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    A Perfect Fusion Of Classic And Business Style

    As a modern fashion style, the business style seems incompatible with the classical style. However, the conciseness of the business style and the elegant style of the classical style can complement each other in the design and achieve a complementary effect. As one of the earliest watchmaking brands that has flowed into China, Jacques Dro has precipitated a long-standing brand culture. While adhering to Swiss precision watchmaking technology, it has fully absorbed and learned the Chinese elegant style, and in the western simple design style , And infiltrated a strong classical artistic temperament. Today, the Watch House brings you a watch from the Majestic Beijing series of Jacques Dro, reference model: J019034201.

    As early as the 18th century, the Emperor Qianlong and the noble officials of the Qing Dynasty had collected Pierre Jacques Droe’s masterpieces of watches and clocks. As a pioneer brand of clocks and watches exported to China, Jacques Droe still displays a lot in the Palace Museum Intact automatic dolls and pocket watches.

    The diameter of this watch’s case is 39 mm, which is relatively easy to control. Even a thin person will not be overly obtrusive, and it will also show the exquisiteness of the watch.

    The mirror uses a sapphire crystal glass, anti-glare treatment, clear light transmission, if there is nothing, exquisite dial and hands at a glance.

    The succinct 18K white gold crown is round and elegant, and the top is engraved with two Jacques Dross star logos, which symbolize the identity of Jacques Drogh.

    The watch is equipped with a hand-rolled black alligator leather strap, which is exquisitely made of leather and exquisite workmanship, exuding the brand’s profound elegance.

    The case in 18K white gold is finely polished, round and elegant, creating a simple and elegant business temperament.

    The lugs are more slender in shape when viewed from the front, showing a delicate and elegant style. The unique intention of the design can be seen on the side. A rounded corner makes the watch’s arc more fit the wrist and is comfortable to wear.

    This watch is equipped with a simple pin buckle made of 18K rose gold, which is easy to wear. The top of the buckle is printed with Jacques Dro’s brand name logo, which symbolizes its brand quality.

    This watch is equipped with a second time zone and calendar display function. Except for the two hour hands, the other hands have different shapes. The five blue steel hands and the two blue steel screws on the dial are in full glory in the light.

    The silver-plated dial is decorated with exquisite Geneva wave decoration to show a delicate and exquisite gloss. The white dots on the black bezel are printed uniformly and clearly, and the entire point is embedded with a finely polished 18K white gold hemisphere.

    The small dial at 9 o’clock on the dial is displayed in the second time zone. The 24-hour scale design shows the time at a glance. The center of the milky white dial is decorated with machine-engraved patterns, which enriches the dial’s layered sense.

    The small dial at 3 o’clock is the hour display. The classic Roman numerals are clear and infiltrated with elegant classic temperament. The 12 o’clock calendar uses a rare wavy pointer with a beautiful structure. The center of the calendar is also decorated with Machine engraved pattern, while the part of the hour dial between 2:30 and 9:30 is designed to be polished and printed with the Jacques de Lode brand logo, showing a unique imbalance.

    The small second hand at 6 o’clock on the dial uses a simple bar-shaped hand, and is decorated with a round classic eccentric moon-shaped decoration at the end of the needle.

    The edge of the bottom cover of each watch is engraved with a separate number. A sapphire crystal is embedded in the center of the bottom cover to see the movement. Sun pattern.

    This watch is equipped with a 5M60A.4 self-winding mechanical movement with dual barrels and a power reserve of 68 hours. At the corner of two barrels, this movement is equipped with a dual barrel, which has a power reserve of 68 hours. In addition, a clover mark unique to Jacques Drott is printed on the movement’s splint, which is a very representative brand Hidden mark.

    Summary: As time goes by, the close relationship between Jacques Dro and China has not only become a memory of artistic sentiment and technological feelings in Chinese history, but also enriched the cultural accumulation of Jacques Dro. This watch has no shortage of exquisite classical elements in its clean and simple design. The simple black and white and gray tones create a classic business style. It is a watch that is low-key and elegant, and has a lot of rich connotations and tastes when you look closely The current domestic price of this watch is 242,000 yuan. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

    More watch details: jaquetdroz / 23889 /

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    Athens Latest Masterpiece Vivaldi Music Watch

    Following the Stranger Stranger Watch launched in 2013, ULYSSE NARDIN newly created the second music watch-Vivaldi. When the Stranger was launched that year, it inspired high watch enthusiasts. It combined the movement and watch design with music to play the beautiful melody of ‘Strangers in the Night’. The new Vivaldi music watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement developed by the brand. It can play the music of the famous baroque composer Vivaldi, the ‘Spring’ of the violin concerto ‘Four Seasons’, with a brisk joy The melody continues the ULYSSE NARDIN music family legend.

       Vivaldi is considered a symbol of the Baroque period. As one of the three masters of baroque music, he composed nearly 500 concertos, 73 sonatas and more than ten operas in his life. It is considered to be one of the most important violin concertos in the Baroque period and even in the history of classical music. It has been recorded hundreds of times and has become the most recorded classical music work in the world. Today, this beautiful melody can be carefully listened and appreciated in ULYSSE NARDIN’s limited edition of 99 18K 5N rose gold Vivaldi music watches, showing the perfect fusion of traditional watchmaking technology and modern technology.

       The Vivaldi music watch uses the ULYSSE NARDIN UN-690 silicon technology movement, which is easy to operate. Just press the on / off button at 10 o’clock to start or stop the music device. By pressing the music button at 8 o’clock, the wearer can listen to this pleasant and peaceful Vivaldi melody at any time of the hour or when needed. The watch is like a classical music box installed, and it is converted into this square after being cut and pressed, making the wearer feel like returning to the good times of childhood.

       This watch series is also unique in the way the watch is wound and the time and date adjustment method. Unlike ordinary watches, Vivaldi does not need to pull the crown out for adjustment. Just press the crown button to complete the three settings mentioned above, and then move the crown forward. Or rotate it backwards for easy adjustment. This is a major advance in design and craftsmanship in the field of watchmaking.

       In addition, the Vivaldi music watch also has a chic and novel design. The repeating circular pattern creates smooth lines, which is unique in modern charm. Extra large Roman numerals, highlighting the classic style. An original commemorative badge is engraved on the case back, which strengthens the characteristics and further enhances the visual beauty. The first rose gold style to shine now.

       Athenian watch respects art and pays tribute to the master. It has repeatedly incorporated music and art into watch technology. It has launched works such as Strange Music Watches, Genghis Khan and Alexander the Westminster Tourbillon Minute Repeater. With this new member of the Music Watch, the brand will continue to form a perfect concert in the form of storytelling, with an ensemble of functions, sounds and aesthetics.

    Technical Information
    Model: 6902-125 / VIV
    Limited: 99 pieces
    Movement: UN-690 movement 64 jewels Silicon escapement, anchor escapement and balance spring
    Power reserve: about 48 hours
    Winding method: automatic winding movement
    Function: hour, minute, second display
    Select function with integrated button crown Play music every hour or when needed
    Music on / off button
    Music Tone Button
    Case: 18K rose gold
    Watch diameter: 45 mm
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Surface: Small seconds at 6 o’clock and calendar window display Roman numeral hour markers Rotary dial with 10 blades music box system
    Table mirror: anti-glare and wear-resistant sapphire crystal
    Case back: with commemorative badge
    Crown: with special button
    Strap: leather strap with folding buckle

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    Parmigiani, Transforma Series

    Parmigiani, a cutting-edge fashion watch brand
        The world famous Swiss haute horlogerie brand Parmigiani was born in the heart of Waldtravel in 1996. With the strong support of the Sandoz Family Foundation and its commitment to protecting high-quality Swiss craftsmanship, Parmigiani has grown into one of the few networks with its own production facilities in The brand that manufactures and refinishes watches; every watch it produces is a classic. In 1976, when Michel Parmigiani, the founder of the brand, was a manual watch repairman, thanks to his extraordinary understanding of those miracles in the history of machinery, his sudden inspiration flashed out and conceived Today’s brand philosophy.
        Parmigiani conquered many major industry challenges. It has established an overall network of craftsmanship and industry experts that incorporates the world’s highest and most critical technologies to carefully polish the movement of each watch and to refine the appearance of the watch. Whether it is a hairspring, a drive train, or a watch case or dial, every part of the entire production chain is transparent, ensuring the highest quality of the watch. Parmigiani’s fully automated production chain means that it can independently produce the industry’s premier watches in the production hall.
        The maverick personality has created Parma Gianni’s unparalleled unique style. The brand’s unique theme style makes it easy to recognize whether it is a simple style or an exquisite style. Parmigiani has more than 20 women’s and men’s watches equipped with 15 independently developed and produced movements, thus laying the foundation for the brand’s great success. Kalpa watches are a symbol of Parmigiani’s success. Its four exquisitely shaped lugs make its pebbly lines more rounded, and it is integrated into the watch bracelet without leaving any traces. Whether circular or barrel models, their silhouettes underline the characteristics of the Parmigiani brand.
        At present, the Parmigiani brand has spread to more than 70 countries on five continents; the company is still looking for new expansion opportunities for the brand.
    Parmigiani and Watchmaking Centre
        Parmigiani has inherited the fine traditions of Swiss horology, and now transcends tradition, successfully injecting new vitality into the ancient watchmaking process, becoming the economic and industrial center of the Val-de-Travers model.
    Here are some data descriptions:
    1976: Michel Parmigiani chooses the Trava Valley region (first Couvet, then Fleurier) as the location of its first manufacturing plant.
    1996: The Sandoz Family Foundation decides to help Michel Parmigiani create the Parmigiani brand.
    350: Number of jobs created in Fleurier since 1996.
    500: Number of employees recruited by the brand and its associated industrial center (MHF: Manufacturers Horlogères de la Fondation, Foundation’s watchmaking group).
    50: The number of laws that Parmigiani and MHF manufactures maintain the level of craftsmanship in horology.
    5,000: Parmigiani’s annual watch production.
    250: The number of brand stores.
    70: The number of Parmigiani companies worldwide.
    40,000: Land area (square meters) acquired by Sandoz Family Foundation in Fleurier to expand production sites.
    6,700 The floor space (in square meters) of the newly established Fleurier Manufacturing Plant (VMF) on September 4, 2009.
    1,600: The new Elwin production plant covers an area (square meters). It is the first industrial plant registered in Bern-Jura under MINERGIE (Swiss Mini Energy Standard) and is designed to accommodate fifty lathes.
    1,300: new factory area (square meters) acquired in La Chaux-de-Fon to build Les Artisans Boîtiers.
    20: The current number of men’s and women’s watches, which is the key to the success of the brand.
    15: The total number of movements independently developed and manufactured. These movements are assembled on the current models of Parmigiani.
    8: The number of new stores opened by Ateliers Parmigiani worldwide between 2010 and 2011. One in Dubai, one in Istanbul, one in Moscow, two in Singapore, two in Beijing, and one in Shanghai.
    Transforma series
    Change with your heart
        Parmigiani’s new Transforma series is suitable for daily life and is suitable for daily wear. Whether it is a watch or pocket watch, whether it is sports or elegant, the Transforma series can be changed at will to meet any need. In the evening it turns into a table clock to accompany you to sleep, counting the passage of night.
        The new PF 334 automatic chronograph movement, like a chameleon, has a powerful transformation function, which can be freely changed according to the occasion, time and mind. The Transforma series was originally a wristwatch, but it could also be used as a pocket watch or table clock. No matter the day or night, the owner and his watch are inseparable.
        The stainless steel shell of the Transforma series is beautiful and pure, perfectly presenting multiple functions, suitable for various character transformations. The sterling silver dial features the Côtes de Genève, which is independently produced by the manufacturer’s own studio. The chronograph function is visible through the raised graphite-colored hour and minute counters. At 6 o’clock there is a large date display window. The last one is the speedometer dial, all of which constitute all the display functions of the Transforma series.
    Modular function-three step transformation
        With its classic circular ergonomic appearance and characteristic curved lugs, the Transforma series can be described as the ever-changing spirit. With a single touch of the button next to the two lugs at the bottom, the stainless steel ‘cover’ is unfolded to hold the watch body and swallow it.
       Once the button is released, the main body of the watch-the middle part of the case-naturally buckles into the smooth round stainless steel pocket watch seat. The right side of the table seat is asymmetric, so that even if the bezel is lowered, it will not prevent the use of the timing button ‘button’ and ‘crown’ to wind or set the time. Coupled with a stainless steel bracelet, Transforma transformed into one of the classic styles in the watchmaking industry.
        The third transformation of the new Transforma series: table clock, made of Makassar; Makassar is an extremely precious ebony, wrapped outside the watch. Like a rotating display case, the winding device automatically operates once the timepiece is placed on it. The rotation does not stop until the Transforma watch is in the vertical position for easy reading of time. There are three small spaces on the edge of the table clock for pocket watches and their bracelets, warranty cards, or other Transforma parts.
    Watches made entirely by the manufacturer’s own studio
        The watch’s dial, movement, and two stainless steel cases, from mechanical manufacturing to hand finishing, all adhere to strict standards, and are all made by Parma Gianni Studios (Watchmaker’s Foundation). The stainless steel Transforma is equipped with a Hermes crocodile leather strap with a foldable buckle.
    Tonda Transforma chronograph
    Tonda Transforma chronograph.
    Movement PF334
    Function Hour indication.
          Minute indication.
          Small seconds at 3 o’clock.
          Date window.
          1 / 4-second chronograph (large size second hand, 30-minute chronograph, 12-hour chronograph).
    Appearance Round case: 43 mm. Thickness: 12.80 mm.
    Material: Stainless steel case and support, polished. Anti-glare sapphire crystal.
           The watch can be used as a self-winding table clock or pocket watch.
    Water resistance: 30 meters.
    Crown: 7 mm in diameter.
        The individual number is engraved on the case back.
    Dial: The silver dial has a creamy white bezel with a “Geneva ripple” decoration in the center, and a sky blue modified graphite chronograph dial with a thin diamond polished rhodium-plated flange. Rhodium-plated appliqued hour-markers, delta-shaped luminous coated hands.
    Strap: Black alligator leather strap, stainless steel safety folding clasp, polished finish.

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    Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Holds A 260th Anniversary Celebration At A Height Of 1300 Feet Above Hong Kong’s Highest Landmark

    In 2015, Vacheron Constantin celebrated its 260th anniversary. Vacheron Constantin, a watch maker founded in 1755, inherits its professional watchmaking technology from generation to generation through watchmaking masters, creating timeless masterpieces. Since 260 years, Vacheron Constantin has demonstrated the spirit of fine watchmaking, constantly designing, developing and creating extraordinary timepieces. It has always adhered to the three basic values ​​of the brand, namely superb watchmaking skills, harmonious and highly creative aesthetics. Design and perfect arts and crafts. Mr. Juan-Carlos Torres, the global chief executive of Vacheron Constantin who came to Hong Kong from Geneva, made a speech at the celebration. Thank you very much for coming to witness the historic moment of the brand, and to show the most delicate and special special time in the history of watchmaking. Design-reference 57260, the world’s only masterpiece.

    To commemorate this unique event, Vacheron Constantin has carefully crafted a journey of heritage watchmaking for VIPs, and especially presented the ‘Vacheron Constantin & mdash; Time Artist’ edited by Franco Cologni, founder and president of the Colony Arts and Crafts Foundation. ‘Artists of Time’), heraldic sculpture master Gérard Desquand’s ‘Imprint of Time’ cylindrical seal for Vacheron Constantin, and the interactive virtual reality art installation ‘Vacheron Constantin Eternal Legacy’ She also invited Lin Yilian to sing for Vacheron Constantin to celebrate the brand’s uninterrupted watchmaking history for 260 years.

    The focus of the evening of Vacheron Constantin’s 260th anniversary celebration was the grandest unveiling of the most sophisticated and specially customized timepiece in the history of watchmaking, reference number 57260. Reference number 57260 presents the most incredible technological innovation to date, uniquely combining Vacheron Constantin’s long-standing historical heritage, passion for watchmaking, and 260 years of excellence in watchmaking. As reference number 57260 was originally scheduled to be shown to the public at the ‘Watches and Miracles’ Haute Horlogerie exhibition on the day after the celebration, VIPs were all excited to be able to give priority to the mystery of this masterpiece.

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    From East Coast To West Coast Celebrating Earl Polo Sports

    At the American Polo scene last Sunday, the Earl Hampton Cup Polo Club competition and the prestigious Earl Silver Cup final were held at the same time. These two events attracted the world’s top polo players, Fight for two high-level matches together.

       On the East Coast, Piaget and polo superstar Nacho Figueras, as well as polo enthusiasts Joe and Diana DiMenna, co-hosted the second annual Earl Hampton Cup. This exhibition game benefits the Robin Hood Foundation, the most popular New York City One of the distinguished charities. Many celebrities have come to support and participate in the event, including Donna Karan, Gabby Karan DeFelice and husband Gianpaolo DeFelice, host Eric Ripert, Kelly Klein, Olivia Chantecaille, and Jean Shafiroff.

       The fans watched an exciting polo game. After a fierce game, the St. Regis team won 9-8 and won the game from Earl North America President Larry Bolan. Trophy. Alainn Bailey won the Most Valuable Player Award. The biggest winner on this day was the Robin Hood Foundation, which raised over $ 500,000 in donations on that day.

       In addition to the day’s polo match, guests were also invited to a special Piaget reception where Piaget’s latest watches and jewelry were displayed in the lounge. In the center of the reception is a little human pony and rider composed of hundreds of roses. The pink roses add a romantic atmosphere to the party. The party ends with the traditional Argentine barbecue and beautiful sunset.

       At the same time on the West Coast, the USPA Earl Silver Cup, the oldest polo tournament in the United States, was hosted by Earl. The finals were between FMB and Gracida. The two teams were evenly matched. After a full day of competition, FMB took the advantage in the last three minutes and won 12-11. Lucas Criado scored a total of 8 goals, was named the most valuable player, and his horse also won the honor.

       The Watch House understands that Piaget has been with polo for more than three decades and has participated in competitions in the United States, Argentina, China and throughout Europe. Piaget’s recent USPA Earl’s Gold Cup is about to be held. Since 2006, the brand has been the main partner of the Palm Beach International Polo Club. If you want to learn more about the brand, stay tuned for Watch House.

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    Lange Cabaret Tourbillon Watch

    Tourbillon has been a mystery over the years: the accuracy of the tourbillon is so high, why no one has invented a device so that the tourbillon watch can be stopped and restarted accurately in real time. Start, what about the calibration time? This mystery that has not been solved in the tourbillon’s more than 200 years of history was regarded by Lange movement designers as a challenge; finally, there was an answer. Instead of stopping the entire tourbillon from the mechanical inside the movement, the designer has other plans. With this simpler method, the balance wheel will gradually slow down until it finally comes to a complete standstill. If the balance wheel oscillates back and forth, it must be ‘re-driven’. This approach was not as good as it was rejected. The only feasible way to save the potential energy of the balance spring during braking is to stop the balance wheel in the frame directly and in real time. Only this method can ensure that the ‘brake stop’ of the balance wheel can start to swing in real time after it is relaxed.
    However, how can I stop the balance wheel swinging in the tourbillon escapement rotation frame, especially the three supports of the frame, one of which is blocked every twenty seconds? Until recent years, the tourbillon escapement experts had this problem Still helpless. In the end, Lange’s movement engineer finally solved this problem more than 200 years after the introduction of the tourbillon. How to solve it? When the crown is pulled out, a complicated connection movement law will be activated, which causes the stop lever with two curved V-shaped spring arms to be pressed against the outer ring of the balance wheel to stop it in real time. However, this design has its shortcomings. If one of the three spring arms of the V-shaped stop lever is caught in one of the three supports, it will cause problems. To this end, the designer mounted a delicate dual-arm wire on the rotation axis of the stop lever. In other words, even if one of the spring arms is stuck on the frame support, the other can still be pressed against the balance wheel to stop it. The asymmetrical arc shape of the spring end is the best decision after repeated testing. The special geometry of the end ensures that the brake spring can achieve the best contact pressure no matter which direction the brake spring is pressed against the balance wheel. In addition, the end of the brake spring is designed to be curved to prevent the spring from being accidentally caught when the balance wheel is stopped and re-swinged. Therefore, this delicate and complex design is not only displayed on the surface of the CABARET tourbillon, but also a practical device in accordance with Lange’s tradition. With this patented invention, we can finally make accurate measurements on tourbillons with greatly improved accuracy.
    CABARET tourbillon has other subtleties, not all at a glance. Lange’s newly developed L042.1 movement is equipped with a dual barrel. The winding chain can provide a power reserve of 5 days or 120 hours. The power reserve indicator at 4 o’clock is a reliable indicator to remind watchmakers when to rewind this outstanding watch. Below 12 o’clock there is a world famous Lange big date display, on the dial just to form a harmonious and balanced visual effect with the tourbillon window. The shape of the movement is shaped according to the shape of the case, and the exquisite carving is decorated, which makes the exquisite skills of Lange to the fullest. Uncut German silver 3/4 plywood, engraved beautifully, and embellished with six screwed gold sleeves. In addition, there are three sleeves embedded in the hand-carved wheel, tourbillon plywood and beautifully polished tourbillon bridge surface. The pivot point of the balance shaft is suspended between two diamond end stones. Diamond end stones and 45 artificial rubies are symbols of excellent watchmaking, and are unique features inherited from Lange’s early 1A high-quality pocket watches. The rectangular case, made of platinum or rose gold, measuring 29.5 by 39.2 mm, the first stop-second tourbillon watch, came to life with elegance and nobility.
    CABARET Tourbillon Data Sheet
    Movement: Lange homemade L042.1 movement, manually wound, manufactured to the highest quality specifications of Lange, most of which are assembled and decorated by hand, adjusted through five directions, 3/4 plywood is made of untreated German silver, Large Lange date display, hand-carved wheel and tourbillon splint
    数量 Number of parts: 373, 84 of which are tourbillon parts
    Gemstones: 47, two of which are diamond endstones
    黄金 Screw fixed gold sleeve: 9
    Escapement: lever escapement
    Balance balance: shockproof glucydur screw balance, self-made balance spring, 21,600 vibrations per hour, gooseneck fine-tuning system with patented balance swing adjustment device
    Power reserve: The upper foot chain can provide 5 days (120 hours) of power reserve
    Function: Hour, minute, second display, power reserve indicator, one-minute tourbillon with patented stop-second device
    Operating device: winding and manual adjustment crown, date adjustment button at 2 o’clock (embedded)
    Case: 29.5 x 39.2 x 10.25 mm, made of platinum or rose gold
    Movement: 22.3 x 32.6 x 6.35 mm
    Mirror and case back: Sapphire crystal (hardness 9)
    Dial: Solid silver, silver grey or silver
    Pointer: 18K Gold
    Strap: Soft alligator leather strap with Lange solid platinum or rose gold folding buckle

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    Nothing To Say About Beauty

    All high-end watches today can be said to have been contracted by Switzerland and Germany. Although there are many good watches in other countries, I always feel that there is a distance from the top, this distance is not only technical There are many elements such as background culture. Take domestic watches as an example. Although many people buy domestic watches, and there are many high-end products in domestic watches, they do not have a top brand. The gap, I believe, will take at least a few decades of hard work, and maybe even longer.
    Patek Philippe Classic Watch 5227G-001

    Watch Series: Classic Watch
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18K white gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 39 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 259000
    Watch details:
    Watch Series: Classic
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18K yellow gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 38 mm
    Domestic public price: 178,600 yuan
    Watch details:

    Watch Series: Heritage Series
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18K white gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Domestic public price: 243000
    Watch details: Twelve Cities J010124202

    Watch Series: Majestic Beijing
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18K white gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 40.5 mm
    Domestic public price: 234000
    Watch details: Watch House Si Shi)

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    Brilliant Key Tasting Cartier Clé De Cartier Diamond Watch

    Cartier’s master watch styling masters launched the new Clé de Cartier series. Clé de Cartier watches have rounded curves, simple lines, and full sides. They are named after the key-like winding crown. The key to everything is precision, balance and proportion. Cartier uses exquisite skills to create a beautiful and flawless streamlined appearance, elegant and simple style, and a harmonious and unified beauty. Today’s watch home brings you one of the Cartier CLÉ DE CARTIER series diamond watch with a diameter of 35 mm, the official model: WJCL0018.

    Cartier key WJCL0018

       The watch case is made of 18k white gold with a diameter of 35 millimeters. The case is exquisitely decorated with brilliant diamonds. The dial features elegant and dreamy blue hands and hour markers, covered with sapphire crystal. The watch comes with a stylish and beautiful red strap. The entire watch is exquisite, elegant and stylish.


       The side of the watch uses a unique square crown, which is easy to grasp; the crown is equipped with a black gem and set with multiple diamonds. The crown is recessed into the case, turning like a key, and this is the name of the series.

       The watch uses a classic red strap. The strap is cut from crocodile leather and the edges are stitched with red stitching. The cut is reasonable and the decoration is beautiful. The leather strap is soft and tough and comfortable to wear. The strap of the watch is linked with a folding buckle made of platinum. The clasp has a unique and beautiful design and is decorated with fine diamonds. The combination of red belt and silver buckle makes people feel fashionable and beautiful.


       The watch case has a diameter of 35 mm and a thickness of 10.09 mm. The case is full of fine diamonds, arranged in a dazzling array, and dazzling. The edges of the case are polished, smooth and rich in metallic luster.


       The round case of this watch is exquisite and beautiful. The outer edge is marked with elegant blue Roman numerals. The center is set with brilliant diamonds. The blue sword-shaped hands indicate the time. The reading is simple and clear. The date is at 6 o’clock. The window is displayed. The dial is covered with a sapphire crystal.


       The watch’s lugs are not long. They follow the shape of the case and appear naturally curved. They are integrated with the case. The connection between the lugs and the case is smooth and the lines are beautiful.

    Table bottom

       The back of the case is transparent through the case back, the outer edge of the case is made of metal, and the center is a glass mirror. You can see the internal movement. The bottom of the watch is fixed on the case with 8 screws. The watch is equipped with a high-performance automatic mechanical movement.

    Summary: This watch is made of precious and sturdy white gold, decorated with exquisite diamonds and beautifully designed. The exquisite white dial and elegant blue hour markers and hands match the elegant and stylish light. At the same time, the bright diamonds on the watch are dazzling, and the uniquely designed square crown adds a charming luster to the watch. Such a watch is worn on a woman’s wrist, which is not only elegant and charming, but also stylish and beautiful.