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    From The Love Of Sports: Sports Stars And Influential Public Figures Cycling To Help The Lawrence Sports Public Welfare Foundation

    Schaffhausen, February 14, 2017-IWC Schaffhausen joins hands with sports stars and influential public figures to celebrate the Lawrence World Sports Awards ceremony in Monaco. In addition to F1 Formula One world champion Nico Rosberg’s cycling tour, the brand also officially launched a special edition of the Da Vinci chronograph ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’. This limited edition of 1500 special edition timepieces has a blue dial and engraved on the bottom. It is the eleventh edition of the special edition watch launched by IWC and the Lawrence Sports Foundation. Part of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the foundation’s sports programs to support children and young people.

       Overcoming prejudice, conquering obstacles, and improving academic performance: These are the three positive effects of physical activity. The Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation, established in 1999, leverages the fusion of sports to promote social change and create a better future for disadvantaged children and adolescents. The charity has funded more than 150 sports events in 35 countries, such as the Cyprus International Peace Athlete Organization (PPI) in Cyprus, a troubled country that encourages young Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot youth to participate in basketball together motion. ‘Through numerous Lawrence Sports Foundation projects, I have the honor to witness the positive energy released by sports. Being able to support this foundation and continue to improve the lives of thousands of children and adolescents This is something we are very proud of, ‘explains Christoph Grainger-Herr, the new chief executive of IWC Schaffhausen.

    Jan Frednor, Fabien Cancellara, IWC’s new CEO Christopher Glainger-Hale
       Through many projects of the Lawrence Sports Foundation, I have the honor to witness the positive energy released by sports. We are proud to support this foundation and continue to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children and adolescents. Christopher Glainger-Hale, IWC’s new CEO
    Working together to help charity
       In order to spread the values ​​of the Lawrence Sports Foundation and strengthen public charity, IWC also organized a cycling trip in Monaco. Sports stars communicate with influential public figures on current charity projects. Participants included Nico Rosberg, the image ambassador of the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation and Formula 1 world champion, Fabian Cancellara, a two-time Olympic cycling champion, and Jan triathlon world champion. Jan Frodeno. Also on the 30km bike tour from Monaco to Ventimiglia are extreme bikers Patrick Seabase, Nadine Rieder, Sofia Wiedenroth , Morgane Such of the AMG Rotwild Mountain Bike Racing Team, and influential public figures Jessica Kahawaty, Nell-Olivia Vaga (Nel-Olivia Waga) and Linda Mutschlechner.
    Lawrence World Sports Academy adds three athlete members
       Through the Lawrence World Sports Awards, the Lawrence Sports Public Welfare Foundation recognizes the best athletes every year and arouses their interest in charity projects. The winners are voted by members of the Lawrence World Sports Institute. In addition, three retired athletes have been elected to the committee, and the number of members of the Lawrence World Sports Academy has now expanded to 61: Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara, Dutch footballer Ruud Gullit and Scottish Cyclist Sir Chris Hoy. Mr. Christopher Glainger-Haier, Chief Executive Officer of Schaffhausen IWC, gave each new member a special edition * of the Da Vinci chronograph ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’ (model number: IW393402) .

    Nico Rosberg
    Sports celebrities gather at the Lawrence World Sports Awards Charity Night Banquet
       The Lawrence World Sports Awards has returned to its birthplace this year. In 2000, the first award ceremony was held in Monaco, and the then Chairman of the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation, Nelson Mandela, laid a firm foundation for the foundation’s global development. A number of sports stars and celebrities participated in the celebrations at the Sporting Monte-Carlo Interstellar Hall Salle des Etoiles, including Boris Becker, Sergey Bub Serhij Bubka, Michael Johnson, Mika Häkkinen and Katarina Witt. Many of them responded to the call for the #sneakersforgood event by wearing sneakers on the red carpet. The shoes will be signed by celebrities and will be auctioned later. The proceeds will be used to support the Lawrence Sports Foundation’s sports programs around the world.

    Model IW393402
    Case Material Stainless Steel
    Strap black alligator leather strap
    Dial color dark blue
    Jewellery 38
    Caliber 89361
    Limited to 1,500 watches
    Mechanical chronograph movement
    Automatic winding
    89361 movement (89000 movement series)
    Full chain can provide 68 hours power reserve
    Moon phase profit and loss display
    Hours, minutes and seconds
    12 o’clock position displays the accumulated hours and minutes in hours
    Flyback function
    Small second hand with stop
    Glucydur® * beryllium balance wheel without trimmer, trimmer screw on balance wheel rim
    Double-sided anti-reflective domed sapphire glass
    Special engraved case back
    Water-resistant to 3 bar
    Case thickness 14.5 mm
    42 mm diameter
    Santoni alligator strap
    Price ¥ 97800

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    Talk About ‘impressionism’ In Watch

    In the traditional top watchmaking brands, the brand’s interpretation of fine watchmaking technology is reflected in two aspects: in terms of technology, it can be basically summarized as lighter, thinner and more complex; In terms of appearance, it pursues more exquisite visual design. Although the watch is small, it is a highly comprehensive art carrier. Many of our familiar art forms, such as music, painting and engraving, can be perfectly integrated with the watch, allowing the watch to function as a timepiece. At the same time, it has become a diverse art.

    When it comes to art, I think most people think of painting first. The ‘marriage’ of paintings and clocks has a long history-as early as the Qing Dynasty, Chinese emperors began to collect clocks with enamel decoration. Today, many top watch brands also launch a small number of watches with enamel-painted dials every year. These watches are drawn by hand by a skilled enamel micro-painting master, which requires a lot of time and energy to draw each dial. The models are not only timeless, but also have a high collection value because they are scarce.

    As a long-established art, painting has a very rich genre. For most friends who have little research on fine art, ‘Impressionism’ is definitely one of the most familiar art genres. Of course, I am no exception … you ask What is Impressionism? Hey … Do you think I really understand … Du Niang said this: ‘The common feature of Impressionist paintings is that the strokes are unretouched and the composition is broad and boundless, especially focusing on changes in light and shadow, the impression of time, and Use ordinary things in life as objects. ‘ Still don’t understand? It doesn’t matter whether you understand it or not … Anyway, I don’t understand it too much …

    Today’s watch house will lead you to talk about the cha (bu) pie (duo) in the watch.

    Speaking of Impressionism, even those who do not know art must know Monet’s ‘Impressions of Sunrise.’ This work is also the symbol of the Impressionist School. In 1874, Monet initiated and organized the first Impressionist Exhibition. In this exhibition, a ‘Sunrise · Impression’ by Monet caused the European art scene. Strong shock. This picture depicts the early morning of the Seine when the sun is just rising. Because the painter has to finish the work before the light changes in a short moment, the picture cannot be drawn very carefully.

    After ‘Sunrise Impressions’ was exhibited, it was publicly attacked by the academy. Reporter Louis Leroy of the ‘Noise’ magazine satirized Monet’s ‘negation to beauty and truth’ with ‘impression’, so ‘impressionism’ became the crown of this school. According to my understanding, Impressionism is about to draw pictures based on the impressions in its mind. It does not stick to traditional brushwork. The style of painting is extensive. Most of them have a strong sense of light and color.

    Vacheron Constantin Art Master-Flower Temple Series Strelitzia Queen Jewellery Watch

    Strelitziareginae, also known as the bird of paradise flower or bliss bird, is native to South Africa. In 1773, it was introduced by two British explorers: Mr. Francis Masson and Mr. Cook, and was sent to Sir Joseph Banks, the famous director of the British Botanic Gardens. Kew) in the Royal Botanic Gardens. The flower seeds are named after the Queen’s family fiefdom to pay tribute to Queen Charlotte III, Princess of King George III of the Duke of Mecklemburg-Strelitz family, and Strelitzia symbolizes loyalty and luck.

    Vacheron Constantin’s Master of Flowers Temple Series is from Vacheron Constantin in 2013, taking the flower illustrations in the 19th-century British plant atlas as a sample. John. A tribute to the biological masterpiece ‘The Temple of Flora’, compiled by Robert John Thornton, published in 1799. The dial of this watch vividly displays the strange shape of strelitzia flowers and the gorgeous color with strong colors and powerful lines, and reveals a vigorous vitality, combining exquisite decorative techniques such as machine-engraved carving and gem setting. , A visual feast for ladies watch lovers.

    This watch is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin 4400 mechanical movement with a bracelet, and a large barrel provides a power reserve of up to 65 hours.

    Piaget Altiplano white gold diamond ultra-thin mechanical watch

    Orchids are called ‘four gentlemen in flowers’ together with winter plum, summer bamboo, and autumn chrysanthemum in our country, and each represents a different gentleman’s character. Among them, the orchid is a symbol of modesty and gentleness with its simplicity and elegance. On Piaget’s watch, a pale yellow Capriella is painted, and the hand-carved exquisite carved enamel background is covered with a layer of translucent enamel called radial decoration. With this high-temperature roasted enamel orchid, it gives a quiet and elegant hazy impression like a girl.

    This watch has a 38 mm diameter, the case is made of 18K white gold, the bezel is set with 78 diamonds weighing about 0.7 carats, the model is a dense bottom design, equipped with a Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding Mechanical movement. This watch not only embodies the efforts of watchmakers who follow the tradition of haute horology to create and decorate Piaget ultra-thin mechanical movements, but is also undoubtedly the perfect crystallization of the exquisite skills of Piaget enamelists and engravers.

    Van Cleef & Arpels Extraordinary Dial Collection Hummingbird Watch

    The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world. The hummingbird has the most beautiful body and the most colorful. It is itself a masterpiece of nature. Hummingbirds are light, elegant, fast and agile, with gorgeous emerald, ruby, and topaz sparkles on their gorgeous feathers. Because the feathers of hummingbirds are very gorgeous, in the 19th century, European and American women often used hummingbird feathers as hat ornaments, and merchants bought hummingbird skins, posing a great threat to the survival of hummingbirds.

    Van Cleef & Arpels captures the momentary light and shadow of hummingbirds eating nectar, and presents the balanced and elegant posture of hummingbirds on the dial with fresh and colorful colors. The hummingbird’s powerful posture and wave-like flower lines, combined with the bright colors of orange, yellow, red, green, and blue, make this watch show a cheerful atmosphere full of youth.

    Beijing Filigree Enamel Women’s Watch

    The butterfly has many legends because of its colorful and beautiful colors. In China, there is the beautiful love story of ‘Liang Zhu’ butterfly, and the allusion of ‘Zhuang Zhouxiao dream fan butterfly’: ‘One day, Zhuang Zhoumeng saw that he had become a butterfly, a dancing butterfly. He was very happy and relaxed. I do n’t know if I am Zhuang Zhou. Later I woke up, but it was Zhuang Zhou who was lying on the bed. I wonder if Zhuang Zhou had dreamed and turned into a butterfly, or did butterfly dreaming become Zhuang Zhou? ”Anyway, Butterfly has been from ancient Both are symbols of beauty and freedom.

    The red butterfly enamel female watch of the Beijing Filigree enamel series draws a gorgeous butterfly on the dial with exaggerated magnificent colors. The watch has a diameter of 35 mm and the case is made of 18K gold. The bezel and lugs are embedded with 96 natural diamonds in a strange color scheme. , Emitting a unique mysterious temperament, giving a strong impression that is both beautiful and cold.

    Athens Precious and Unique Watch Safari Minute Repeater

    It has been over a century and a half since Athens was founded in 1846. Athens is dedicated to breakthroughs in watchmaking technology and endless creativity. It also uses enamel, puppet questions, fantastic tourbillons and unparalleled astronomy trilogy. Famous for its superb watchmaking skills and innovative ability, it has become one of the world’s top watches.

    This watch brings together the two major charities of Athens’ enamel and puppet questions. On the 42mm dial, vivid animal figures such as lions, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, and cranes are drawn between the square inches with bright brushstrokes. Once the minute repeater button is pressed, the ‘thrilling’ scene will appear immediately in the seemingly peaceful jungle-the fierce lion will immediately stretch out his claws to the little monkey on the tree, and the little monkey will swing back and forth on the tree dodge. This watch is equipped with a UN-72 manual-winding movement. It is also available in rose gold and platinum. Each model is limited to 50 pieces. (Picture / text watch home Xie Xin)