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    What Watch Do You Need To Be A Modern Gentleman?

    What kind of image can you immediately think of the word gentleman? My first instinct is the character in Downton Manor, wearing a three-piece suit and a bow tie, with a graceful manner, no matter the occasion, it shows the gentleman’s style. For the Breguet Classique classic series, the word ‘gentleman’ is just right, and there is a natural fit between the two. The Breguet Classique series has exquisite details and outstanding taste, and starts the exquisite life of the day. In 2018, the Breguet Classique series launched the first “Bright Fire” enamel dial tourbillon watch in this series, equipped with an ultra-thin automatic tourbillon movement, performing a moving dance on a simple dial. Let’s enjoy the Breguet Classique ultra-thin tourbillon watch together. (Watch model: 5367PT / 29 / 9WU)

    The beauty of ultra-thin tourbillon

        The tourbillon was invented by Master Breguet and has been around for hundreds of years. As one of the ‘three complicated functions’ of the watch, this Breguet tourbillon is characterized by the ‘thin’ technical aspect, and also retains the automatic winding function. In order to make the structure of the tourbillon thin, Breguet has adopted some special measures to make it lighter and more transparent, showing unparalleled artistic beauty when turning.

    Watch real shot

       The watch is 41 mm in diameter and only 7.45 mm thick.

        The case is made of platinum, which is cooler and more elegant than the fashionable and gorgeous rose gold. The bezel is polished and retouched, and the outer ring is decorated with classic coin patterns, showing the brand’s unique recognition and enjoyment. The watch is equipped with independent welded lugs fixed by screws, with clean lines, which can make the watch fit the watch more and improve the wearing comfort.

       The crown is set on the side of the watch, engraved with the Breguet brand logo, and is made of non-slip texture. It feels good and is not easy to slip when adjusting the time.

       The white ‘bright fire’ enamel dial is set off with Breguet Arabic numerals and Breguet blue steel hands. The time indication is very clear and easy to read. The overall disk layout is simple and exquisite, simplifying other elements to highlight the beauty of the tourbillon.

        The tourbillon is set at 5 o’clock, and the tourbillon bridge is decorated by hand chamfering and inlaid with precious stones. The small second hand is located on the tourbillon axis, which highlights the subtlety of the dial layout.

        The movement uses a 581 self-winding movement, and its structure and polishing make us amazing. This movement uses a lateral flip lever escapement with a silicon pallet and a silicon hairspring. The barrel is supported by roller bearings and provides up to 80 hours of power reserve.

        The movement is rhodium-plated, and the splints, crates, and automatic tops are carefully carved to show excellent visual effects. You can enjoy the stunning view of the movement by turning over the case back, which is very pleasing to the eye.

       The crocodile leather strap is decorated with natural cracks, and is equipped with a metal folding buckle. It is engraved with the brand’s logo, which reflects the brand’s exclusive overall aesthetic style.

    Summary: The Breguet Classique collection condenses the essence of watchmaking that has been innovating and evolved for nearly two centuries, showing the brand’s originality from all aspects. Breguet’s 2018 classic series ultra-thin tourbillon watch introduces pure ‘big fire’ enamel technology and traditional complex craft tourbillon, which is addictive. If you are interested in this gentleman-like watch, you can pay more attention to it. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)