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    Bronze Qianying Brief Comment On Tudor Classic Series Calendar 28mm Watch

    The Tudor Classic series calendar watch is loved by the public for its exquisite and simple style, elegant and modern atmosphere without losing its atmosphere. This 28mm lady’s mechanical watch features a diamond-set champagne dial, and a gold case perfectly interprets the essence of the series’ simplicity and elegance. Equipped with automatic mechanical movement, 3 o’clock calendar display, 100 meters life waterproof, practical functions. The elegant atmosphere also has practical functions, so that the watch can be worn not only in daily life, but also to accompany you to various banquet occasions. Today, the Watch House brings you a Tudor Classic series calendar 28 mm watch, the official model: 22013-62543.

    This watch not only adheres to the rugged and durable quality that Tudor has always had, but also has a beautiful appearance. The pleasing design is full of attractive charm.

    The case diameter of this watch is 28 mm. The case is made of gold and stainless steel. The delicate case shape still penetrates Tudor’s rugged and durable product concept, giving a solid and reliable impression.

    Tudor’s classic series of unique gold triangle pit pattern outer ring, a bit elegant in the simplicity, mining, using frosted and satin-finished two surface treatment processes polished, precious metal material shine.

    This watch is equipped with a simple gold crown. The classic triangular pit design on the crown is easy to rotate. The top of the crown is printed with the Tudor shield logo, which shows its brand identity.

    The strap is a gold design. Different materials or different surface treatments are used between each row of links. It has a rich visual hierarchy and exudes a simple and elegant temperament.

    The contours of the sides of the case are round and smooth, polished with satin, revealing a bit of elegant classic style, moderate thickness and natural curvature to ensure its excellent comfort on the wrist.

    This watch uses an easy-to-wear stainless steel folding watch stack. The shield-shaped logo on the buckle is just like Tudor’s solid and reliable brand quality, which highlights the brand identity of this watch.

    The lugs are rounded and integrated with the case. The soft middle band is rigid. The satin-finished surface treatment is not only full of classic charm, but also cleverly echoes the surface treatment of the strap part.

    The champagne-colored dial is luxurious but not excessively luxurious, set off on the female’s slender wrist, and it looks more like an old-fashioned wine, with a variety of styles, which is fascinating.

    The sheet-shaped bar pointer is simple and beautiful, but also reveals a unique elegant charm. The center of the pointer is filled with fluorescent materials to facilitate reading at night.

    Except for the 3 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions, the other scales on the dial are inlaid with a gold jewellery base and embedded with a brilliant-cut diamond as the time scale, which intersect with the champagne-colored dial.

    The 3 o’clock position of the dial is equipped with a calendar display window. The concise white background and black text design are easy to read. The perimeter of the window is also polished with a fine slope, highlighting the brand’s delicate watchmaking process.

    At 12 o’clock on the dial, a gold-inlaid Tudor Shield logo is used as the 12 o’clock position of this watch, highlighting its noble brand blood.

    This watch has a dense bottom design and is water-resistant to 100 meters. A simple 2671 self-winding mechanical movement is mounted under the simple back cover. The movement frequency is 28,880 times / hour, which can provide about 38 hours of power. reserve.

    In summary: Tudor insists that all high-tech components of each watch are strictly tested, and the details are intact. Even the most subtle parts are not overlooked, which is almost obsessive. In terms of movement, whether it is the design of the movement or the performance of the movement, it is designed in accordance with the most stringent standards according to the needs of the product. Therefore, the Tudor watch has life, pulse, and precision machinery that can stand the test of time. Each watch is a unique boutique. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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    Ingenious And Elegant Tasting Tissot Rose Gold Moon Phase Watch

    Tissot T-GOLD series watches, while advocating nostalgic elements, keep pace with the times and create this retro and modern watch series for mature people. In the Tissot T-GOLD series, there are delicate and complicated designs and the use of valuable materials. At the same time, in some watches, a handsome transparent back cover is used to show the dazzling mechanical movement of the watch. Today, Watch House brings you a unique and elegant rose gold moon phase watch of Tissot T-GOLD series. The official model is T905.638.76.032.00.

       This watch is simple in style, simple in design but innovative. The watch uses the central hour and minute hands and Arabic numerals to indicate the time, which is clear and easy to read; the moon phase display at six o’clock and the small seconds dial add an elegant and agile watch, and The power reserve at 10 o’clock shows an ingenuity.


       This watch is made of 18k rose gold with a diameter of 42.44 mm and a thickness of 14.2 mm. It is equipped with a 46-hour automatic mechanical movement, a dark brown belt and a pin buckle, and is water-resistant to 30 meters.


       The wide side of the watch is equipped with a crown made of rose gold. The crown is decorated with pits to facilitate the adjustment time. The Tissot logo ‘T’ is embossed on the top.


       The watch is equipped with a dark brown leather strap and a case with a retro style; the strap has a clear texture and is stitched with brown stitching, with a reasonable cut and a rose gold buckle.


       The watch case is made of 18k rose gold. The thickness of 14.2 mm is a relatively wide model in the watch. After polishing, it is smooth, round and shiny. The case and the bottom of the case are distinct and more three-dimensional.

    Folding buckle

       The folding buckle of the watch is easy to open and close, easy to wear, firm and reliable and not easy to fall off. The buckle is polished and smooth, round and embossed with the Tissot logo ‘T’.


       The white dial has a fine and beautiful decorative decoration in the center, which forms a sharp contrast with the outer ring. The dial is inlaid with Arabic numerals, and the small three-hand design indicates the time. The small second dial and elegant moon phase display are located at the six o’clock position of the dial, and the power reserve is displayed at ten o’clock.

    Moon phase

       The expected display at 6 o’clock on the dial is elegant and agile, which can display the moon phase of the day, a small second hand is placed in the middle, and a second dial scale is placed on the outer ring.

    Power reserve

       At 10 o’clock on the dial of the watch, the power reserve display uses a fan-shaped design, and the hands and scales indicate the power reserve of the watch.


       The design of the watch lugs is unique, beautiful and exquisite, the lugs are small and cute. The lugs are integrated with the case, and the double lugs ensure that the link between the strap and the case is stronger.

    Table bottom

       The back of the watch uses the back of the movement to see the case, and the crystal glass back cover provides a clear view of the bottom of the movement. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement with a frequency of 21,600 vibrations / hour and a power reserve of 46 hours.

    Summary: The moon has been carrying people’s thoughts and hopes since ancient times, and it is also the embodiment of poetry and romance. This Tissot watch incorporates the moon phases into a changing disk, mysterious and elegant. This Tissot Art Plastic series watch expresses the brand’s extraordinary temperament with beautiful lines. The use of 18K rose gold material and the combination of poetic functions reveal the unique design style and show Tissot’s excellent watchmaking technology Incisively.

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    Iwc Adds Two New Members To Its Portuguese Collection

    Simple style Portuguese series has been a symbol of classic style watches that are not influenced by any time trend with its timeless, elegant design language and perfect watchmaking technology from the beginning. The long-standing heritage of the IWC Portuguese watch family can be traced back to the precise navigational instruments used in the era of great navigation-navigators have used them to discover the New World. More than 500 years later, in the late 1930s, two Portuguese businessmen active in the watch industry visited a watch factory in Schaffhausen to order a watch as accurate as a marine chronograph. This pocket watch movement, the first Portuguese watch released in 1939 set the benchmark for IWC’s important watch family. For more than 70 years, its precision performance, large size and precision mechanical structure have been the world’s first Watch lovers talked about it.

         IWC Portuguese watches

     Portuguese Chronograph Classic

    Timeless and elegant
    The new Portuguese Chronograph Classic (model 3904), with its timeless and elegant design, has joined this popular watch series. Because of its new appearance, it is even more unique and unique Refreshing. The second chronograph in this Portuguese watch family inherits the culture of the original Portuguese watch from the 1930s, with its signature embedded Arabic numerals, rail-shaped minute ring and slim leaf-shaped hands. Tradition and character. The arched edge mirror design makes this 42 mm diameter watch not only small and cute in appearance, but also because it uses a traditional glass mirror to make it classic and harmonious, showing the beauty of the watch.

     The classic Portuguese chronograph is equipped with IWC-manufactured 89361 movement, which is specially developed for measuring longer chronograph time. It can count up to 12 hours. The small dial displays the timekeeping record in time, which can be easily read. Through the transparent sapphire glass case back, you can view the 89361 movement and the rotor with Geneva stripes. The watch is available in 18K red gold or stainless steel with silver-plated or dark blue-gray dials.

     Portuguese Tourbillon Manual Winding Watch

    Tourbillon: Extraordinary Masterpiece
    The Portuguese series is famous for combining the tradition of marine instruments with modern design and forward-looking mechanical technology. The Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound (model 5463) subtly reflects this perfect fusion. The tried-and-tested 98900 caliber is ideally suited for large manual-wound watches, and it tops the list of well-known pocket watch movements from Schaffhausen. The case is exquisite and focused, with 18K white gold or 18K red gold material, which appropriately displays the characteristics of simplicity and restraint. The flying tourbillon at the ‘9 o’clock’ generously shows that the timepiece is composed of precious parts, and fully shows the IWC’s superb watchmaking technology. The tourbillon makes one rotation in 60 seconds, which is designed to offset the error caused by the gravity of the earth on the unilateral traction of the balance wheel, thereby eliminating the deviation of the travel time rate. The new arched edge mirror makes the appearance of the Portuguese Tourbillon manual winding watch evener and gives a classic and harmonious impression.

     The dial matches the case-the platinum model uses a dark blue-gray dial, and the 18K red gold model uses a silver-plated dial. The watch’s IWC-manufactured 98900 movement is equipped with a carefully carved nickel-plated silver alloy 3/4 bridge plate, which can be seen through the transparent sapphire glass back cover. Originating from the 1920s and continuously improving the 98000 series of movements, this movement combines tradition with the latest advances in watchmaking technology. IWC engineers have also increased the balance frequency to 28,800 times per hour in order to ensure the excellent travel time accuracy of the Portuguese tourbillon manual winding watch.

      Portuguese Tourbillon Manual Winding Watch

    Superb craftsmanship from the Santoni family
    Portuguese Chronograph Classic and Portuguese Tourbillon Manual Winding Watch both come with exquisite Santoni leather strap. This Italian family-owned company specialises in meticulous leather dyeing. In the complicated processing process, each hand-made Santoni strap is given a unique rustic appearance, and the colors are also unique. To achieve this effect, the surface of the leather is polished differently until it has the ideal color and perfect gloss. Santoni’s elegant leather products are a symbol of superb craftsmanship and superior quality.

    IWC Schaffhausen
    Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC is dedicated to technology and research and development, and has continuously produced watches of lasting value since 1868. The company eagerly pursues innovative solutions and original technologies, and has won wide acclaim internationally. As one of the world’s leading brands in the field of luxury watches, IWC combines precise performance and unique design to create a model that reflects the highest state of fine watchmaking art.