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    Casio Watch Fashionable Choice

    Nowadays, watches have become a symbol of taste and status. Men can use a watch to show their status, but women are not happy with all kinds of watches. Casio’s watch brand believes that many people will not be unfamiliar. Today, let’s take a look at his several watches.
        For the G-SHOCK series, fashionistas will certainly not be unfamiliar. It used to be very popular. Now, 25 years later, this limited edition commemorative watch looks extremely precious. The milky white body with golden font and black surface is full of classic fashion.

    Reference price: 1190 yuan
        The pink strap is very pink and dazzling, and the black bezel plus the surface with fluorescent lighting can not be ignored at night! And this watch also has a very cute name called kittens and puppies series, how about? The name is cute enough!

    Reference price: 1090 yuan
        The blue strap is very dazzling and prominent. Shockproof and waterproof and other functions make this sports watch have great technical strength, and also make the wearer more flexible when exercising.

    Reference price: 890 yuan
        Compared with the previous two stainless steel watches, this model is obviously more low-key and simple. Without the setting of rhinestones, the flesh-red dial is still bright, just like a young girl without decoration, showing its own beauty.

    Reference price: 498 yuan
        This stainless steel watch is simple and stylish, the square dial is very individual, and the surrounding rhinestone inlay makes the watch very luxurious, and the pink surface just highlights the femininity of women.

    Reference price: 1090 yuan
        It is also a stainless steel watch. This one is obviously cooler. The all-black surface and personality are also very public, which can reflect the wearer’s free and unrestrained.

    Reference price: 890 yuan