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    The World’s First Limited Gps Concept Wristwatch Was Born, Astron’s New Generation Of 8x Series Subverts The New Realm Of Watches

    ‘Someday, all watches in the world will be made in this way.’ This powerful statement accompanied the birth of the world’s first quartz watch ‘QUARTZ ASTRON’, which is also the timepiece of SEIKO in watches Revolutionary chapters are engraved in history, and this year SEIKO live up to expectations again, announcing that Astron’s new generation of watches 8X series will be listed on the world simultaneously on September 19th (Sat.). It will be thinner, smaller and equipped with the time performance of the two places. It reflects the life style of modern people across time zones.
       At the same time, Novak Djokovic, the spokesperson for Astron, also won the championship at the US Open and once again became the world champion! To this end, SEIKO gives special feedback to Astron watch fans. Since September 19, any purchase of Astron watches will have the opportunity to win the Rimowa four-wheel board case.
       In 1969, SEIKO launched the world’s first quartz watch with the name Astron. In 2012, SEIKO continued to use this name and launched the world’s first GPS solar pointer watch Astron, which dropped a technological shock in the watch industry. The new generation of Astron has also continuously innovated technology in just a few years, making the watch movement smaller in size and more economical in power consumption. As a result, more diverse designs and more practical performance have been developed. A series quickly grew into a very large family.
       2015 Astron 8X new generation watch, model SSE041J1, titanium material / ceramic bezel / super anti-glare sapphire crystal (Super Clear Coating) / GPS satellite radio reception / waterproof 10 bar / perpetual calendar (automatic correction to February 2100) ) / Automatic hand position correction / World time (40 time zones worldwide) / Two places time / Environmental friendly solar energy / Power saving mode / Power reserve / Daylight saving time / Airplane mode.
    Astron’s new generation of watch 8X series changes the life style across time zones, 5 seconds across time zone smart sensing, never miss an important moment
       Following the popularity of the chronograph performance introduced last year, Astron’s next-generation movement is now equipped with the second time. The watch displays the second time at 6 o’clock on the dial with a separate hour and minute dial. The most intuitive 12 The hour system is displayed with day and night display, and as long as a single electronic crown can be used to select the time in 40 time zones around the world, and the time zone can be easily changed. In addition, two exclusive technologies of SEIKO are also used. After 5 seconds, the antenna will automatically start to receive satellite radio waves. For example, the face plate cannot be sensitive due to cuff covering and other reasons. The watch will also use the previous time synchronization. T, you do not need to manually adjust it from time to time. An exclusive feature is that when the watch’s antenna receives a satellite signal, the second hand on the faceplate will indicate the number of satellites currently connected to it, allowing users to better understand the signal status of the watch, and more Line to the realism of high-altitude satellites.
       Since the previous generation 7X series, Astron has continued to enhance the sensitivity of the watch’s receiving antenna. For example, a ceramic bezel is used to prevent the metal bezel from obstructing the receiving signal of the ring receiver underneath. For all kinds of use environments, as long as the place is visible at high altitude, no matter what angle the watch is in, the receiver can connect to the GPS satellite normally.
    2015 Astron limited edition models create the world’s first remake classic
       SEIKO changed the horizon this year and launched the Astron autumn and winter limited edition model. It is the world’s first GPS solar watch with a shell-shaped concept of ‘Earth’. The new and exclusive structure design combines ceramic and titanium materials with ceramic The three-dimensional engraved crown and electronic crown make the operations such as manual time zone switching faster and easier, and improve operation performance. At the same time, the “Limited Edition” with serial number proving the limited edition is engraved on the back, and it is a collection of cross-generation watches.
       2015 Astron new generation watch 8X autumn and winter limited edition model, model SSE039J1, titanium material / ceramic bezel / white butterfly shell dial / super anti-glare sapphire crystal (Super Clear Coating) / GPS satellite radio reception / waterproof 10 atmospheric pressure / Perpetual calendar (automatic correction to February 2100) / Automatic hand position correction / World time (40 time zones worldwide) / Two places time / environmental protection solar energy / power saving mode / power reserve / summer time / flight mode / exclusive watch There are only 3,000 in the world and 20 in Taiwan.
    SEIKO Astron spokesperson Novak Djokovic honors and honors the moment of glory
       Astron spokesperson Novak Djokovic won the US Open men’s singles gold cup again at the US Open a few days ago and won the Grand Slam Gold Cup for the third time this season. Novak Djokovic has won the three Grand Slam championships for the second time in his single year. He is a favorite of SEIKO Astron GPS satellite positioning solar watch. He usually uses Astron GPS solar positioning table as a battle. Lucky people from all over the world greatly appreciate the 8X series of Astron’s new generation of watches, which not only can sense time in five seconds across time zones, do not miss important moments, and can connect to the watch’s antenna when receiving satellite signals. When it comes to the number of satellites, Qingsong has mastered the signal status of the watch and strengthened the sensitivity of the receiving antenna. The performance is also praised. It accurately captures the world’s pulse, so that the world’s king has no worries and enjoys the glory moment!
       Astron spokesperson Novak Djokovic, who has won gold at the US Open, is a user of the SEIKO Astron GPS satellite positioning solar watch, and often uses the Astron GPS solar positioning watch as a luck to battle the world. I really appreciate the launch of the new Astron 8X series.
    Exclusive gift of Astron GPS solar satellite positioning table
       In order to give back to consumers who have supported SEIKO Astron for a long time, whoever purchases any Astron model at SEIKO Astron distribution bases across Taiwan from 9/19 (Sat) to 11/1 (Sun), they can get travel WIFI sharing multi-national adapter B. (The number is limited, while supplies last), and you can also participate in the lottery Take the world-renowned boutique luggage brand Rimowa to travel around the world with a four-wheeled board.

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    Double Dan ‘core’ Has A Strong Meaning. Give Ta A Winter Daydream.

    The first snowflake sprinkled on the ground. When the street lights lit up the dim corners, and when the gifts were decorated with colorful windows, the festive atmosphere gradually came to winter. The two warmest festivals of the year, Christmas and New Year’s Day, come one after another. These two festivals have given the original cold and sorrowful winters unlimited warmth and reverie. In different people’s minds, there are infinite imaginations and expectations for winter. It can be a warm flame in the fireplace, a kind Santa Claus, a cute reindeer coming from the snow, or a dazzling holiday gift in the corner window. So, what is your TA’s dream about winter? At this wonderful moment, Swiss Mido will create a gift list for you, recommend four watches based on the characteristics of different constellations, and help you carefully select a surprise gift for TA to express your strong ‘core’ meaning. Turn TA’s winter reverie into reality.

    Wind signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, holy snowflakes flying across the sky

    Swiss Mido DONNA Donna series long kinetic pearl mother-of-pearl diamond watch [Model: M0222076611612]

       In astrology, wind images refer to ‘air’, they have no shape and are free like air currents. The wind sign is the representative of winter, and most people in the wind sign are wise and calm. Snowflakes in winter are as free as air currents, which spread the world with the wind. Therefore, the three constellations of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius should be a beautiful scene of snowflakes falling on the earth.
       The Swiss DONNA donna long kinetic mother of pearl mother-of-pearl diamond watch is the best interpretation of this beautiful scene. The Rennes Opera House, built in the 18th century classic style, is a classic in the history of architecture. The designer infused the essence of simple and beautiful classic style into the wrist, and carefully created the Mido DONNA women’s watch. The dial of this watch is integrated with the brown calfskin strap, and it looks as light and soft as snowflakes. The PVD rose gold-plated case and 28 diamonds sparkle silky, the round silhouette is poured with golden light, and it spins and jumps between the wrists. It is perfect to embellish the heavy winter clothes. The diamond-cut rose-gold hands and the mother-of-pearl dial with dazzling light seem to be telling a warm word, perhaps her most beautiful vow in the winter scene of snowflakes.

    Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Colorful bells whispering in the wind

    Swiss beauty watch BELLUNA Bruna series long kinetic real diamond ladies watch [Model: M0242071603609]

       The water sign, as its name suggests, is romantic and enthusiastic. They are full of emotions and delicate thoughts, and even the little bells decorated for the holidays can evoke a dream about winter. The gift that can make her love at first sight must be exquisite and elegant, and every small detail is just right, bringing just a touch of colorfulness to life.
       The Swiss Mido Bruna series of long kinetic real diamond ladies watches, with a mysterious design style to compose a carol of winter warmth. The gorgeous and dazzling dial design of this model is the first of its kind. It is based on a silver sun pattern. In the center of the dial, 31 hollow dot-style date windows are displayed in a creative way to display the date of the entire month: the date of the day Appears in black and other dates in pink. This date display can be described as ingenious, exquisite and rare, as exquisite and cute as a Christmas bell, like a New Year carol on your wrist. The rose calfskin rolled crocodile pattern expresses a deep inner feeling. The dial is decorated with silver sun print, and the polished scale reflects a warm blessing, soft and powerful.

    Earth sign: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Warm sunlight in winter

    Swiss Mido OceanStar Pilot Series Long Kind Waterproof Watch [Model: M0264301105100]

       The calm and steady earth sign constellation is often the representative of the pragmatic style. The pursuit of life is simple and warm. A beam of sunlight in winter may be their best interpretation of winter imagination. A cost-effective watch with warm appearance and practical performance must be their favorite.
       The Europa Point Lighthouse looks out over the Strait of Gibraltar and stands upright in any storm. It uses bright lights to point the way for sailors. The Swiss Mido takes this inspiration and integrates this building that symbolizes light and hope into OCEANSTAR Among the Pilot’s Long Kind Waterproof Watches, as a double ‘Dan’ gift, this watch with a special meaning of blessing is perfect. The appearance design of the watch is quite festive and joyful. The satin-polished and polished 316L stainless steel case and the satin-polished and polished 316L stainless steel gold strap echo the colorful decorations and lights of Christmas. In addition to its super versatile design, he is also a professional diving watch. Whether attending a party. You can easily get it out on vacation.

    Fire sign: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Passionate fire in the fireplace

    Swiss Mido watch BARONCELLI series of rose gold and gold models with long kinetic genuine diamond men’s watch [Model: M86009671]

       Whenever we talk about the fire sign, we can always think of such descriptions as lively and optimistic. They are like the warm flames in a winter fireplace, symbolizing light and enthusiasm, bringing infinite warmth and happiness to us. The gifts they like must be as lively and bright as their character.
       Swiss Meto watch BARONCELLI series of rose gold and gold long-acting real diamond men’s watch is his best gift to the fire sign, 12 carefully carved diamonds ingeniously surrounded by intricate craftsmanship, Echoing the diamond-cut hands, it shines brightly against the satin-polished metal dial. The understated and exquisite strap highlights the ultimate luxurious texture, glowing with innate style and charm. The watch is equipped with Mido Caliber80 fully automatic mechanical movement, which can store up to 80 hours of kinetic energy, and uses cutting-edge watchmaking techniques to tell the eternal charm. The entire watch has smooth lines and a bright appearance, pouring golden light, like the bright lights in the festival, shining on the wrist. The diamonds seemed to be whispering, and together with the jumping flame, they made new year’s wishes.