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    2012 Basel Showroom Icon Must See

    Basel watch exhibition, known as the ‘Oscar in luxury’, ‘the international watch industry weathervane’ event, in this short period of time, not only traditional and innovative displays , It is the main stage of the world’s watch classics and new products debut. The industry’s loud names and new products will be gathered here.

    Basel, a small town in northwestern Switzerland, attracts about 100,000 visitors and more than 3,000 international media personnel from all over the world during the annual exhibition in March, making this moment of only 160,000 permanent residents Become very lively. What kind of reasons can make Basel attractive for nearly a century?

    Every year, there will be more than 2,000 brands participating in the watch exhibition. Basel will show professional visitors their latest cutting-edge technology and latest products in Basel. Watch jewellery fans all over the world regard pilgrimage to Basel as one of their lifetime dreams.
    The organizer of the Basel Watch Fair is MCH (Basel Switzerland). Although the scale of the exhibition is large, its management team has only twelve people. During the show they hire a lot of temporary external resources. Catering services, logistics, leasing of flowers and trees are provided by third-party suppliers.