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    Friends Are Going To Birthday! ‘stand Still, I’ll Buy Some Oranges First’

    The ‘good friends’ around them are about to celebrate their birthday. I just want to say, ‘Stand still, I’ll buy some oranges first.’ The birthday of a good friend has arrived. Although he is not usually hit by ‘damaging friends’, after all, it is rare for a confidant to express ‘love’ at such an important time. So here are some birthday gifts for your friends!

    Tissot T-SPORT Series T095.417.17.037.06

    Product model: T095.417.17.037.06
    Domestic public price: 3050
    Watch diameter: 42 mm
    Case thickness: 11.52 mm
    Movement type: Quartz
    Movement model: ETA G10.211
    Water resistance: 100 meters
    Case material: 316L stainless steel case
    Watch details: tissot / 44478 /

    Watch Comments: Men’s love for basketball has only continued to increase. Tissot’s special series of the NBA has designed special watches for teams and fans around the world to pay tribute to the spirit of the NBA. Today’s recommendation is the Los Angeles Lakers watch that Kobe played for. The team’s main color collision and matching are reflected on the strap. The team logo is printed on the cover after screen printing. If your friend is also a basketball fan, Then the Tissot watch series is very suitable, choose an exclusive team watch he likes, I believe it will surprise him.

    Casio BABY-G series BA-110GA-8A

    Product model: BA-110GA-8A
    Domestic public price: ¥ 890
    Watch diameter: 46.3 * 43.4 mm
    Case thickness: 15.8 mm
    Water resistance: 100 meters
    Watch details: casio / 50571 /

    Watch comments: Casio’s youthful vitality and stylish multifunctional characteristics have been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and the price is high. If your good sister is more fashionable and casual, then this watch may be more suitable. The light blue case is youthful and lively, and it is easy to match with clothing. The functions of the watch should not be underestimated. The functions of shock resistance, 100 meters water resistance, automatic calendar and world time are very practical. The watch is perfect.

    Swatch new series YSS306

    Product model: YSS306
    Domestic public price: 680
    Watch diameter: 25 mm
    Case thickness: 8 mm
    Movement type: Quartz
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Watch details: swatch / 57477 /

    Watch Reviews: Swatch’s ‘S’ not only represents the place of origin of Switzerland, but also the meaning of the second watch ‘second-watch’, just like all kinds of fashion, there must be more than two watches, the watch is no longer a luxury The simple timing tool is more fashion on the wrist. The net version of the black strap is fashionable and versatile, and the 25mm small dial is exquisite and simple. The watch has a daily water resistance of 30 meters, which is suitable for everyday wear.

    Summary: Generally, when choosing a birthday gift, it is better to combine with the personality of the other person. The several watches recommended above have distinctive personality, are popular and practical, and the price is moderate and easy to accept. The important moments of good pot friends must be involved, may wish to choose a watch as a birthday gift!

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    Blancpain: Innovation Is Tradition’ – Blancpain Exclusive Exhibition In Singapore

    At the time of the Chinese New Year, Blancpain organized a special introduction to its brand DNA, ‘Innovation is Tradition’, at MarinaBaySands, one of Singapore’s iconic buildings, and a famous shopping destination. ‘A temporary exhibition with a series of treasures. During the exhibition, the brand brought the public into the fascinating world of Blancpain through display windows and a display at the main bridge at the entrance of the mall lobby.

       The opening ceremony of the exhibition kicked off at a cocktail dinner, and guests also took the opportunity to explore Blancpain’s famous Chinese calendar watch. This classic watch is the crystallization of the brand’s five-year research and development. Its unique feature is the combination of the ancient Chinese lunar calendar based on the moon’s operating cycle and the Gregorian calendar based on the solar operating cycle. Blancpain’s dual-track lunar calendar Combined with the Gregorian calendar of single-track legislation, it has overcome many challenges to the watchmaking technique caused by the irregular yin and yang periods of the Chinese calendar. ), Clearly and accurately presented on the square dial. Once this landmark model came out, it became a watch collection of fans from all over the world. This year Blancpain launches a new limited edition of the Year of the Pig platinum watch with this complication, limited to 36 watches, numbered 1-50, skipped every 4th. This model is also available in red and gold.

       The Blancpain: Innovation is Tradition is open to the public until Sunday, February 17, 2019.