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    De Bethune Launches Db27 Titan Hawk Watch-news De Bethune

    On the 10th anniversary of the establishment, De Bethune watch factory launched the first creation of the new DB27 series Titan Hawk watch.
    The designer of the piece, David Zanetta, defines it as ‘committed to perfect service through legibility and functionality.’
    At the Swiss village of L’ Auberson, experts crafted a 43 mm 5th grade titanium case, the Titan Hawk case and floating lugs, and the case back all show their delicate mirror polishing technology.
    The patented floating lugs allow the watch size to be easily adjusted to suit different wrists and movements, to ensure that it meets the needs of the wearer, and the harmonious unification of comfort and modern aesthetic interest is exactly what De Bethune is used to.
    The central calendar display circle surrounds the center of the hand-decorated dial, making it more silvery. The outer hour marker circle and minute display circle form a circle and highlight the numbers above.
    Shear-type hands, including non-standard date hands, are all polished by hand in stainless steel at the De Bethune watch factory and baked in blue.

    Titan Hawk by De Bethune

    The DB27 Titan Hawk is equipped with a mechanism that proves that the technical director Denis Flageollet has mature technical characteristics. At the same time, he continues to expand and perfect his manufacturing technology knowledge. The bottom cover reveals that the silicon and platinum ring balance wheel is the brand’s latest self-winding self-winding movement that continuously generates power-driving the central hour, minute and date functions-the new movement is named S233 according to the proportion of silicon, with a six-day Power reserve.

     DB27 bottom cover view

    The S233 movement combines major technological breakthroughs from De Bethune:
    Self-regulating double bucket *-specifically designed to eliminate friction and effectively convey the maximum energy
    Flat radian new silicon / platinum balance wheel *-Its special briskness makes this balance wheel reduce mechanical friction and provide an ideal inertia / mass ratio. The flat end circle arc structure is on the same level as the balance spring, which compensates for centrifugal action and promotes its fastening.
    Triple shock absorber damping system * minimizes potential external influences and protects the balance spring balance.
    Silicon escape wheel
    Titanium / Heavy Metal Pendulum
    Original source: DeBethune

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    Made In Germany Three Recommended German Brand Watches

    What is the image made in Germany for you? The image given to me is durable, pragmatic, reliable, safe and precise. The same image is also given to my watch. Famous watch brands such as Lange, Glashütte Original, NOMOS can fully confirm that today’s watch home I would like to recommend three Deutsche brand watches for everyone, I hope you like it.
    Lange 1815 series 233.026 watch

    Domestic public price: RMB 192000
    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Movement type: manual machinery
    Case material: 18K white gold
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Watch details: 99500
    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Water resistance: 50 meters
    Watch details: TANGOMAT 601 watch

    Domestic public price: RMB 24800
    Case diameter: 38.3 mm
    Case thickness: 8.2 mm
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: stainless steel
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Watch details: nomos / 1429 /
    Watch Reviews: Nomos inherits the rigorous product style of the German machinery industry. The simple design makes you never forget it at first glance. Some people say that complexity represents the exquisite craftsmanship, but I think that the simplicity of a watch design It is also a demonstration of strength, and the 38.3 mm diameter with black strap and white dial is really attractive.

    Summary: As a world manufacturing power, Germany is recognized for its extreme quality. Therefore, ‘German quality’ has also become a label and a pursuit of a high-quality life concept.