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    Classic Reproduction Chanel Boy · Friend Tweedy Strap Tweed Watch

    [House of Watches 2019 Basel Show Speaking of Chanel, everyone must be able to think of its representative element-soft twill. This fabric was originally from Scotland and was the fabric of men’s clothing at the time. In the 1920s, Ms. Chanel first pioneered the use of tweed fabrics for women’s clothing design, and was then continuously innovated and carried forward in Karl Lagerfeld’s designs. The BOY ∙ FRIEND TWEEDY STRAP watch launched by Chanel this year uses this classic fabric for watch straps, repeating the classic.

       The bezel and case of this BOY · FRIEND TWEEDY STRAP tweed strap watch is made of BEIGE (beige) 18K gold, and the ivory dial is decorated with a guilloché pattern. The simple dial and date dial are fresh and elegant. Generous, very suitable for elegant and mature working women.

       The octagonal dial design is reminiscent of the iconic PREMIÈRE watch, and it also pays tribute to the classic and legendary Chanel N ° 5 perfume and Paris Fontaine Square. The simple and exquisite design, strong lines and iconic outlines of this watch perfectly reflect the iconic design vocabulary of Chanel watchmaking. The design blends modern and classic, with each corner polished or satin-finished.

       The use of BEIGE (beige) 18K gold makes this watch more elegant and legendary. Convex onyx is set on the crown to complement the strap of the watch. The overall tone of this watch is dark, which is very suitable for women to wear when attending formal occasions, reflecting your low-key elegance on your wrist.

      This BOY · FRIEND TWEEDY STRAP tweed strap watch uses a high-precision quartz movement that is water-resistant to 30 meters and meets the daily needs of women. The quartz movement is also worry-free for women who are afraid of trouble. less. The watch not only has a very simple dial, but also has no extra decoration on the case back, showing Chanel’s attitude of going to the minimum.

       The most important thing is that the strap of this watch is made of black and gold tweed and leather piping to ensure wearing comfort and durability. The BEIGE (beige) 18K pin buckle also makes it wearable It’s very convenient. With a tweed strap and Chanel’s ready-to-wear, you are the most beautiful and elegant girl on the street!
       The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.

      For more details, please click on the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

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    Inscribed Time Together With Eternity Swiss Mido Tanabata Watch Recommendation

    Have you ever had a person in your life, willing to accompany him and die forever, and leave the truth intact? The flow of time transfers some things along with it, while true love and classics settle in the years. Meidu draws inspiration from the design of classic architecture, and carries the immortal essence of the building in the wrist, giving enduring meaning. This year Mido is lovingly choosing three pairs of watches. May each pair of watches become a token of love, confirming the eternal promise, witnessing the bits and pieces of love in the hands of the rotation, so that each pair of lovers can see the flow of water in a pleasant tick.
       On the way to your dream, you will inevitably encounter setbacks or disorientations. The lover is like a commander, giving strength, illuminating the direction of the road ahead, and letting you shine in love, successfully reach the other side of your dreams. Mido Commander series couples communicate the power of love from the wrist.

    Commander Series Observatory Certified Extra Long Power Reserve Watch
       Eiffel was an architecture lover, and with the support and trust of his lover, he became an outstanding architect. Later, the lover died, but the power of love still supports Eiffel’s architectural dream. He built the Eiffel Tower many years later to show his love for his wife in the place closest to heaven. The elaborate design and craftsmanship have made the Eiffel Tower stand for many centuries, symbolizing that love can cross time and space and be permanent. The designer of the Mido Commander series took this as the source of inspiration, following the architectural aesthetics of the Eiffel Tower, and sent this sincere feeling to his wrist.
       The Commander Series Observatory-certified ultra-long power reserve watch captures the sturdy silhouette and the beauty of power, symbolizing the resolute figure guarded by a man silently. The stainless steel case wrapped in PVD rose gold is soft and lustrous, like the affectionate and gentle eyes of a lover. The diamond-cut hour and minute hands and scales complement each other. This watch is equipped with the Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement certified by the Observatory, and witnesses every memorable romantic moment with precise movement time. The power reserve of up to 80 hours provides a powerful guardianship for love. Regardless of the difficulties and obstacles ahead, the power of love will accompany the wrist forever.

    Commander Women’s Diamond Watch
       The Eiffel Tower still has a tender side, even though it picks the iron bones. The Commander Women’s Diamond Watch inherits the feminine shape while incorporating the feminine design elements. The 33mm dial is made of mother-of-pearl, and each watch shines uniquely, just like every love is irreplaceable. The rose gold dial is lined with 12 natural diamonds, and each shines brightly. The gold powder is released from the wrist, giving the woman a noble and elegant side. The diamond-cut hands move on the dazzling dial and are treated with white Super‑LumiNova® to ensure clear readings at night. The 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold-plated inter-gold strap gives women a sense of strength, creating a feminine and gorgeous temperament that is fascinating. The two watches are like two strong and independent individuals, bathing in love together in the light of rose gold.
       In the long journey of people’s growth, no matter how they experience the storm, they always work together side by side, never give up, and guard their eternal promise with firm faith. Under his mighty appearance, there is an equally strong heart; and under her resolute appearance, gentleness but irresistible revealing. Mido helmsman series couple watches, just like him and her.

    Helmsman Series Observatory Certified Extra Long Power Reserve Watch
       The Sydney Harbour Bridge has overcome many difficulties, and finally jumped up in the blue sea and blue sky, connecting the two shores, so that true love is no longer constrained by geographical conditions. While taking the majestic momentum of the Harbour Bridge, the Mido Helmsman series also conveys a firm and persistent faith in love. The Helmsman Series Observatory-certified ultra-long power reserve watch has a broad ocean-like mind. The 42mm silver dial is simple and atmospheric. The vertical vertical silver lines on the dial resemble the undulating waves of the Harbour Bridge, sparkling in the sun. . The silver stainless steel strap is integrated with the toughness of the case. The satin-polished 316L stainless steel-plated case is wrapped in a silver dial. Under the sapphire crystal glass, the date and day display window at three o’clock is clearly visible, reminding every day worth remembering. Carrying a strong ‘core’ under the solid appearance, the Caliber 80 automatic movement provides 80 hours of uninterrupted power and also provides permanent power for love.

    Helmsman mother-of-pearl watch
       The helmsman series mother-of-pearl watch, which also inherits the Harbour Bridge, has the same resolute case as the men’s watch, condensing a firm faith in love. But under the strong appearance, this watch perfectly combines the gentle mother-of-pearl, which encompasses the gentleness and strength of women in the wrist. The tough stainless steel-plated case shows a woman’s bold pursuit of self and unswerving attitude towards love. The dial of mother-of-pearl is condensed and tender, exuding a tenderness, like the tenderness of a woman, like the heart of water. The rose-gold hands are dotted on the silver dial, shining brightly, witnessing every love story in the cycle of rotation. The carefully carved Geneva ripples reproduce the majestic uprights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The case and the stainless steel strap are connected smoothly, like a whole, like pure love. The transparent bottom cover adds translucent texture, reflecting the pure and immaculate heart of a woman.
       Nostalgia is a supreme romance. The best love is to accompany him for a lifetime in the simple and innocent world of the two, and to recall the best years with him after many years. The Mido Berencelli III series pays tribute to those who have worked together for years with a simple and retro design.

    Belem Celli III Men’s Watch
       The arcade of Emmanuel II of Milan, Italy, with its transparent dome’s infinite arc and infinite extension concept, has achieved its distinctive architectural beauty. The Mido designer inherits the elegant and timeless architectural style, giving the product a classic charm and integrating its extension into the watch, symbolizing that love can last forever. The dial of the men’s watch of Mido Berencelli III series observatory uses a perfect arc surrounded by stainless steel to create a wide field of vision with a diameter of 39mm, just like the arched corridor extending under the steel skeleton to the square. The pure steel-cast dial shows the restrained temperament of a gentleman. The Roman hour markers on the dial convey the classic charm, making people trace back the old times when they were with their loved ones. The recessed crown design makes this watch look even more perfect. Equipped with a movement certified by the Observatory, it keeps accurate time under any conditions, every moment of romance, every moment of heart control.

    Belem Celli III Women’s Watch
       The Mido Belem Celli III series of observatory ladies watches poetically show the infinitely symmetrical arc design lines of the Milan Emmanuel II arcade to the wrist. The highly polished steel case shows a curvilinear silhouette, like a feminine figure. The 33mm solid-arc solid-colored dial is small and exquisite, conveying the unique elegance of women by the slim fiber wrist. The center is decorated with a gum pattern, which is filled with a retro and timeless atmosphere. Just like love, it has been polished by years without fading. The round lugs reveal women’s intelligence and softness. A silver bracelet is attached to the dial. The timeless retro style and the elegant appearance of the two watches complement each other and contrast each other, just like two intimate lovers fall into the innocent love world. There is no complexity and disturbance. Every second, simple and beautiful.

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    Extraordinary Panerai 2001 Limited Edition Chronograph Global Watch

    Panerai was founded in 1860 and is known for its precision machinery and excellent quality. The earliest production of precision instruments and watches for the Italian Royal Navy. Today Panerai has become a world-renowned premium sports watch brand. With design inspiration from the sea, Panerai positions the brand as high-end watches in sports and leisure. Panerai 2001 Global Limited Edition Chronograph
    Manufactured around 2001, limited to D1296 / 1500, stainless steel case, 400 / Z movement, case diameter 40 mm.
    Estimated price: 30,000-50000 HKD
    Commission price: 40,000 HKD
    At the time when Panerai just came out, the domestic watch industry was really crazy. At the Panerai store in Hang Lung Plaza in Shanghai, everyone was queuing up to get 183 models. Later, Panerai was jokingly called by some people. The most expensive ETA 6497 in the world. At that time, I joked with my friends that if Panerai was to continue to succeed, its product line must have breakthroughs, otherwise it would have to be stopped sooner or later. As a result, Panerai really exerted its power. Whether it is a limited edition of one year or many self-produced movements in the later period, Panerai really has a ‘shock’.
    Panerai 2001 Global Limited Edition Chronograph
    This is a limited edition of Panerai Global in 2001. Only 1500 are available. It uses a self-winding chronograph movement. At that time, Panerai had not fully invested in its self-produced movement, so let’s enjoy an improved version of the limited core. Of course, now the price of ordinary Panerai is becoming more and more rational, and the price of such a watch at the end of 40,000 Hong Kong dollars has gone crazy.