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    Iwc Engineer Carbon Steel High-performance Automatic Watch Released Directly At 2013 Geneva Watch & Watch Fair

    Schaffhausen IWC has been the official engineering partner of the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One ™ Team for the next three years since 2013. Both companies are models of global craftsmanship, innovation and performance engineering. Taking this cooperation as an opportunity, IWC produced a new timepiece with a carbon steel case: a limited edition engineer carbon steel high-performance automatic watch with red or yellow design elements, each limited to 100 pieces.
     In the early 1980s, the use of carbon fibers revolutionized the manufacture of Formula 1 ™ Formula One cars. Apart from carbon steel, no other material is more suitable for the manufacture of the safety cabin (monolithic construction) and the body. Carbon steel is twice as strong as steel, yet weighs only one-fifth that of steel. A F1 ™ Formula 1 car has a monolithic structure made of up to 12 layers of carbon fiber felt and weighs less than 60 kg. This material has extremely high rigidity, which basically guarantees that the car body is unbreakable, so it plays a vital role in the safety concept of modern Formula 1 ™ Formula One. Carbon steel has long been an iconic material for Formula 1 ™ Formula One and a symbol of impressive material innovation. Even today, even the steering wheel on racing cars is mainly made of carbon steel. Therefore, when IWC Schaffhausen is cooperating with Mercedes-AMG Petronas, it has launched a new carbon steel case timepiece-engineer carbon steel high-performance automatic watch models (IW322401, IW322402) It is also popular. The watch case consists of three parts, and its manufacturing principle is consistent with the monolithic body of a racing car: First, the fiberboard impregnated with epoxy resin is shaped, then baked in high temperature and pressure, and then resin hardened. If you look closely at the fibrous tissue, you can see that a single fiber is five times thinner than a human hair. The black dial of the engineer’s carbon steel high-performance automatic watch is woven from carbon fiber twill. Each bundle of longitudinal fibers alternates twice above and twice below with the transverse fiber bundles. In this way, a very distinctive pattern was created, exactly like the one on the steering wheel of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 ™ Formula 1. The black carbon fiber structure expresses the sporty temperament of an orthodox F1 ™ racing car and adds dynamic and three-dimensional effects to the watch surface.
     The technical appearance of the engineer’s carbon steel high-performance automatic watch also benefits from 5 through screws, which are used to combine the outer case and glass frame (carbon steel) with the waterproof titanium inner case. The screw cap reinterprets the design language of famous watch designer Jero Zunda. He designed the legendary sports stainless steel engineer SL watch (model 1832). IWC launched it in 1976, and it still belongs to the great design of the watch industry. Inspired by the diving helmet, he highlighted the screws and drilled holes in the manufacturing process above the bezel, not to hide it. The drilled holes in the glass frame of the Engineer SL watch have also become a typical feature of the engineer watch family together with the lightning logo. Just as Gero Zunda was influenced by the diver’s equipment at the time, today’s IWC designers have taken a lot of inspiration from today’s Formula 1 ™. The material selection of the engineer’s carbon steel high-performance automatic watch is inspired by the classic materials of F1 ™ Formula 1: the case and dial are made of carbon steel; the crown, crown guard and screw cap are made of ceramic; titanium Manufacture the screws, and finally make the fiber-lined strap from rubber. The strap is stitched with signal yellow or signal red stitching, reminiscent of the yellow rims on soft tyres and the red edging on ultra-soft tyres in F1 ™. In this top motorsport, the choice of tires is strategic. The color markings of the tires help viewers easily identify 6 different tire types. The stitching on the strap echoes the yellow or red seconds scale on the edge of the dial-the color is based on the engineer’s carbon steel high-performance watch. The oscillating weight can be seen through the transparent sapphire glass case, which resembles the engine piston of a Formula 1 ™ Formula One car. Here, the watch’s engine is the IWC-made 80110 movement, equipped with a Pellaton automatic winding system. This engine is powerful and reliable, with a power reserve of 44 hours.
     F1 ™ Formula 1 drivers experience severe shocks and vibrations as they ride on the track at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour. In the curve, the centrifugal force acts on the body equivalent to five times the gravity. It’s unimaginable without strong muscles and a high-performance racing suspension system. In the engineer’s carbon steel high-performance automatic watch, the integrated shock absorption system performs this function. The 80110 movement is one of IWC’s most robust movements, and has successfully passed the most tests. It can withstand all the tests that the watch will face under normal and extreme conditions. Just as qualifying is important for Formula One ™ Formula 1, quality inspection is also important for IWC. Quality testing encompasses a series of months-long and extremely rigorous testing procedures carried out by Schaffhausen’s watch factory. Only timepieces that have successfully passed numerous impact tests, abrasion tests, weather tests, rust and ultraviolet tests, and practical application tests will be able to embark on the journey of IWC and compete with other competitors in high-end watches. Engineers carbon steel high performance automatic watches have passed the most stringent tests. This high-tech weapon is available with yellow or red seconds scale and strap stitching, limited to 100 pieces each. ‘ONE OUT OF 100’ is engraved on the bottom ring.
    Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013: