly celebrates its 120th anniversary to reflect Mr. Ball’s innovative spirit and 120 years of unremitting fine watchmaking tradition. Ball watches are equipped with 3H self-luminous miniature gas lamps, which can clearly display the time in any harsh or dark environment. In addition, its brightness is 100 times higher than that of ordinary watches using fluorescent paint, and its service life is up to 25 years. Each model of the Bohr watch correctly reflects the wholehearted investment of the Bohr brand. Equipped with high-quality timepieces for explorers, they can accurately read the time in different environments, day and night.

Chopard Jewellery Watch With Stars Shining In 2017 Weibo Movie Night

On the evening of June 18th, the 2017 Weibo Movie Night was held in Shanghai. Liu Tao, Deng Chao, Feng Shaofeng, Luo Jin, and Miao Miao wore Chopard jewelry watches.

That night, Liu Tao, Chopard’s best friend, made an elegant appearance with a black see-through long skirt. The cleverly stacked Chopard Happy Hearts bracelets and the Happy Hearts ring between his fingers added a touch of calmness to his atmosphere.

Deng Chao dressed up and won the Weibo movie night ‘King’. Chopard L.U.C XPS 1860 commemorative edition watch reflects Deng Chao’s gentlemanly style, and the simple and elegant Ice Cube series ring adds a manly style.

Feng Shaofeng made a handsome appearance in a classic suit that night, and the Chopard L.U.C tourbillon watch on his wrist showed extraordinary style.

Luo Jin wore the Chopard L.U.C 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon watch, and his elegant timepiece witnessed the important moment of his ‘Most Expected Actor’ award.

At this award ceremony, ‘Fanghua’ won the most anticipated film of the year. The new ‘Feng Girl’-Miao Miao elegantly demonstrated her red carpet debut with the company of Chopard. The dazzling white diamond jewellery paired with a gentle pink dress is feminine without losing the atmosphere.

Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet 2014 High Jewellery Watch

Audemars Piguet AUDEMARS PIGUET presents extraordinary high-end jewellery models again this year, adding dazzling light to the 2014 women’s collection, while showing the watchmaker’s well-recognized skills in this strict top-level watch field .

AUDEMARS PIGUET 2014 Fine Jewellery Watch

Audemars Piguet builds a bridge that spans 1883 to the present, endlessly continuing the brand’s fine jewelry making tradition, creating an amazing women’s watch. Just eight years after the company was founded, Audemars and his partner Piguet set out to make women’s watches. The brand is known for producing complex-function men’s movements, but women’s watches demand very different technologies. Limited space for women’s watches makes assembly of the movement a challenge. Once these technical hurdles have been crossed, jewellers, gem setters and engravers can start refining their watches.

AUDEMARS PIGUET 2014 High Jewellery Watch (Back)

Essentially, the entire production process hasn’t changed much since the beginning. The creation of fine jewellery watches is still complicated and requires a team of highly skilled designers, gem inlays, engravers and watchmakers to work together. Against the backdrop of the breathtaking scenery of the Jura Valley, nature has become the protagonist of these outstanding works.

Rare And Unique, The Brilliant Century-old Bentley World Time Chronograph Mulsanne Special Edition Zhenhua Bloom

(November 20, 2013, Guangzhou, China) British ultra-luxury car brand BENTLEY presents the ‘Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, and Pine’ representative at the 2013 Guangzhou International Auto Show Five new Musang Four Seasons Tibetan Edition models celebrate the profound Chinese culture. As an important partner of Bentley Motors for more than ten years, Swiss top independent watch brand BREITLING has also launched the world’s unique Breitling for Bentley B04 GMT Mulsanne, specially designed for Bentley. Mushang Four Seasons Zhenhua is tailor-made, and presents another cross-border work in the watch industry and the automotive industry.

Breitling for Bentley B04 GMT Mulsanne
 Modern British style, superb Swiss craftsmanship. Breitling and Bentley, the two major brands have joined forces in 2002 and have been working together for more than a decade. Breitling’s unremitting pursuit of precision and superior performance and top-level wearing experience, constantly learning Bentley’s legendary stories and classic design elements, combining its own extraordinary watchmaking technology and patented technology, creating a series of outstanding timepieces. Just like a vibrant work of art, the Breitling for Bentley collection of outstanding performance and noble temperament is undoubtedly the pinnacle of the ultimate fusion of the two.

Breitling for Bentley B04 GMT Mulsanne
 As the five newly launched Zhenzang limited edition models, the Bentley Muzhang Four Seasons Zhenhua model adopts antique gold body and is limited to one set. It is a model of outstanding and long-lasting luxury driving. Breitling’s exclusive custom-made new Bentley World Time Chronograph Mulsanne Special Edition also has a limited edition of one worldwide, which is unique and rare. To match the unique design of its body, the dial and bezel of the watch are decorated with two-tone antique gold, embellished with dazzling diamond hour markers, and carefully crafted by top jewellers, showing a consistent ultimate luxury. The 18K red gold case with a unique luxury crocodile leather strap is distinguished and distinguished from the wrist. It is truly a real wrist sculpture.

Bentley Mulsanne Four Seasons
 This special edition Breitling Bentley World Time Chronograph is tailor-made for China’s top elites, with a super practical dual time zone system. The wearer only needs to pull out the crown and rotate it forward or backward in hours to adjust the main hour hand to the local time without affecting the accuracy of the minute hand. The date can also be adjusted automatically forward or backward simultaneously; At the same time, the second hour hand with a red tip continues to indicate the home time in a 24-hour format and can easily distinguish between day and night. Under the hollow dial imitating the Bentley automobile radiator grille, a Breitling-made 04 movement based on the scientific design of the most precise engine is beating. Like all Breitling Bentley movements, it has the Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC). Through the transparent sapphire case back, the carved black steel wheel oscillating weight is clear at a glance, showing its powerful aesthetics.

To Celebrate The 150th Anniversary Of The Zenith Prestige Series Gfj Memorial Watch

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand’s founding, Zenith has specially launched the distinguished series of GFJ commemorative watches, limited to 150 pieces. GFJ is the initials of Mr. Georges-Favre Jacot, the founder of Zenith. The time-honored classic design of this watch is amazing, and it fully reflects the value standards of the pursuit of aesthetics and complex craftsmanship. The legendary high-frequency star speed movement and the sesame chain transmission perfectly combine to create the ultimate precision, once again showing Zenith Watch Factory excels in watchmaking. This masterpiece of haute horlogerie is not only a tribute, but also a tribute to the brand’s founder, Mr. Georges Favor Jecot, for his innovation and dedication.

Essence of Time: Craftsmanship spanning a century and a half
   Since its establishment in 1865, Zenith Watch has always adhered to the courage to innovate and unique craftsmanship. Miao Li has created pleasing works and accomplished his mission with unremitting perseverance. Over the past 150 years, Zenith has witnessed its unparalleled importance with outstanding achievements, and has continued to inherit the superb craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation with innovative timepieces. The brand spirit of ‘Orthodox, Fearless and Pleasant’ is more like an apocalypse, passed down from generation to generation in this century and a half, pointing the way for watchmakers in the watch factory to work hard. Thanks to their unremitting efforts, Zenith has won numerous historical records: 300 patents, 600 movements, 2,333 awards in the field of timekeeping, and enjoys the reputation of a true top watchmaking expert. Behind this series of figures representing honor is such a spokesperson of dreams and destiny-Mr. Georges-Favre Jacot, founder of Zenith.
   150 years ago, in the Rockock area, the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry, the founder of Zenith watch factory, Mr. Georges Favre Jecot, decided to consolidate all types of work in the watchmaking field under one roof, creating a history The first true watchmaking factory. With the passage of a century and a half, this watchmaking workshop gradually expanded its territory around the world with its exquisite craftsmanship, and the watchmaking factory has always been in place and has never moved. Mr. Georges Favor Jecot’s forward-looking concept transformed the watchmaking industry in the 19th century, breaking out of the cocoon, and becoming a dazzling and beautiful butterfly. In order to focus on the design and precision of each component, Zenith has used its extraordinary pioneering spirit to develop the first integrated automatic chronograph movement in the history, El Primero Star Speed, and its precise legendary status remains unshakable. This miracle of complex functions in the watchmaking world has led Zenisse from Le Locle to the world, and has completely established Zenith’s development direction, that is, accurate time measurement performance.
Extreme precision: the perfect fusion of legendary star speed and sesame chain transmission

   The distinguished series GFJ commemorative watch is equipped with the El Primero 4810 high-speed manual-winding movement, which beats 36,000 times per hour. Even today, its accuracy has become the industry benchmark, and its legendary status cannot be shaken. This extraordinary movement consists of a total of 939 components, including 222 components and 575 sesame chain components. The power reserve display occupies the lower half of the dial at 4:30. The words ‘Force constante’ and ‘High Frequency’ pay tribute to the precise quality of the movement. At 7:30, the small seconds dial and the pentagram icon of the watch factory contrast each other.
   Through the happy design of the upper part of the dial, the sesame chain transmission device at 10:30 and 1:30 is fully displayed. The chain rotates around the pagoda wheel. This ingenious design turns the sesame chain structure itself into the vision of the entire watch. The elements are quite new and bright. With the spiral shape of the pagoda wheel, the device keeps the watch’s power perfectly balanced even when the mainspring is fully loosened. This chain is made up of 575 parts and has a length of 18 cm, which ensures normal transmission between the mainspring and the pagoda wheel. The link structure is composed of double links and intermediate links, and builds a very precise and complex structure. After winding, the chain can withstand more than three kilograms of traction. During the entire power reserve process (at least 50 hours), the power spring can transmit power to the pagoda wheel through a chain wound around the barrel. The Pagoda Wheel obtains balanced power by correcting tension errors and distributes it to the gear set and the silicon escape wheel. Pagoda wheels are small in size and exquisite in shape. They are the result of a series of precise calculations, which can ensure that the overall device runs perfectly in seven major links.
Prestige GFJ Memorial Watch
   The watch has a power reserve of 50 hours, during which the chain is wound around the mainspring. It takes only a few seconds to manually wind through the crown. The pagoda wheel and the mainspring rotate in the opposite direction of the movement so that the chain is wound around the pagoda wheel. Two splints are fixed to the base plate to support the pagoda wheel and the mainspring shaft. This design gives the watch a 19th century classicist architectural style. The clockwork is engraved with Zenith / Lelock watches.
   The watch factory brings together its most skilled watchmakers. They worked together to create this precise piece, limited to 150 pieces. The distinguished series ‘Georges Favre Jecott’ commemorative watch not only embodies ingenious watchmaking technology, but also its unique aesthetic appearance. The smooth lines and perfect proportions are combined to show the brand’s infinite glory. The case is made of 18K rose gold with a brown alligator leather strap, these are the classic elements of the brand. The delicate bezel surrounds the silver grained dial, which reflects a purely traditional watchmaking style. The hour and minute hands are treated with blue steel, and the seven hour markers are also plated and faceted.
Perfect constant power with sesame chain drive system

   Time decides everything and surpasses everything. Zenith adheres to the tradition with the brand spirit of ‘Orthodox, Fearless and Pleasant’ and creates a 150-year history of brilliant watchmaking. The essence of the years, the precise skills and painstaking efforts to create every detail and technological breakthrough, so that the watch exudes its unique appeal. This has not changed since 1865, and it is also a testimony of the star of Zenith Causes of fine watchmaking sky. Today, spanning a century and a half, Zenith will write the most brilliant chapter in the history of watchmaking with its outstanding timekeeping function. Its legendary road in the time corridor will never stop.

Zenith Prestige GFJ Memorial Watch
Technical data
· Sesame chain transmission connected to the spring to ensure balanced power
· 939 components, including 222 components of the movement, 575 components of the sesame chain
· Swiss official observatory COSC certified movement
Limited edition of 150 pieces
El Primero 4810 manual winding movement
Movement: 16½ ‘‘‘(diameter: 37 mm)
Thickness: 5.90 mm
Number of components: 222 (+ 575 components on sesame chain)
Number of jewels: 30
Vibration frequency: 36000 times / hour (5 Hz)
Power reserve: at least 50 hours
Hour and minute display
Sesame chain drive connected to the mainspring
Small seconds at 7:30
Power reserve indicator at 4:30
Case, dial and hands
Material: 18K rose gold
Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 14.35 mm
Crystal glass: curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 3 bar
Dial: Silver grain
Time scale: Gold-plated rhodium metal, faceted
Hands: blue steel faceted
Strap and buckle
Brown alligator strap with protective rubber lining
18K Rose Gold Tri-Fold Clasp