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    Embracing E-commerce What Kind Of Signal Did The Combination Of Tissot And Tmall Give?

    E-commerce is one of the greatest business innovations of this era. With the rapid growth of the Internet, business is gradually expanding online, and with it, it is a strong impact on offline physical stores. In the past few years, the development of the mobile Internet has made a larger-scale breakthrough in e-commerce. Once, people could buy things online 24 hours, but they needed to be in a place with a computer. Today, people can live 24 hours regardless of where they are. Anywhere, as long as there is an internet, you can buy things. All this seems to be too horrible for luxury brands, because its short-term and fast mode, there is almost no emotional transmission, cultural transmission, customer loyalty building, and these are the most valued parts of luxury brands. However, as the flood era gradually drifted away, e-commerce was urgently needed to form a new type of cyber civilization based on the huge market scale, and this beginning began this year. One of the iconic events is the strength of Tissot and Tmall. Strong union.

    Tissot Tmall Double Eleven Official Timing Cooperation Memorandum Signing Ceremony
    (From left to right: Ms. Liu Xiuyun, President of Tmall Clothing Business Group, Mr. Dong Benhong, Chief Marketing Officer of Alibaba Group, Mr. Francois Timbo, Global President of Tissot Watch, and Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China)

       In March of this year, Tissot officially entered the Tmall platform. This is the most important official online shopping landmark besides Tissot’s official website mall. Prior to this, we have continuously seen more and more luxury brands, emphasizing the importance of online customer groups. From the official website, WeChat to APP, various forms of online shopping channels have proved that luxury brands strive to adapt to new The impact and benefits of business models. Tissot is a pure Swiss watch company and the world’s largest watch group Swatch Group sells the best brands in China, with an annual output of 4 million, most of which are exported to China. Tissot provides affordable precision Watch and clock products. Before this, Tmall has formed a huge Tissot consumer group. Young people are willing to shop online and expect to be able to purchase high-quality and guaranteed products on the Internet. This is the result of consumption upgrades. Good. Tissot seized this opportunity. Since it settled in Tmall in March, in just a few months, it has achieved thousands of sales per month, and its growth rate has exceeded 50%, and it has accumulated 200,000 fans. This is a Very amazing business achievements. Under the high fixed costs compared to traditional stores, the sales growth brought by the e-commerce platform is obviously a huge opportunity.

    Cooperation promotion in Tissot Tmall flagship store

       Mr. Francois Tianbao, President of Tissot Global, also said that ‘Tmall is a platform that places great emphasis on quality, and also attaches great importance to the long-term development of the brand.’ This is exactly why Tissot chose to settle in Tmall. However, entering Tmall is only a prelude to Tissot’s online model innovation. Only with a flagship store on Tmall, every step in the future can have the most important foundation. By entering Tmall, the majority of consumers in China can buy Tissot watches with quality assurance on Tmall. The more important point is that watches purchased at Tissot’s Tmall flagship store will enjoy the official Swatch Group. The after-sales service provided, that is, a formal warranty card, is approved by the Neuchatel Service Center. This will increase the brand’s influence on online channels and open a channel for the brand to talk directly to online customers.

    Tissot holds signing ceremony at Alibaba Group Xixi Park

      Based on this, on September 25, Tissot and Tmall joined forces to jointly sign the “Tissot Tmall 2017 Double Eleven Official Timing Cooperation Memorandum”. Tissot will be the official timepiece during the Tmall Double Eleven Global Carnival this year As a partner, the two parties cooperated to develop a customized Tissot timer for Double Eleven, and during the Double Eleven period, it was put into the Hangzhou Xixi Park of Alibaba. In addition, all timekeeping positions related to Tmall Double Eleven will appear with Tissot. It seems that this is an incomprehensible cooperation project, because before that, Tissot has provided official timers for various international events such as the Asian Games, NBA, etc., and this is the first time that Tissot provides timing for online big IP, and this IP It does not have international influence at a socially meaningful level. But the real significance behind it lies in that Swatch Group and Alibaba Group, the two leaders in their respective fields, need to start deep cooperation instead of the brand’s simple presence in Tmall. As Mr. Tianbao, President of Tissot Global said, ‘We are not sponsors. As the official timekeeper, we share risks with Tmall and share success.’

    Watches purchased through Tissot’s Tmall flagship store can enjoy Tissot’s official service

       ‘In the future, we will do more data bank analysis with Tmall. Tmall can know exactly what products and services consumers want,’ said Ms. Chen Suzhen, president of Swatch Group China. As Tmall serves 500 million consumers, 78% of whom are concentrated under the age of 35. The lifestyle improvements brought about by consumption upgrades have led Alibaba to look for new business innovations. Among these are several very important measures. It is the concept of new retail and UniMarketing global marketing. ‘For luxury brands, the most important thing in the past was to constantly open stores offline, then for the Internet, the best Location is to use data marketing methods to identify the most suitable target audience for the brand.’ Chief Marketing Officer of Alibaba Group Mr. Dong Benhong said.
       In order to meet the transformation of the Internet business form brought by the consumption upgrade, Alibaba Group also launched Luxury Pivilion, a channel serving the construction of luxury brands, so as to find solutions for creating product innovation and effective operations for luxury brands in the Internet era. Tissot is the first official timing partner of Tmall in history. For Tmall, this is a new beginning, marking the relationship between traditional luxury brands and Tmall. For Tissot, this is a very innovative move, because so far, the only contact between luxury goods and e-commerce platforms has only stayed at this level, and direct official cooperation, Tissot is the first One company, through this cooperation, Tissot and Tmall will enter the beginning of comprehensive cooperation, including brand building, consumer experience building, and online channel building and so on.

    Tissot cooperates with Tmall

       So what benefits will digitalization bring to luxury brands? Tissot already has the answer. Based on Alibaba’s online data, the grasp of crowd portraits, the management of inventory data, and the mining of potential users can help Tissot understand the user’s preferences more directly, so as to design more in line with young Chinese consumers Group demand products, Tissot has realized in the past few months that online users and offline customer groups have different needs for product preferences. Data is a brand-new resource with great value in this era. This is exactly the key value of Alibaba. Traditional luxury brands create their own brand value through durable cultural output, service, and quality. In the new era, Data will empower brands.

       The strong alliance between Tissot and Tmall has heralded the beginning of the strategic layout of luxury goods shifting to e-commerce platforms, so whoever joins this torrent earlier and integrates resources will get the bonus earlier.