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    Richard Miller Congratulates Pablo Dono For Another Glory

    Richard Miller is pleased to share the success and glory of partner Pablo Mac Donough, who has just won the world’s most prestigious event, the Palmero Polo in Argentina victory.
       Saturday, December 12, is an unusual day for the polo world. Pablo Dono’s team, La Dolfina, won in the final, winning three consecutive championships, and successfully entered the annals of history. For three consecutive years, a total of 35 unbeaten record of outstanding performance has also broken the record set 40 years ago.
       Led by Adolfo Cambiaso, the La Dolfina team went all the way and finally met the Ellerstina team in the same finals and venues, recreating the scene from a year ago. As soon as the match began, the tension between the two teams became clear, and the players from both sides started the fierce competition. Cambiaso and Stirling played a team to help La Dolfina team first. At the end of the fifth round, the La Dolfina team maintained their advantage over competitors with 9-4.
       La Dolfina’s victory seems to be a foregone conclusion, and Ellertstina has successfully returned to the game. It seems that the situation is about to reverse sharply. But the former didn’t falter at all, at this time the talented Juan Martin Nero and Pablo Dono stood up. Both teams showed great determination, and the desire for victory prompted Pablo Dono and his team to defeat their opponents 13-12 in the 8th round to win the final.
       Pablo Dono and his team brought home the honorary trophy with their outstanding performance, and Richard Miller would like to extend a warm congratulations to them. Similar to the past, Pablo Dono wears the RM 053 tourbillon watch in this historic competition. Designed by Richard Miller and Pablo Dono, this watch is equipped with a barrel-shaped micro-blasted titanium and titanium carbide case, which is durable and able to withstand extreme shocks, which is perfect for the battlefield. Companion.