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    The 12th Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards, The First Round Of Finalists, Will Be Exhibited In Shanghai

    The twelfth annual Geneva Grand Prix Awards ceremony will be held in November

     The annual “Grand Prix d Horlogerie de Geneve” (GPHG), which is acclaimed as the “Oscar Award” in the watch industry, is the highest honor creator of watchmaking. Following the successful eleventh session, the twelfth annual Geneva Fine Watch Awards annual awards ceremony was held at the Grand Theatre in Geneva on November 15, 2012. Several of the highest awards in the watch industry, including the Grand Prix. Prior to this, nearly 70 first-round selected models (click to view the gallery) will be on display at Shanghai Bund 18 from October 20th to 21st.

     Van Cleef & Arpel Lady Arpels Poetic Wish

     Among the watches on display at this time are the finest fine jewelry watch brands including Chopard, Panerai, Parmigiani, Van Cleef & Arpel, including Van Gogh Van Cleef & Arpel Lady Arpels Poetic Wish, MB & F Legacy Machine N ° 1, HYT H1 Black DLC, Chopard Imperiale Tourbillon Full Set, Chanel Mademoiselle Prive Coromandel, Hublot ) Masterpiece Antikythera, Richard Mille RM 055 Bubba Watson, Montblanc TimeWalker ChronoVoyager UTC and other watches will compete for the best women’s clothing, the best men’s clothing, the best innovation, the best jewelry, the best complications, the best sports and Golden Finger seven major awards.

     Chanel Mademoiselle Prive Coromandel Watch

    Exhibition time: October 20-21
    Touring Address: No. 18, Zhongshan East First Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

    About the Grand Prix of Fine Watches (GPHG):
    Founded in 2001 by the Edipresse Group, Canton of Geneva and the city of Geneva, it aims to recognize the best timepieces in the international watch industry, make the greatest contribution to the watch industry and promote the spirit of watchmaking-breakthrough innovation, exquisite craftsmanship and pursuit Excellence-individuals, brands and institutions, known as the highest prestige, most authoritative and influential watch industry in the Swiss watch industry, known as the ‘Oscar Award’ in the watch industry. All watchmaking brands are open to the competition, with about 300 brands participating each year.

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    Jacques Reverso Watches 85 Years Of Surprise And Innovation

    Inspiring endless imagination and incorporating bold creativity in superb skills are the principles that Jiujia has long adhered to. Reverso watches perfectly reflect the brand’s pursuit of creativity. A simple movement of the case contains infinite imagination and beauty, giving us unexpected surprises.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre 85th Anniversary

       In this classic, the front and back dials are equally original, highlighting the rare craftsmanship (Métier Rare®) of carving, gem setting and enamel painting in the workshop. Master watchmakers are constantly innovating, from the most simple to the most complicated rich styles, different models meet the different requirements of the wearer. Watches with Duetto double-sided design and Duo dual time zone design concept, highlight the superb watchmaking craftsmanship and endless creativity in the workshop.

       Since the introduction of this watch in 1931, the emotions contained in it have been consistent. Year after year, this exemplary work is constantly being introduced and it is amazing. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series watches are simple in line and comfortable to wear. They are enduring across different ages and cultures, and have long been a symbol of elegance.

       Mr. Daniel Riedo, Global President of Jaeger-LeCoultre, said: ‘Coinciding with the 85th anniversary of the Reverso watch series, we hope to write a new chapter for this series, so that everyone can find an exclusive watch that best suits their temperament. .To inject new elements into this legendary classic, we need to retain its essence while retaining the following characteristics: retain the value of the rich and diverse craftsmanship of this watch factory, showing elegant style and contemporary spirit Integrate this series according to different styles and design concepts, launch the Reverso Classic, Reverso Tribute and Reverso One, providing different customers with a wide range of personality options. Launch of small, medium and large models based on this; develop self-winding mechanical movements for the Reverso Classic watch series, making it more convenient and easy to wear; finally, we invite you to personalize your customized service through the Reverso watch , Designing your watch exclusively. This is our mission. Today we are proud to present you We watch the results. ‘
    Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic
       The iconic Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic watch has a pleasing appearance, just like a beautiful and exquisite face, which makes people look great. Inspired by Art Deco design, a geometrically shaped case, decorative inscriptions, straight Arabic numerals, a “track” minute scale ring, these classic design elements make this watch transcend time and fleeting popularity fashion. The design of the Reverso Classic watch series is always the same. It never follows the flow. The ratio of the length and width of the case draws on the essence of Pythagoreanism in ancient Greece: the golden ratio.

       The Reverso Classic is available in three sizes-small, medium and large, for both men and women. The watch is no longer a simple accessory, it shows the wearer’s grace and confidence. The lugs have been redesigned to be slimmer, making the watch fit the wrist perfectly. The bezel is polished with pearl dots, subtly highlighting the delicate touch of the watch. All Reverso Classic models feature a unique guilloché pattern in the center of the black and white front dial and vertical frosting on the outside.

       In addition to these details that pay tribute to classic style, this Reverso watch series also interprets the true connotation of the brand. Most models of the Reverso Classic watch are equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, which meets the requirements of modern life for function and convenience. Generally speaking, Reverso watches are equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement. However, Jaeger-LeCoultre has the courage to accept the challenge and constantly integrate complex watch functions while ensuring ease of use; while considering the practicality of the work, it also considers elegant appearance design. This time, the team of Jaeger-LeCoultre made use of its superb watchmaking talents and developed an automatic winding movement, which was placed in the tiny space of the Reverso watch.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic

       Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic is available in three sizes. The back made of stainless steel allows the wearer to freely use his imagination to create personalized customization in this exclusive space, such as engraved decoration. This thoughtful design allows the wearer to express what he wants, and also hides the secret inside the case.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic Large Duo

       Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic Large Duo watches are available in stainless steel and rose gold. The dial on the back shows the time in the second time zone. From the intensive research on the principle of flipping in the large workshop, Jaeger-LeCoultre developed a movement that can control the display function on the two dials. This unique invention is still only owned by Jaeger-LeCoultre.
       The watch’s front dial is frosted with a guilloché pattern, with a day / night display at 6 o’clock. The black dial on the back is decorated with “Paris studs” and large embossed hour markers to show “local time”. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s pallet fork symbol replaced the digital time scale ’12’ and became the focal point of the radial layout of the sun, in sharp contrast to the straight line of the pen on the front dial. The oscillating weight is presented in a low-key manner on the back dial and swings freely in the center, bringing pleasant surprises.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic Duetto

       Appreciating, wearing and owning is what this watch means. Available in rose gold and stainless steel, this model is available in small and medium sizes to fit different wrist sizes. The front and back dials and hands of the watch are driven by the same mechanical movement, which exudes timeless elegance and eye-catching. The black dial on the back is in Art Deco style and is decorated with two rows of diamonds, which shine brightly.
       The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic watch series is timeless, showing exquisite elegance and elegance, reflecting the ingenuity of Jaeger-LeCoultre, and perfectly fulfilling the expectations of the brand fans for innovative design.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre REVERSO TRIBUTE
       The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute watch is inspired by the essence of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s sophisticated watchmaking skills. Two watches, each equipped with a tourbillon and a Gyrotourbillon® ball tourbillon, are examples of the Reverso Grande Complication series, which is the representative work of the HybridMechanica® series. Unlimited creativity and great watchmaking skills in the big workshop.
       This collection is especially designed for connoisseurs with a keen eye, familiar with the complication of timepieces, and a unique taste for the beauty of timepieces. The dial design draws inspiration from the brand’s classic and precious prototype models. It has caused a sensation since its introduction and has always inspired watch factories to introduce new ideas. The ‘1931’ spirit symbolizes a bold retro style. The watch dial of that period is unique and boldly uses chocolate, blue or even red, which is loved by collectors.
       Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute watches are equipped with a number of complex functions and innovative technologies. The proportions of the case are exquisite and perfect, the color dial is decorated with grain grains, the crown prince-like hands, hand-applied hour markers, and it is especially equipped with delicate and delicate solar radiation The decorative dial makes the watch more distinctive and unique.
       All Reverso Tribute watches are based on the Duo dual time zone concept. They are equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement and are equipped with a day / night display. The button for adjusting the time in the second time zone is set at 6 o’clock in the case. The hidden design maintains the overall aesthetics of the watch.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duo

       The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duo watch is simple, subtle and stylish. The stainless steel case and blue hour-markers add a modern touch to the watch, while the medium-sized size interprets the noble elegance. The front dial of the watch is decorated with delicate grain patterns, which subtly presents the three-dimensional effect, while the combination of the round small seconds dial is very individual. Turning over the case reveals another characteristic side of the watch. The watch is specifically made of blue, which perfectly matches the style of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series watch, bringing a richer and more powerful texture.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Tribute Calendar

       The Jaeger-LeCoultre Tribute Calendar watch has a relatively complex design, showing the outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship of the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop. The watch is equipped with the traditional full calendar display and the Duo dual time zone feature unique to the Reverso watch. The front dial is delicate and clever, with a well-built moon phase display. The day / night display on the back dial echoes the fascinating moon phase display, and the small triangle sign on it ensures clear and easy to read. The grey guilloché dial is decorated with ‘Paris studs’ and contrasts with the elegant rose gold case. Watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts will surely be able to identify the Reverso Tribute Calendar watch with Jaeger-LeCoultre 853 mechanical movement among many models.

       Every Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch series bears the same mission: through the pursuit of aesthetics, precision and innovation, it continuously displays the wisdom and ingenuity of fine watchmaking. Whether it is a Reverso Classic watch or a Reverso Tribute watch, they all highlight the exciting new theme of Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2016. The wonderful fusion of dazzling craftsmanship and dazzling design, the passage of time starts the infinite exploration journey.