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    Tourbillon Flying Amphibious, Chasing The Poetic Chapter Of Love – Gp Girard-perregaux Valentine’s Day Gift

    The best love is that the fanfare is equal, Qinther and Ming. GP Girard Perregaux’s women are also rigid and soft, with a free soul. Elegant and confident in the face of love, proud of living. The men of GP Girard-Perregaux are sincere and determined, they can experience the waves of ordinary life, and they can go all over the hills to give their lover the company and commitment. Sharing each other’s minutes, seconds, and seconds is presumably the most touching promise among lovers. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, GP Girard-Perregaux expresses its love for lovers in the name of time, and chooses a double watch to record the moment of love.
    Cat’sEye Tourbillon Watch


      This unique Cat’sEye Tourbillon watch is set with 6.20 carats of diamonds. The diamonds are harmoniously set against each other, creating a strong sense of vitality, reflecting the extraordinary temperament of women with simplicity and luxury. The seven-string-shaped tourbillon frame keeps spinning, and the movement of the timepiece in the square inch is exquisite and graceful, telling the light of the rhinoceros in the heart of lovers.
    Laureato Tourbillon Series


      Since the real name is in love, the Laureato laurel series with its classic octagonal bezel design has not been controlled by fashion trends. The Laureato Tourbillon Series Tourbillon watch has a lyre-shaped tourbillon frame, connected to a one-piece stainless steel case and bracelet, as indestructible as love. The arrow-shaped tourbillon bridge design with a strong and unique style also symbolizes the bridge connecting the past and future of love-so that good memories can continue to exist, and the future can be expected.

      Good love is a journey about time. The elegant and romantic Cat’sEye Tourbillon Watch and the chic Laureato Tourbillon Series Tourbillon Watch are a natural pair, which will witness your sweet love offensive.

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    Patida Philippe 5004t Makes A Stunning Appearance At Only Watch Auction Exhibition

    This year, Patek Philippe’s unique auction watch customized for Only Watch, the world’s largest philanthropic auction event, was unveiled last week. This 5004T, made of rare titanium, is equipped with a perpetual calendar and a two-second chronograph The watch is valued at 700,000 Euros.

     Patek Philippe 2013 Only Watch 5004T

    腕表 The design of this watch is based on Patek Philippe’s discontinued 5004, equipped with a two-second chronograph and perpetual calendar complications. The dial is made of pure gold and decorated with hand-engraved guilloche patterns, and the black leather strap has a carbon fiber pattern. The 5004T is a men’s watch, but it is small in size and only 36.7mm in diameter, which is exquisite and delicate.

     Patek Philippe 2013 Only Watch 5004T

    Another highlight of the watch is the use of rare titanium materials, including this upcoming watch. As of now, Patek Philippe has only produced 4 titanium watches, which are rare and extremely precious. Experts expect that this watch will sell for a high price of 700,000 Euros.

    At the 2011 Only Watch auction, Patek Philippe once created a ref. 3939 made of stainless steel, with two complex functions of tourbillon and minute repeater, and finally sold for 1.4 million euros, becoming the highest priced work at the auction.

    Only Watch started in 2005 and was initiated by Luc Pettavino, president of the Muscle Atrophy Charity Association. Held every two years, the top watch brands customize unique top-of-the-line watches for event auctions, auctioned by Prince Albert II of Monaco
    Sponsored in Monaco. All funds raised will be passed to the Royal Muscular Atrophy Charity Association for use in the Disease Research Fund.

    The fifth Only Watch charity auction will be held in Monaco on September 28 this year, and 38 watch brands including Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Glashütte and others will participate. Starting in September this year The auction watches will also be held in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Geneva and other cities for world tour exhibitions.