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    Breitling Breitling And David Beckham Celebrate The Release Of The Mechanical Chronograph Ace Pilot Watch

    Recently, Breitling, the top independent watch brand in Switzerland, officially released the Chronomat Airborne mechanical chronograph pilot series watch in China, and held the Chronomat themed exhibition of Breitling mechanical chronograph watch at the same time to celebrate the brand’s flagship watch machinery Chronomat celebrates its 30th anniversary. As the brand’s global image ambassador, Mr. David Beckham and the seven ambassadors of Breitling Jet Team, the Breitling Jet Team, made their debut at the Breitling Beijing Fangcao Flagship Store to help out. A brand event that opens a new chapter for pilot chronographs.

    As one of the most successful football players in the world and a trend-setting fashion icon, David Beckham visited the Breitling Beijing Fangcao flagship store for the first time and partnered with a new wrist, the Breitling Mechanical Chronograph Aviator Watch (Chronomat Airborne) made a cool appearance together, with its unique charm and masculine demeanor, perfectly demonstrated the unique style of Breitling’s world, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the birth of the brand’s flagship Chronomat and the new Chronomat Airborne). “The Breitling Ace Pilot Series watches are formidable, technically sophisticated, and the brand’s 30-year heritage is very attractive.” Mr. David Beckham said, “As a watch brand, Breitling not only manufactures performance The outstanding watch, its classic and enduring design and style has also inspired generations. I am honored to endorse such a charming and unique brand. ‘

    The famous Chronomat watch was born in 1984. The prototype model was from Breitling’s official watch tailored for the Italian Air Force’s ‘Three Arrows’ aerobatic flight performance team. Over the past thirty years, although this mechanical chronograph has been slightly adjusted to better conform to the aesthetic trend, the overall design continues the highly recognizable style features of classic prototypes and continues to improve its Performance in terms of durability, functionality, accuracy and reliability. In 2009, the Breitling Mechanical Chronograph became the first watch equipped with a new Breitling self-made movement. As Breitling’s flagship watch series, it has become a model for chronograph watches.
    Breitling Ultimate Chronograph ‘Breitling Jets’ Limited Edition Released
    The Breitling Jet Team who came to help with the new product release just ended the grand Breitling Dragon Tour in August last year. As the world’s largest civilian professional jet aerobatic flight demonstration team, the Breitling Jet Team has created one legend after another. To pay tribute to Breitling’s admirable achievements, courage and precision, Breitling has created the Chronomat 44 ‘Breitling Jet Team’ Limited Edition, the ultimate chronograph watch. Seven elite pilots made their debut with the latest limited edition black steel version of the ultimate chronograph watch, demonstrating unrestrained personality with resolute passion. ‘Many pilots and people who work in flight around us are proud to own a Breitling watch,’ said Captain Jacques Portlin. ‘The Breitling Chronomat series is even more special, it is the best in the world. The flight team cooperated to make exclusive watches for them. We are very honored that our team logo can appear on this time. This is a great encouragement and support for our continued pursuit of flying dreams.

    30 years of aviation legend timeless, 130 years of brand enterprising
    As the most trusted partner of the aviation industry and the founder of professional pilot timepieces, Breitling has maintained close cooperation with aviation professionals and enthusiasts since its establishment in 1884. From the great success of the Breitling cockpit timer during the Second World War, to the various sophisticated wrist-worn instruments created for the world’s top flight teams and pilots, the glorious moment of human conquest of the sky has always been accompanied by Breitling. The Chronomat is the flagship Breitling model. It was born to accompany the world’s flying elites to achieve the feat of blue sky. It is exclusively equipped with Breitling’s self-winding mechanical movement. It is indeed the ultimate pilot chronograph watch. Mr. Aldo Magada, Breitling’s Director of Global Sales and Business Development, said: ‘The mechanical chronograph series combines all the standards that ‘professional wristwatches’ should have, and has become an unshakable benchmark in the field of pilot professional timepieces .We also hope that through this series of watches, we will better show Chinese consumers the Breitling brand philosophy and mission: excellent performance, precision and reliability, aesthetic connotation and determined innovation. ‘

    To pay tribute to the 30-year aviation legend of Chronomat, and congratulate the 130th anniversary of the creation of the Breitling brand. From June 13th to 18th, Breitling presented the theme of the Breitling mechanical chronograph series in the LG2 atrium of Qiaofufang Lawn Shopping Mall in Beijing. Show, show the charm of the brand ‘Fei’. The theme exhibition will be the first time to showcase the new Chronomat Airborne and Chronomat limited edition watches tailored for four top flight teams-the ultimate chronograph ‘Tricolor Arrow ‘Limited edition, the ultimate chronograph’ French Patrol ‘limited edition, the world time ultimate chronograph’ Swiss Patrol 50th Anniversary ‘limited edition, and the newly launched ultimate chronograph’ Breitling Jets ‘limited edition; except In addition, the theme exhibition also features a mechanical chronograph watch manufacturing process display box, which analyzes the precise structure of this extraordinary timepiece in detail for the public. The Breitling Global Ambassador David Beckham and the seven elite pilots of the Breitling Jet Team jointly opened the door of the Breitling Mechanical Chronograph watch theme exhibition, thus starting a new chapter in the history of pilot chronograph watches. Welcome to the world of Breitling!