2017 Popular Rolex Rankings

It is not too late to get to the topic. At the end of the year, many watch magazines, watch websites, and even fashion media will make some rankings, summing up the watches worth buying in a year. There are many such lists both at home and abroad, and each watch is different. A small problem that easily appears in this annual watch list is that it is disconnected from the actual market. For example, the watches that are evaluated are actually not available at all, and some do not even have a storefront, because the editors who make the list may not know much about what watches are on the market, what watches are hot, and what watches are not. So I want to combine the watches in this year’s various lists with the actual situation of the market this year, and also make a small summary of 2017.
Of course, I’ll start with the Rolex that every brother likes.
   In fact, everyone knows that many Rolex watches are popular watches, especially sports watches. Some people would say that since Rolex is a popular watch, how can it emit 123? I will list the most popular Rolexes in this year in descending order based on the market, supply and demand of each model of Rolex this year. Let’s start.
Fifth place Rolex DATE JUST 41 model 126334

Rolex 126334
   As you all know, Rolex’s new 41mm DJ mainly has 3 models. 126333 in gold, 126334 in platinum, and 126300 in steel. Of these three models, the more demanding and hotter this year is 126334 in platinum. There are also reasons why 126334 is hotter than other DJs this year. Of the three main DJs, gold 126333 is the most expensive, because the gold bezel, crown, and middle of the bracelet are all gold (the platinum 126334 is only a platinum ring), and the public price itself is high. In addition, the new DATE JUST 41 is a new generation DJ using the 3235 movement, which is the latest style. Although the supply of DJ is better, it is a watch that you can buy. But even so, the price is still relatively high due to factors such as exchange rates and discounts, and because it is new, there are very few watches entering the second-hand market, so the price of 126333 is generally high.

Rolex 126334
   In contrast to the highest price of 126333, the lowest price is 126300. Because 126300 is an all-steel model, there is no gold on the watch, so the public price is much lower. Under the factors of exchange rate and discount, the actual price is even more than half of 126333. Cheap is a good thing, but Rolex’s arrangement is very clever. The model of 126300 all-steel is polished. There is no dog ring and no classic Rolex features. It is directly different from DJ 41 of Jinjin. Although 126300 is low in price, without dog teeth, some people will feel ‘something is missing’.

Rolex 126334
   Platinum 126334 is right in the middle. It is a gold watch, but it is much cheaper than the gold 126333. At the same time, it has a dog ring, which is more ‘Rolex’ than the all-steel 126300. So many people bought 126334 this year, inquired about 126334, tangled with 126334, so that 126334 was often out of stock, so I put 126334 in fifth place.

Fourth place Rolex Golden Skywalker Model 326933/326934

Rolex 326933 Skywalker
   Some brothers will definitely ask, why is Skywalker so hot? Think Skywalker is not hot at all? Indeed, Skywalker is a special one among all Rolex watches. It is currently the most complicated work. We usually see the fire Rolex does not have this watch, and it is rare to see someone wearing this watch, but the actual situation of this year’s Golden Skywalker is that the Golden Skywalker once exceeded the public price.

Rolex 326934 Skywalker
   Before Rolex, only DD were all gold watches. Later, Skywalker was released. At the beginning, Skywalkers were also gold watches. In addition, Skywalker is a two-year calendar. It is the most complicated watch of Rolex. Want to replace the DD flagship? As a result, Rolex came out of the Jinjin Skywalker, the truth is clear, DD is still the flagship, and the price of the Jinjin Skywalker dropped. The public price of the Golden Shell Skywalker was more than 300,000. Now the public price of the Golden Skywalker has dropped to over 100,000. There are more people who can afford the price of 100,000, and the demand is large. It’s been over par for some time this year. For example, the public price of the Platinum Skywalker is 109,900, and the actual price of the new complete market is more than 120,000.

Rolex 326934 Skywalker

   Because the public price of Skywalker itself is much higher than those of conventional Rolex, such as Water Ghost, GMT, and Explore, and there are relatively few people who know this watch, it gives people a cold market feeling. However, the actual performance of Skywalker is still very hot. After all, how many labors can still surpass the public price? So I put it in 4th place.
3rd Rolex Scarlet Sea-Dweller Model 126600

Rolex 126600

   The Scarlet Letter is one of Rolex’s hottest watches this year. I don’t think anyone will deny it. Of course, I only put the Scarlet Sea Envoy in third place for a reason. This year, Rolex launched a new sea ambassador 126600. From the inside to the outside, it subverted the old sea ambassador 116600. The change is quite large. Xinhai Enlarged the size to 43 millimeters, added a magnifying glass, the face of the disc became a red letter, and also used a new generation of 3235 movement, everything is new. Therefore, once the Scarlet Letter was launched, you don’t have to think about it, you must have been fired immediately. At that time, some people questioned that this watch would definitely not work. As soon as the scarlet letter appeared on the market, the direct price broke 100,000 and reached around 120,000. We must know that the official price of the scarlet sea dweller was only 88,000.

Rolex 126600
   Of course, the reason why I placed the Scarlet Sea Envoy in the third position rather than the more advanced position was because the Scarlet Sea Envoy did not stay strong like the ceramic ring Gangdi. In fact, I think everyone also knows that the strongest overall strength in sports is still the ghost, and style, performance, size, and price have reached a balance. Although the Scarlet Letter has a high configuration and a very good movement, there are still shortcomings in terms of size and thickness. Most people who buy watches don’t really care how many generations of movement you are, how many ‘high-tech’. This led to the scarlet sea ambassador starting to fall off after it rushed to the ‘peak’, and slowly fell back to a market that was more than the public price (close to the public price), and no longer significantly exceeded the public price. So I put the Scarlet Sea Envoy in 3rd place.
2nd Rolex Daytona Model 116500/116508

Rolex 116500
   Sometimes I really feel that Rolex is absolutely ‘intentional’, and the ceramic ring diton takes this watch to a very low output level. Or why these years have passed, and the market price of 116,500 has not fallen at all? I thought about the question before, who is the best of all Rolex. Later I thought of it as ‘Daytona’. The antique Daytona Paul Newman is the highest-value labor. The ceramic ring steel Dayton is the most durable watch in Rolex’s new model. Even the discontinued Steel Daytona now maintains the original price. I really do. Quite convincing. The price of the ceramic ring steel di is 95,000, and the new complete set is about 120,000 (white is more expensive and black is cheaper). What’s more, Daytona is not only strong in the ceramic circle, but also Jindi’s market has started to rise.

Rolex 116508
   Green faced Jindi 116508 is another hottest Daytona this year. The golden shell and green face are very nice, and many people like it. Beginning in the second half of this year, the price of Green Face Jindi has begun to rise. At the beginning, the market was still 180,000. After a short time, it rose to more than 190,000, and it was very difficult to get, and you need to wait. Some brothers want to buy 116508, wait for the right, wait for the watch, this is normal. Fortunately, 116508 now has some second-hand appearances, which reduces the difficulty of starting this watch. But guys, don’t think second-hand will be cheap. This is Daytona. So I put 116500 and 116508 in second place.
1st Rolex Green Ghost Model 116610LV

Rolex 116610LV
   Two days ago, I asked my wife what the new green ghost was doing in the past two days. She told me that 70,000 is cheap now. To be honest, I really don’t know what happened to the green ghosts. Since this summer, the market has been rising all the way. Thinking about a few years ago, Green Ghost felt in my mind that it was more than 50,000 watches. As a result, the brand-new Green Ghost price this year was from 60,000 to 70,000, which was super public. Some even offered 80,90,000 (of course , This is the blind price). Green ghosts are different from the others on my list. Take a look, the other labors are all new styles. They are all new watches released in the past two years. Your new style is also reasonable. The green ghost alone is an ‘old watch’ that has been out for many years, and it is still surprising that people can still ‘crazy’ it. To tell the truth, I don’t know why the green ghost can be so hot this year. I always hear people say that the green ghost is going to stop production. Is it really because people think that green ghosts will stop production, so there is a ‘panic’ that causes people to buy green ghosts?

Rolex 116610LV
   Many players know that Rolex has gradually changed the movement in the past two years, replacing the 3135 movement with a new generation of 3235 movement. According to Rolex’s current progress, it is estimated that it will soon be switched to water ghosts. Maybe it’s the turn of the water ghost next year. In such a period of knowing that it is necessary to renew, everyone should have gradually stopped buying the old models, and they are all waiting to buy the new models. The old models are slowly cooling down. As a result, the prices of green ghosts, including niggas, have been rising all the way (although the niggas’ prices have risen a little, but they are still normal), I really do n’t understand. I do n’t know how to return, but I can see the facts, so I decided to put the green ghost on the top of the 2017 popular Rolex ranking.