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    Vacheron Constantin Sihh 2016 New Overseas Horizontal Slim Watch

    Vacheron Constantin reinvents its iconic classic series-Overseas series. This time, Vacheron Constantin launched five new watches (12 models) adhering to the principles of leisure elegance and ruggedness. The new watches are equipped with the brand’s own production movements-including three new movements-a new generation of self-winding timepieces that reflect the spirit of travel. All watches in this series, whether they are made of stainless steel or gold, are engraved with the Geneva Seal certification from basic display to complex functions, and are equipped with an easily replaceable bracelet / strap, ensuring that the wearer can wear comfortably wherever he is Experience. In addition to the basic display functions (hours, minutes, seconds, with or without date display), the new series is also available in chronograph and slim models.

       Since the end of the nineteenth century, the watchmaking industry has made many major breakthroughs in anti-magnetic and waterproof aspects, and these are the two starting points for Vacheron Constantin to make sports watches. In 1885, by combining metal parts such as palladium, gold, and copper, people produced the world’s first antimagnetic timepiece. In 1898, Vacheron Constantin launched a waterproof pocket watch that can withstand extreme environments, and its distinctive sturdy case design became the pioneer of contemporary sports watches. 1930s stainless steel watch with screw-in bezel and case and sapphire crystal. In addition to the distinctive technical features and sporty appearance, these timepieces also have a three-dimensional decorative design decorated with ten rounded corners for the ‘base’ case. Decades later, Vacheron Constantin reinterpreted this design in the 1970s and launched several classics, including the famous ‘222 model’ watch, launched in 1977 to commemorate the brand’s 222th anniversary. This sports watch has a screw-in bezel and case back and is water resistant to 120 meters. Designed for those who aspire to an active lifestyle, it was also the inspiration for the first Overseas watch in 1996. The series is based on the spirit of travel and an attitude of looking at the world. It combines a variety of exquisite craftsmanship, and soon became a masterpiece of Vacheron Constantin’s skill level. Overseas Vertical The Four Seas series has a dynamic streamlined appearance and an iconic bezel design. Its sturdy caseback is engraved with the famous navigator Amerigo Vespucci barque pattern, as if you are invited to explore the seven oceans together. For many years, Vacheron Constantin has continuously developed and improved the Overseas horizontal and vertical series, such as the metal bracelet watch with the Maltese cross pattern of the brand logo launched in 2004. In 2016, the brand new Overseas works engraved with the Geneva imprint will become a brand masterpiece set sail in the 21st century.

    design feature
       The ergonomic smooth lines, subtle light and shadow effects and exquisite manufacturing technology make the new Overseas watch all over the world in the field of modern aesthetic design. The curved appearance of the case ensures a seamless connection with the bracelet or strap, with both craftsmanship and aesthetics. The six-sided bezel design and the column-shaped crown with groove design also echo the brand’s design aesthetics. The arc-shaped bezel and case with polished and satin finishes draw people’s attention to the exquisite dial, and the sapphire crystal cover is equipped with anti-glare design on the upper and lower sides. The dial is divided into four types of crystal blue, silver tone, rose pink and gray surface according to different models, which further highlights the layered sense of the watch. The dial pattern also alternates with sunburst, snail and velvety smooth polishing. Variety. Luminous hands and hour indications complement the gold bezel surrounding the bezel, while Arabic numerals ensure optimal readability. The sapphire crystal screw-down case back allows a clear view of the 22K gold rotor in the watch. It is decorated with a compass pattern that points the world’s travellers to a base point, and has been sandblasted, polished, and textured. Processing of processes.

    Comfortable and convenient to wear: self-winding movement, with waterproof function and interchangeable bracelet / strap
       In keeping with the travelling spirit of the Overseas Series, the new watch introduced this time can be comfortable to wear, convenient and practical, and fully meet various needs. All watches are equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. The soft iron case lining can effectively protect the watch from magnetic fields, ensuring its accuracy and durability. At the same time, the transparent screw-down case back guarantees a water-resistant depth of 50 meters and 150 meters for ultra-thin models and other watches.
       Another major feature of the new Overseas Watch Series is the modularity of parts. This time Vacheron Constantin introduces three convenient stainless steel or precious metal bracelets-its easy-to-remove replacement device enhances the watch. Overall comfort-the same is true for leather and rubber straps. The original replacement device on the bracelet / strap and folding buckle / pinhole buckle allows customers to safely disassemble and replace without using any tools, without affecting the robustness of the bracelet or strap.
       Overseas horizontal and vertical series bracelets / straps are exquisitely charming: the curved inner satin brushed bracelet is engraved with a semi-Maltese cross decoration; the rubber strap is also decorated with the Vacheron Constantin brand logo; the flat head alligator leather watch The strap is paired with a soft and comfortable cowhide lining and a pinhole buckle, which perfectly combines wearing comfort and sports beauty.

    Geneva mark, 130 years of solemn commitment
       The new Overseas Series is engraved with the Geneva Seal Certification. As the most authoritative mark of ultimate quality, the Geneva Seal was born in 1886 and is certified by an independent and neutral institution. It is not only a proof of the origin of the timepiece, but also a noble symbol of its superior quality and superior performance. The Geneva Seal is only issued to watches manufactured and assembled in Geneva. At the same time, the movement structure and performance of the watch must also meet a series of extremely strict standards.
       For consumers, the Geneva Seal is a fourfold guarantee of the watch’s origin, durability, accuracy and expertise. Under the supervision of ultra-high production standards, the most durable and aesthetically perfect work is produced. , While respecting and inheriting traditional manual watchmaking techniques. Since 1901, Vacheron Constantin has been the most faithful spokesperson for the Mark of Geneva.

    Overseas horizontal and ultra-thin-1120 movement
       Overseas Ultra-thin ultra-thin watch elegant and elegant. This watch engraved with the Geneva Seal is only available at Vacheron Constantin stores. The 18mm white gold 40mm ultra-thin case is equipped with a 1120 movement. This ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin has a total of 144 parts, but only 2.45mm thick. Overseas has an ultra-thin power reserve of about 40 hours, and the golden luminous-coated hands and hour indicator slowly slide past the elegant gray dial. The case back is made of sapphire crystal and has a built-in 22K gold rotor. The rotor is not only decorated with a wind rose compass pattern, but also polished, sandblasted and textured. The watch is paired with a white gold bracelet and an easy-to-remove replacement device, and a leather and rubber strap with a white gold pinhole buckle.

    Technical specifications
    Overseas is super thin
    Model 2000V / 120G-B122
    Certified by the Geneva Seal
    Movement 1120
    Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
    Automatic mechanical movement
    22K Gold Overseas Horizontal Oscillator
    28.4 mm in diameter (12½ francs), thickness 2.45 mm
    Power reserve of about 40 hours
    Vibration frequency of 2.75 Hz (19,800 times per hour)
    144 parts
    36 gems
    Display function hours, minutes
    Case 18K White Gold
    40 mm diameter, 7.5 mm thickness
    Equipped with anti-magnetic soft iron device
    Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
    Water-resistant to 15 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 150 meters)
    Dial Grey glossy, sunburst satin-finished dial,
    With velvety minute scale
    18K gold hour markers with white luminous coating on the hour and minute hands
    Bracelet / strap 18K white gold, polished satin-finished brushed half-Malta cross
    Comes with replaceable dark gray checkered hand stitching
    Black cowhide-lined Mississippi alligator strap
    Comes with interchangeable black rubber strap
    Buckle 18K gold bracelet with 18K white gold three-fold folding clasp and buttons,
    Adjustable comfort
    Replaceable strap with 18K white gold pinhole buckle