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    Swansea World Women’s Longboard Surfing Event Wanning Ends Hawaiian Player Cicada

    Champion Crown

                  Hawaiian runners-up at Swatch World Women’s Longboard

     Carlisle from Hawaii in the United States won the championship, Chelsea from Australia won the runner-up, Carina of the United States and Justin of France tied for third

     Yesterday at noon, the 2013 Swatch World Women’s Longboard Professional Surfing Championships ended in Mannings. Carlisle from Hawaii in the United States won the championship. Chelsea from Australia won the runner-up. American player Carina and French player Justin tied for third.

     After half an hour of fierce competition, when the referee announced that Carlisle won the championship, the guests and spectators on the beach screamed with excitement. In the red racing suit, Carlisle ran on the skateboard along the waves and rushed to the beach. There was a kind of temperament from the return of the king. Carlisle friends who had been waiting here greeted them with smiles, two healthy ones The man raised Carlisle together, and other friends draped her flag.

     ‘Although I’m tired now, I feel very good.’ Carlyle said happily in an interview that today’s game was challenging and that Chelsea’s opponent was very strong and he dared not take it lightly. In the game, she could only be patient and patient, and finally successfully won the championship.

     ‘Wanning is my lucky place. The scenery here is good, and the people are very warm and friendly. And now more and more people are paying attention to surfing, I am very happy.’ When talking, Carrier greeted the audience, friendly Leaned on one of the 71-year-old women. The old lady from Zhejiang gave her thumbs up and congratulated Carrier in English ‘verygood’.

     Carlisle also said that she would be very honored to return to Wanning next year for a surfing event. In addition, she considers that she might be able to travel here in the next few years.